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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 68

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 68


“Yeah.” Titus nodded. “Tina must have told you before that she had a sister, right?”

Toby gave a hum of acknowledgment.

At this point, Titus’ face twisted with strong hatred. “Her sister was called Rina; she was our first born daughter. When she was still very young, she was kidnapped. We reported it to the police, but that angered the kidnapper, and he drowned Rina to death. From that point forward, Julia’s mental state was unstable, until…” His eyes flashed. “Until Tina was born. With that bit of comfort, Julia started to get better. But now, Tina has been kidnapped, and Julia is relapsing for the first time in twenty years.”

Toby subtly lifted his chin and understood everything. Julia was worried that if they reported Tina’s disappearance to the police now, the kidnapper would also be angered and kill Tina outright.

“If that’s the case, let me get in contact with a security company and hire a team to save her.”

As Toby suggested, he lifted his phone to make a call, but someone’s phone rang once again. This time, it was Titus’.

Letting go of Julia, Titus picked up his cell phone. A mysterious number was flashing onscreen. It didn’t even say which city the call was originating from. After hesitating for a few seconds, Titus finally answered, “This is Titus Gray.”

“I hear you’re looking for me,” the man at the other end of the line said breezily, yet, coldly.

Titus frowned. “Who are you?”

“You’ve forgotten about me so quickly? I told you previously that I still had a second present to give to you.” The man laughed evilly and so maniacally that goosebumps rose on Titus’ skin.

In an instant, Titus remembered who it was. As his expression changed, he bit through his teeth, “It’s you!” It was Fox Eyes, the cunning man that was still fresh in his memory!

Suspiciously, Toby watched Titus. “What’s going on, Titus?”

However, Titus did not respond as his hand holding the phone began to quiver.

At the other end of the line, Fox Eyes chuckled. “Yes, it is me. I heard you were looking for me, so I’ve decided to show myself. Are you touched?”

“Who says I’m looking for you?” Titus was so angry that his face was red and his neck was bulging. He’d have to be mad to seek this ill omen out.

“Well, if you’re looking for the person who kidnapped Tina, aren’t you looking for me?” Fox Eyes questioned evilly.

Leaping to his feet, Titus shouted, “You’re the one who kidnapped Tina?”

Toby’s eyes narrowed and fixed on the cell phone in Titus’ hand. Meanwhile, Julia was even more emotional, snatching the phone over and demanding, “Who are you? Why did you kidnap my daughter? Please, let her go. I’ll give you anything.”

“Anything? Are you sure?” Fox Eyes questioned in amusement.

Rapidly, she nodded. “Yes. I’ll give you however much money you want!”

“I don’t want money. How about I let your daughter go if you give me Triforce Enterprise?” the man laughed.

In an instant, the expression on Julia’s face stiffened. Snatching the phone back, Titus snapped, “In your dreams!” He would never give up Triforce Enterprise to this man.

In contrast, Fox Eyes was unruffled. “Calm down, President Gray. I was only joking. I don’t really intend to use Tina to get the entirety of Triforce Enterprise. After all, I’m well aware she’s not worth that much.”

As his fists clenched in his pockets, Toby asked with barely suppressed coldness, “So why did you kidnap her?”

Caught off-guard, Fox Eyes commented, “So, you’re there as well, President Fuller!”

Ultimately, Toby wasn’t surprised that a man who clearly had it out for Gray Family knew him since there was no way the kidnapper was unfamiliar with Gray Family’s interpersonal relationships.

“Tell me your motive!” Toby repeated.

As Fox Eyes stopped laughing, his voice became sinister. “My objective is very simple. She harmed someone that I care about very much, so I must make her pay a terrible price.”

Harmed? Lowering his eyes, Toby began to think. In terms of harming someone, Tina had actually hurt someone recently, which was Sonia.

“So, the person you care about is Sonia Reed?” As the air around his body grew colder, he tightened his fists even more.

When they were at the restaurant, he was still wondering how many men she had around her. He hadn’t expected another man to appear now. Perhaps he wouldn’t be the last, and there were still other men that hadn’t yet shown up. It seemed like she had already formed relationships with a large group of men behind his back before they even divorced. How nice of her!

“It’s Sonia. Sonia hurt our Tina!” As Julia’s eyes widened, tears started to flow once again. “Why? Why could neither of our daughters escape the poisonous clutches of the Reeds?”

As Toby heard that, his eyes flashed. It was no wonder the Gray Family felt such hatred toward the Reed Family. It seemed Rina’s death had to do with them as well.

“Now, that’s where you’re wrong, Mrs. Gray. It’s your daughter who hurt Sonia, so don’t blame me for taking action toward her. Get your laptop, President Gray. I’ll let you see your daughter. I’ll show you my second gift to you.” As Fox Eyes said that, he began to chuckle once again.

“Fetch me my laptop!” Titus ordered angrily.

Very quickly, the butler came over with a laptop. As soon as Titus turned it on, the screen flickered to life with the image of a face in a fox mask, shocking him and his wife.

Keenly, Toby stared at the man in the fox mask, intending to see if he had any moles, wrinkles, or other identifying marks on his skin. He would be able to locate Fox Eyes using those marks. Unfortunately, Fox Eyes was pristine with no identifying marks at all.

“My daughter!” Julia wailed emotionally, clutching both sides of the laptop. “You said you were going to show me my daughter. Where is she?”

Currently, Fox Eyes was sitting with one leg crossed over the other in an armchair, holding a glass of red wine that he was gently swaying. “Now, calm down, Mrs. Gray. Here she is!”

Right then, the screen split into two, with the left side being Fox Eyes and the right side being Tina. At this moment, Tina was tied to a chair. Her head was lowered, and she was unresponsive. With no doubt, she was unconscious. Behind her was a large, burly man with a mask over his face. Hence, not all of his face was visible—the only parts that could be seen were his eyes and mouth.

The scene nearly caused Julia to lose her mind. “Tina!”

Meanwhile, Titus glared at Fox Eyes. Coldly, Toby asked, “What did you do to her?”

“Relax. She’s fine. Jumbo, splash some water on her to wake her up,” Fox Eyes breezily ordered with his chin in one hand.

The man behind Tina grunted his acknowledgment and walked out of sight to get a bucket of water. With a splash, he drenched her with the entire bucket.

“Ah!” She woke up with a shriek.

“Tina!” Julia hastened to scream.

At first, Tina froze before responding loudly, “Mom? Is that you, Mom?”

“It’s me, Tina. It’s me!” Julia sobbed, covering her mouth.

By then, Tina had started to cry as well as she looked around. “Where are you, Mom? I can’t see you. I’m scared. Please come save me.”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll save you. Toby and your dad will as well.” As Julia spoke, she tugged on Titus’ and Toby’s sleeves, indicating for them to speak.

Opening his mouth, Titus reassured, “Don’t worry, Tina. Daddy will save you.”

“I will as well.” Looking down at the wretched-looking Tina onscreen, Toby tried his best to gentle his voice as he comforted her, “I imagine you can’t see us right now because the camera isn’t on, but don’t be afraid. We have been looking at you.”

Now that her parents and the love of her life knew she had been kidnapped and were discussing how to rescue her, the terror in Tina’s heart finally receded, and hatred replaced it. In truth, she had awoken once on the way back to wherever they were keeping her and had overheard that she was kidnapped because of Sonia.

Naturally, that meant she would only retaliate harder on Sonia!

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