This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 69

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 69

“Tell me! What are your terms for releasing my daughter?” Titus glared at Fox Eyes through the screen.

Fox Eyes set the wine glass he held down. “Don’t you worry. I won’t do anything to your daughter. As I said, I only need to teach her a lesson. After she has learned it, I will release her.”

After that, he snapped his fingers. The masked man beside Tina went to stand behind her to start groping her.

Tina’s face paled as she shrieked, “Let me go! Let me go! Don’t touch me! Go away! Stay away from me! Oh, Toby, save me!”

Outraged, Toby slammed his fist on the coffee table as he yelled, “Release Tina!”

Even though both Julia and Titus were also begging for Fox Eyes to stop, he was unfazed. “Your hearts must be aching when you see your daughter and your fiancée being molested. Have you ever considered my feelings when she did the same to Sonia?”

A ferocious glint fleeted across Fox Eyes’ gaze. “Carry on, Jumbo!”

“Yes, sir.” Upon receiving his orders, the masked man got bolder in his actions. He reached his hands underneath her clothes to grope her.

“You b*stard!” Toby would kill if he could, while the Grays were fuming.

Titus fixed his gaze on Fox Eyes. “If you dare do anything to my daughter, I swear by my name that I will ruin Sonia even if it would cost me my life! I will drag you down with me!”

Instead of lashing out at Titus, Fox Eyes chuckled. “I never planned to do anything to your daughter. However, I won’t go soft on her if she dares pull any tricks on Sonia again in the future. Your family’s downfall will be imminent before you can even do anything to harm Sonia. Don’t try me. You know I have the ability to do that.”

After that, Fox Eyes cut the call. Then, he typed a line in a window prompt that popped up on the desktop. ‘Get here within half an hour if you wish to rescue Tina. I will leave her on the streets naked if you fail to do that.’

At the end of the sentence was an address, which Toby memorized before wheeling around to leave Gray Mansion. Knowing that he was on his way to rescue Tina, Titus left Julia at home as he followed Toby out.

Half an hour later, they found where Tina was locked up at. She was in a warehouse in a deserted industrial park. When Toby found her, the masked man was gone, and she was alone in the warehouse.

Upon noticing that Tina’s cheeks were flushed while she curled in on herself in the chair with her eyes shut as she panted, Toby knew she might be having a fever. His heart sank as he untied her, and then he took off his jacket to drape it over her before carrying her in his arms to get her out of the warehouse.

As soon as they arrived at the entrance, Titus hurried toward them. “How’s Tina?”

“She’s running a fever. We need to get her to the hospital right away!” With that, Toby no longer bothered himself with Titus as he carried Tina into the car. Soon, they arrived at the hospital, and Tina was taken into the emergency room.

Meanwhile, after paying the medical costs, Charles returned to the Surgical Department with a mysterious look on his face. “Darling, guess what I saw just now?”

Sonia was sitting on the sofa when a nurse was changing the dressing on the wound on her head. Since she couldn’t move, she looked at him from the corner of her eye. “What did you see?”

Charles giggled. “I saw Tina being pushed into the emergency room. How are you feeling? Happy?”

Happy, my arse! Sonia rolled her eyes at him before asking curiously, “What happened to her? Why is she being pushed into the emergency room?”

While caressing his chin, Charles surmised, “I have no idea. But judging from Titus and Toby’s expressions, I bet it’s something severe. Maybe something happened to Tina during her disappearance. Darling, should we go check on the situation?”

“Nah. It’s got nothing to do with us, so let’s stay out of it. We might get into more trouble if we go there.” Sonia furrowed her delicate brows as she spoke.

“You’re right.” Charles nodded.

After Sonia’s injury was tended to, they were ready to leave, but a deep voice detained them as soon as they arrived at the lobby. “Sonia!”

The person who called out to them was none other than Toby. When Sonia stopped in her tracks to turn around, he was walking toward her from the cashier with a receipt in hand. He came to a halt when he was two steps away from her.

“Do you need anything from me at this hour, President Fuller?” Sonia studied him smilingly.

Meanwhile, Charles checked the time on his watch impatiently. “Spill whatever you have to say. It’s already past ten, so we need to go get some rest.”

Toby frowned when he heard that, and his expression turned even more sullen. “Tell me; how many people have you spoken to about what Tina did to you, and who are they respectively?”

Since Fox Eyes kidnapped Tina for Sonia’s sake, Toby figured he could get some leads to find Fox Eyes by investigating Sonia.

“Why do you ask?” Sonia stared at him skeptically.

Instead of answering her question, Toby pressed on, “Answer me!”

“Hey.” Charles stepped forth to shield Sonia behind him. “President Fuller, aren’t you holding double standards by requesting for answers from my darling without even replying to her question first?”

Yet, Toby ignored him while glaring at Sonia. The look in his eyes stung Sonia as soon as she understood the meaning behind it. After silently clenching her fists, she replied, “Only one person. I told Carl about it.”

Carl? Toby narrowed his eyes before quickly recalling that Carl was the model who had been following her around as of late. “What about you?” Toby shifted his attention to Charles.

Infuriated, Charles huffed a laugh. “Toby, do you think you’re f*cking interrogating criminals? You’re hurling one question after another. Are you—”

“Charles!” Upon noticing the intimidating aura that Toby emanated, Sonia gave Charles a tug. “Just answer him.”

Despite Charles’ chagrin, he obeyed Sonia, his tone reluctant. “None. Happy? Let’s go, darling. He’s crazy to be asking these.” With that, he pulled Sonia away from Toby and headed toward the entrance. All the while, Toby watched as they left without making any effort to block them.

At that moment, Tom came to his side with his phone. “I finally found you, President Fuller.”

“What is it?” Toby averted his gaze from the lobby entrance.

“Miss Gray has come out from the emergency room, and President Gray has requested your presence,” Tom replied.

“Understood.” Toby offered a nonchalant reply before pulling his lips into a thin line. Then, he barked an order, “Start an investigation on Carl Lee. I want to know if he’s Fox Eyes!”

Although he had only met Carl a few times, one of the most memorable instances he had of Carl was during the banquet to celebrate Tina’s recovery, for Carl was gazing at Sonia with a pointed look that expressed his romantic interest in her. It coincided with how Fox Eyes cared about Sonia. Moreover, Sonia only told Carl about what Tina did to her, so Toby suspected that Carl and Fox Eyes might be one and the same.

“Got it,” Tom replied solemnly.

Then, Toby turned to head toward the elevator.

Meanwhile, Charles was still insulting Toby nonstop while in the car. Sonia slapped him on his arm from where she sat on the passenger seat before chiding, “Alright, shut up. My head is hurting from all your blabbering.”

Charles did as he was told despite wearing a pout, while Sonia rubbed her temple. “You have been complaining for a while now. Haven’t you guessed the reason Toby tried to pry info out of us?”

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