This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 73

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 73

Toby furrowed his brows. Did she delete my number?

When Sonia noticed that the caller wasn’t speaking, she tilted her head in confusion, ready to hang up. It wasn’t until then that the caller responded. A man’s deep and melodious voice came through. “It’s me.”

Sonia’s pupils contracted, and she stopped writing. When she checked the screen of her phone, and as soon as she saw the familiar string of numbers, she pulled her lips into a thin line. It really is him!

Even after their divorce and having deleted all of Toby’s contact details, she could recognize his phone number at first glance. After taking a deep breath, she ignored the sourness within her by putting on a poker face as she spoke. “Do you need something from me, President Fuller?”

Toby’s face fell as soon as he noticed the coldness in Sonia’s tone. She was being so gentle when she didn’t recognize me, but she flipped when she did. Suppressing the feelings of dismay within him, he pulled his lips into a thin line. “I would like to apologize to you.”

Sonia leaned back after tossing her pen away. “Apologize? Did you do something that warrants an apology?”

“It’s my mother. Sorry for giving you trouble.” Toby hung his head low, his tone apologetic.

A derisive smile bloomed on Sonia’s face. “I see. You sure have a lot on your plate. Not only do you need to apologize in place of your fiancée, but your mother too. Will you need to apologize for your brother next time?”

Toby swore sternly, “This won’t happen again.”

“I’m not so sure about that. I know just how capable your family is of wreaking havoc, especially your mother.” Sonia rolled her eyes as soon as she mentioned Jean. “President Fuller, can I ask you a question? It’s been on my mind for a long time.”

Toby pressed on the Bluetooth earphone on his ear, looking skeptical. “What is it?”

“Are you really your mother’s son?” Sonia rested her cheek on one hand. Despite Jean’s lavish outfit, she was a typical shrew who had a crude and mean attitude. Sonia could hardly imagine someone like her raising a son like Toby.

Toby’s gaze flickered for a moment. “Why do you ask?”

“Just curious.” Sonia shrugged.

Toby turned the steering wheel. “Yes, I am.”

Seriously? Sonia heaved a disappointed sigh. I bet Toby had undergone a mutation. With that, she picked up her pen again. “Alright, President Fuller, I have nothing else to ask. Let’s end the call here. By the way, keep watch over your mother. Make sure that she doesn’t come barking at my door again without reason.”

Barking at her door? A grim look crept onto Toby’s face. “Sonia, can’t you be less harsh?”

“Harsh?” Sonia chuckled. “President Fuller, are you expecting me to be nice to you and your family? Why don’t you reflect on your treatment of me during the past six years? Why should I be nice to you? Who do you think you are anyway?”

With that, she cut the call. Upon hearing the beep in the earphone, Toby knew the call had ended. He freed a hand from the steering wheel to rub it in between his brows.

‘Why don’t you reflect on your treatment of me during the past six years?’ Her words replayed in Toby’s mind incessantly. His heart felt as if a boulder was pressing on it heavily, because he couldn’t deny the fact that the Fullers had indeed mistreated her.

When Toby was still lamenting about the situation, he arrived at the hospital. After parking his car, he sat in it for some time before heading to the ward. In a VIP ward, Tina was watching TV while Julia was peeling an apple by her bed.

Upon hearing a knock on the door, Julia raised her head to trace the source of the sound before a smile lit up on her face. “Tina, look who’s here!”

When Tina turned to check on the door, she saw Toby coming from outside. Enraptured, her eyes reddened. “Toby…” She lifted her blanket to launch herself into his arms.

Toby had just arrived by her bed, so he was able to catch her. While caressing her hair, he asked, “Why are you crying?”

“I missed you.” Tina buried her face in his chest.

Toby held a gentle look in his eyes. “Well, here I am.”

Upon noticing the closeness between them, Julia set the cut apple aside before standing up from the chair cheerfully. “Toby, you came just in time. Keep Tina company while I go check on her condition with the doctors.”

“Sure.” Toby nodded. After Julia left, he touched Tina’s forehead to check her temperature. Sensing that her fever had broken, he was feeling relieved. “Do you still feel unwell anywhere?” he inquired in kind after removing his hand.

Tina pouted in aggrievedness. “Yeah. My head is still dizzy.”

“Get some more rest.” Toby fluffed up the pillow to let her lie on it.

However, she shook her head. “I no longer feel like sleeping. I just need your company.”

Toby sat down by the bed without protesting. After that, Tina latched herself to his arm and rested her head on his shoulder. “Toby, your mother came to visit me this morning. After knowing that my kidnap had to do with Miss Reed, she insisted on settling scores with Miss Reed. I couldn’t stop her no matter what I did.”

“I know.”

“You do?” Tina raised her head to look at Toby’s immaculate profile. “Did your mother do anything to Miss Reed?”

Do anything to Sonia? Toby lowered his gaze. Although Mom assaulted her, she ended up having Mom arrested while she came out of it unscathed. The thought of it brought a smile to his face, as well as a gentle gaze in his eyes that not even he had noticed.

Aware of the reason behind Toby’s smile, Tina was alarmed when she saw that. While clenching her fists, she questioned, “Toby, why are you smiling?”

He didn’t only smile as soon as Sonia was mentioned, but his expression looks so loving. No, I need to get rid of Sonia as soon as possible. He will fall for her if things continue like this. Although Toby was unaware of his own feelings, Tina was acutely aware that Sonia had made an impression on him.

Smile? Toby’s gaze dimmed as he reverted to his usual aloof expression while turning to look at Tina. “It’s nothing. I just thought of something interesting.”

“I see.” Tina forced a smile, but deep down, she was still shrouded in darkness.

At that moment, Julia returned. “Tina, the doctors told me you can be discharged by tomorrow.”

“That’s great! I don’t want to stay here for any longer! I’ve been hospitalized for six years, and I’m already bored of it,” Tina declared happily.

Toby rubbed her hair, his gesture intimate. When Julia saw that, she asked abruptly, “Toby, have you uncovered the identity of Fox Eyes?”

Upon hearing that, Tina’s smile melted away into a terrified look. “Toby—”

Pulling her into his arms, Toby patted her on the back before consoling her gently, “Don’t be scared.”

Julia was regretting that she brought up the question. “Ah, I’m sorry, Tina. I didn’t do it on purpose. You—”

“I’m alright, Mom.” With tear-filled eyes, Tina shook her head. “I deserve this. If I hadn’t hurt Miss Reed due to my own insecurities, she wouldn’t have hired someone to kidnap me. It’s all my fault.”

“Don’t say that.” Julia started crying. “It’s all because Sonia is being vicious. You might have hurt her, but we already compensated for the incident. She’s abominable for doing this to you even after accepting our apology!”

Tina hung her head low as she continued to sob, seemingly unable to grasp why Sonia would do that to her. Meanwhile, Toby wore a frown. “Mrs. Gray, Tina, Sonia has nothing to do with the kidnapping. Fox Eyes kidnapped Tina of his own accord. Sonia didn’t order him to do that.”

“Toby, are you standing up for Sonia?” Julia watched him in disbelief.

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