This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 62

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 62

Currently, Sonia was standing in front of the printer and photocopying the deed as well as the transfer document. Since she had a moment, she answered Daphne, “Got it. Have the completed documents on the desk sent out and when Charles drops by in the afternoon, let me know.”

“Of course.” Daphne went over to the desk and took the stack of documents.

After Sonia finished her photocopying, she returned to her desk and sat down, thereafter arranging the photocopies properly so that she could staple them together. As for the originals, she was prepared to store them in the safe.

All of a sudden, she thought of something and something flashed across her eyes. Pulling out her cell phone, she took pictures of the original deed and posted them onto the internet with the caption, ‘Thank you to President Fuller for this excellent piece of land!’

Following that, she added the social media handles of both Toby and Triforce Enterprise. There was no doubt Titus would be apoplectic with rage when he saw it.

At the end of the day, Tina’s attitude was a reflection of his parenting and he ought to take a bit of responsibility for her actions as well.

At the thought, Sonia let out a small smile. It was time she gave credit where it was due.

Right then, her cell phone rang.

When she lowered her head to look at the caller ID, she discovered that it was a call from Carl. Without hesitation, she put the phone to her ear, answering, “Carl.”

“Sonia.” From the other end of the line, Carl’s low, magnetic voice passed through her eardrums. It was extremely pleasant to listen to.

The sound made her ear itch slightly and she couldn’t help shrinking her neck as she said, “Are you finished with work? How is it that you have time to call me?”

“Not yet. I just finished posing for a set of magazines and I’m on break right now. Since I had nothing better to do, I went through my activity feed. I never thought I would come across what you just posted. What does your post mean, Sonia? Did Toby give you a plot of land?” Carl asked, to which Sonia answered in the affirmative as she leaned back in her chair.

However, he frowned slightly. “Why would he give you a plot of land? Are you thinking about—”

“Watch where you’re going with this.” The moment she heard his tone, she knew he had misunderstood. Feeling both amused and exasperated, she explained, “It’s actually recompense on Tina’s behalf.”

“Recompense?” At first, he was startled and his expression darkened quite a bit, “Did Tina hurt you, Sonia?”

Rubbing the bridge of her nose, she answered with a sigh, “She did. I never thought she could be so bold.”

With that, she gave a simple retelling of the events at the resort.

Upon hearing the whole story, Carl tightened his grip around his cell phone and his gaze was murderous. “How are you now?”

Though his expression was ice cold, his voice was filled with care and concern.

Therefore, she didn’t realize that anything was wrong and only answered with a warmed heart, “I’m fine. I have a slight concussion, but I’ll be fully healed within a few days.”

“Good.” The corners of his lips curved downward. “Alright, I have to get back to work. Talk to you later, Sonia.”

“Alright.” She nodded. “Work hard. Bye!”

“Bye!” After hanging up the phone, Carl sent out a text message expressionlessly. ‘There’s something I need you to do…’

Very quickly, the person on the other end replied, ‘Roger that!’

As Carl looked down at his wallpaper of Sonia’s smiling visage on his phone, he ran his thumb lightly across the image. However, his face was no longer as gentle as it previously was. Instead, it seemed slightly hostile.

He used to live in darkness. It took a lot for a ray of light to appear in his life, and whoever harmed that light would have to pay the price.

Meanwhile at Triforce Enterprise, Titus was in a meeting with a few shareholders and senior managers, discussing the development matters concerning the first villa district. Suddenly, his assistant pushed open the meeting room door and exclaimed, “Something bad has happened, President Gray!”

Seeing how grave the assistant looked, Titus could only pause the meeting and ask, “What happened?”

Of course, the assistant didn’t announce the news to everyone and instead sidled up to Titus’ side to whisper into his ear.

Instantly, Titus’ expression changed drastically. “Are you sure?”

“Positive.” The assistant nodded multiple times.

At once, Titus’ face turned red and he slapped his hand on the table, shouting, “How dare she?”

How dare she not only snatch away the piece of land that he was intending to develop into the city’s first villa district but even include his social media handle?

Clearly, she was trying to provoke and humiliate him!

Seeing the rage on his face, one of the senior managers asked curiously, “What’s the matter, President Gray?”

Taking a deep breath, Titus quelled the rage in his heart and answered with a neutral expression, “Nothing, but the meeting has to be put on hold for now. Dismissed!”

With that, he spun on his heel and left the conference room.

On the way out, he called Toby and as soon as the call connected, Titus asked, “Did you give the plot of land in the city center to your ex-wife, Toby?”

Currently, Toby was at the club under Zane’s invitation.

The room was a little noisy and he couldn’t hear clearly, so he stood up and headed out onto the balcony before replying, “Did Tina tell you?”

Titus’ eyes widened when he heard that. “What? Tina knows as well?”

Toby hummed and nodded.

“What happened to the both of you?” The more Titus heard, the more muddled he became. With dissatisfaction written all over his face, he questioned, “Why would you give the land to Sonia? She posted the deed on the internet and tagged me, acting like she’s showing off by actually laughing at me. Do you know about this?”

Who in the large city didn’t know he had his eye on that plot of land?

With Sonia’s actions, there was no saying whether the people in their circle were laughing at him!

Meanwhile, Toby narrowed his eyes as he mused, Has Sonia really posted the land deed online?

“Are you still there, Toby?” Titus asked in a louder voice.

Jolted back to the present, Toby parted his lips to say, “Yes. I’m sorry, Titus. I didn’t know Sonia would do that.”

Disgruntled, Titus snorted. “Alright. Why did you give her that land, then? Are you still in love with her? I warn you, Toby—don’t have any thoughts that you shouldn’t be having. You and Tina are the actual couple, and you’re formalizing the engagement at the end of the year!”

For some reason, that thought always left Toby feeling inexplicably conflicted.

Nonetheless, he didn’t look into it too deeply, only chalking it up to his recent tiredness and pinching the bridge of his nose before answering in a low voice, “I know. I don’t have any intentions toward Sonia. In fact, I gave her that land because of Tina. Tina was the one who nearly made a grievous error, Titus.”

“Oh?” Titus immediately became stern. “Tell me what happened.”

“She poured some body wash outside Sonia’s shower door and it nearly cost Sonia her life. Sonia saw right through her and threatened to have her sent to prison. I only managed to smooth things over by offering a trade port and that piece of land in exchange,” Toby answered concisely.

Meanwhile, Titus listened with his mouth agape. For a long time, he couldn’t say anything and only after a long moment did he answer, “I see. I’m so sorry for the trouble it caused you, Toby.”

“It’s fine, but I hope you can have a chat with Tina to prevent such things from happening in the future. I can clean up after her once but not for a lifetime, understand?” Toby answered coldly with an inscrutable expression in his eyes.

Naturally, Titus could hear the warning in the other man’s tone and he understood it too. It dawned on him that Toby was expressing dissatisfaction in Tina.

That was to say, Tina was always a kind person in his heart, and it was both shocking and disappointing to him that she would do such a thing. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be saying that.

It was clear that he would part ways with Tina if she ever did anything like that again in the future. After all, what man would want a wife with such twisted intentions? He might get stabbed to death in his sleep one day.

“Alright. Rest assured, Toby—I’ll be having a chat with her,” Titus was quick to reassure him.

Following that, Titus hung up the phone and, with a thunderous expression, informed his assistant, “Get the car ready. We’re heading home!”

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