This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 72

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 72

“You’ll know what’s going on soon enough.” Sonia smirked.

A while later, footsteps could be heard coming from the elevator. Within a few seconds, four uniformed security guards arrived before the three of them. Tyler realized things had gotten out of hand with the turn of events. As he scanned his surroundings, he backed out of the space to make a call on his phone.

Sonia knew who he was calling when she noted his reaction, but she didn’t stop him. Instead, she explained the situation to the security guards while pointing at Jean. “She was banging on my door early in the morning with a nasty attitude, posing a threat to my personal safety. Other than that, she even smashed my phone, which constitutes property damage. I want her detained and sent off to the police station.”

Upon hearing that, Jean began hurling insults at Sonia. “How dare you filthy b*tch—”

“She even continues insulting me at this moment. I demand that you seize her immediately!” Sonia cut Jean off.

“Yes, Miss Reed.” The security guards took their orders to seize Jean and dragged her toward the elevator.

“Mom!” At a loss, Tyler looked at his phone, which had yet to be connected to the recipient, and then to his mother, who was being taken away by the security guards.

At the same time, Jean couldn’t escape the death grip of the security guards, so she could only turn her head around to glare at Sonia viciously while throwing around various profanities. Sonia could hardly imagine that a rich woman was capable of such vulgar words. Ding. The elevator doors closed with a chime. Finally, Jean’s yelling vanished from the corridor.

On the other hand, Tyler hung up the unanswered call as he glowered at Sonia. “Why did you do that?”

“What have I done?” Sonia lulled as she leaned against the door frame.

Tyler gripped his phone tightly. “You had the security guards take my mother away.”

“Didn’t she bring that upon herself though?” Sonia crossed her arms. “As I mentioned, your mother’s actions threatened my personal safety. That alone suffices as a reason for me to summon the security guards to take her away, even more so when she crossed the line further by smashing my phone and insulting me.”

Then, Sonia pointed at Tyler’s ears. “You heard how she insulted me with vile words. Is it wrong that I want her arrested? You would’ve done the same if you were in my shoes.”

“I…” Tyler was rendered speechless by her words, which caused him to lower his head. Yeah. I wouldn’t let things slide that easily if I am insulted. In fact, I would beat the crap out of whoever that insults me until that person could no longer utter a word.

Upon noticing Tyler’s crestfallen expression, Sonia smirked. “Tyler, don’t judge when you yourself are incapable of turning the other cheek.”

Tyler’s face flushed as he was overcome by emotions. “I wasn’t!”

However, Sonia closed the door, for she couldn’t be bothered to respond.

“Hey!” Just when Tyler was about to call out to Sonia, the phone in his hand rang. When he lowered his head to check on it, he saw that it was Toby who was calling, so he picked up immediately. “Toby, why did you only pick up now?”

“Have you run out of money?” Despite how uneasy Tyler sounded, Toby merely made a dispassionate inquiry while leaving his phone on the table with the speaker turned on, still focused on reading through the reports on the computer screen in front of him.

Tyler frowned in dismay. “That’s not the case. Why would you assume I’m calling to ask for money?”

“Are you not?”

Silence befell as Tyler choked on his own words. After checking the door to Sonia’s house, he took a deep breath. “Alright, it’s true that I used to call you to ask for money, but it’s different this time. Sh*t had hit the fan.”

“What’s so urgent?”

“Mom got arrested.”

“What?” Toby narrowed his eyes before pressing for answers solemnly, “What exactly happened?”

Tyler dared not keep anything from Toby, so he recounted the incident in full detail. “That’s about it. After that, Sonia ordered the security guards to bring Mom away.”

Feeling the pulse in between his brows, Toby soothed it by pressing a finger on it. While suppressing his anger, he went on, “Understood. I’ll head to the police station now. By the way, is she alright?”

“She?” Tyler was startled. “Who do you mean?”

Toby pulled his lips into a grim line. “Sonia.”

“Oh, she’s alright. Why do you ask?” Tyler was curious.

Toby’s gaze flickered for a second. “It’s nothing. You told me that Mom had assaulted Sonia. I asked because if Sonia is injured, we will need a memorandum of understanding from her to bail Mom.”

“I see.” Shaking his head, Tyler didn’t doubt Toby’s words. “Don’t you worry, Toby. Sonia’s alright. Mom didn’t hit her.”

“That’s a relief.” Not even Toby was able to name a reason for feeling relieved. After hanging up, he stood to retrieve his black woolen coat on the coat rack beside him before marching out of the office in strides.

Because Jean didn’t injure anybody, Toby was able to bail her relatively easily, but not without first paying a hefty fine. Tyler waited outside, and his eyes lit up as he greeted them when they got out of the police station. “Mom, Toby! You’re finally back!”

Jean’s face contorted with anger as she complained, “Hmph! That b*tch had the audacity to call the cops on me. It’s frustrating how much shame she brought upon me! I’ll make sure to teach her a lesson next time!”

That b*tch? Toby’s face fell while he emitted a suffocating aura. So that’s how she addresses Sonia. Moreover, she’s already used to it, so she must have been using that word often. I never knew about this.

Anger simmered within Toby as he looked at Jean in dismay. “Mom, haven’t I told you to not pester Sonia? Why wouldn’t you listen? And you!” He glanced at Tyler morosely. “Why didn’t you stop Mom?”

Tyler pouted in aggrievedness. “I tried to, Toby, but it didn’t work. After Mom knew Tina’s kidnapping had to do with your wife—I mean Sonia, she insisted on going after Sonia. There was nothing I could do.”

“I was merely feeling sorry for Tina.” Jean was still feeling indignant over what happened. “Tina told me this morning that it was Sonia’s suitor who kidnapped her, so that b*tch must be the one who orchestrated the incident.”

The more Jean slandered Sonia, the more somber Toby looked. “It’s true that the one who kidnapped Tina was Sonia’s suitor, but Sonia wasn’t the mastermind.” He knew instinctively that Sonia had nothing to do with it.

Tyler also agreed with a nod. “I think so too.”

Frustrated, Jean pulled on Tyler’s ears. “Who are you siding with, Tyler Fuller? Why are you standing up for that b*tch?”

Even Toby glanced at Tyler out of surprise, for he was aware of how Tyler had initially treated Sonia. He never expected Tyler’s attitude to have a one-eighty.

“Ouch, Mom! Let go! Let me go!” Tyler was hissing in agony as he nearly hopped around in pain.

Ultimately, Jean didn’t want to hurt her son, so she released him. “Hmph, this will teach you to not speak up for that b*tch! Don’t you forget that Tina is your sister-in-law! You’re only allowed to side with her. Got it?”

With a pout, Tyler rubbed his ears as he grumbled, “Got it.”

“Alright, Mom. I’ll send the both of you back home.” Toby pinched the area between his brows before opening the car door. After sending Jean and Tyler back to Fuller Residence, he drove away.

While on his way, he pondered about the situation for some time before finally deciding to give Sonia a call, which would be his first ever call to her after their divorce. After the call got quickly picked up, a gentle voice came through. “Who is this?”

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