This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 60

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 60

With a faint smile, Sonia answered, “Simple. We’re going to file a police report!”

Giving her a surprised look, Charles started, “Baby, didn’t you say—”

“Huh?” She gave him a warning glance.

Instantly, he mimed zipping his mouth shut and fell silent.

Only then did she continue, “Since we both have different opinions and Miss Gray maintains her innocence while we believe that she did it on purpose, it’ll be difficult to determine the truth for now. If that’s the case, why don’t we let the police investigate?”

Noting the intelligent glint in her eyes, Toby knew deep down that she was planning something and that her motives weren’t pure.

However, before he could warn Tina, the latter spoke up. “Of course.” She was smiling in agreement but laughing at Sonia internally while thinking about how foolish the other woman was for thinking of making a police report.

Without video evidence, what good will summoning the police do? Tina laughed to herself.

Meanwhile, Sonia pretended not to see the ridicule in Tina’s eyes and only applauded, a smile on her face. “Very good! You’ve made the right call, Miss Gray. Charles, since she has agreed, you should call the police and ask them to bring a hypnotist along when they come to investigate the case.”

Although Charles pulled out his cell phone, he stared at her, confused. “Why would they need to bring a hypnotist along?”

Toby narrowed his eyes and his gaze locked on Sonia’s bright face.

As he expected, she wasn’t simply planning on filing a police report.

Unfortunately, what he failed to foresee was that the hypnotist was her true aim.

Similarly, Tina was finally realizing the trouble she was in and began to pale bit by bit.

When Sonia saw Tina’s expression, the smile on her face became broader. “Of course it’s to find out the truth. I’ve heard that when dealing with suspects who are reluctant to speak, the police will bring a hypnotist along to hypnotize the suspect so that the suspect will unwittingly admit their crimes.”

“Of course!” Charles slapped his thighs jovially. “That’s a good idea.”

“But that’s not enough. While she’s being hypnotized, Charles, remember to live stream the entire process to the viewers. If it’s ultimately found that it truly was an accident, then we’ll drop the matter and I’ll admit to simply having bad luck. But if it’s found to be deliberate, well…” At this point, Sonia feigned a confused look at Tina. “What’s the matter, Miss Gray? You’re pale and trembling, and you seem to be sweating. Are you ill?”

“I bet it’s not illness but guilt!” Charles sneered loudly. “After all, she’ll be forced to admit to her wrongdoing in just a bit.”

Instead of responding, Tina bit down on her lip hard, feeling scared and flustered even as she thought about how much she hated Sonia.

The woman was truly a devil to not only come up with something so perverse as hiring a hypnotist but think of streaming the entire process online as well! How was Sonia any different from a murderer covering up her crimes?

As tears clouded Tina’s eyes, she looked beseechingly at the man next to her. “Toby…”

Tiredly, the man in question pinched the bridge of his nose.

Perhaps he had done wrong from the very beginning and shouldn’t have caved in this morning when she begged him to help her hide the truth.

Perhaps then, things wouldn’t have developed to this point of no return.

Looking at Sonia, he finally said, “Hypnotists and live streams aren’t necessary, Sonia. There’s no need to exacerbate the conflict between the Gray Family and Paradigm Co.”

As if she was suddenly understanding something, she clenched her fists and met his gaze emotionlessly. “If you won’t let me hypnotize Miss Gray or live stream it, President Fuller, am I correct in my understanding of her guilt?”

Why else would he stop me?

This alone is proof of everything!

“Not only that, baby, but I’m afraid it’s obvious that President Fuller knew the truth from the very beginning and yet, he was helping to conceal it!” Charles sneered with his arms crossed.

“Is that the case?” Sonia questioned as she stared keenly at Toby.

After a long moment of silence, he finally admitted, “Yes.”

“I see. How brilliant!” She clenched her fists even harder, her nails digging into her palm painfully.

It was painful, but not as painful as the ache in her heart.

After all, this was a man she had loved for so many years. It amazed her how far he could toss aside his morals for Tina.

“I finally see what kind of person you are.” Sonia laughed scornfully. “It’s funny how I threw away six years of my youth for a man like you!”

Nonetheless, Toby’s face remained impassive and unreadable.

Of course, he knew it was wrong to cover for Tina.

However, he couldn’t bear to watch her rot in prison.

In the end, he said in a low voice, “As long as you drop this matter, I’ll take responsibility for what Tina did to you.”

Instantly, Charles became enraged and clenched his hand into a fist, aiming for Toby’s face.

Startled, Tina shrieked, “Watch out, Toby!”

“Charles—no!” Sonia also shouted out in time.

Charles’ fist screeched to a halt an inch before Toby’s face, and the former put his hand down begrudgingly.

Breathing out a sigh of relief, Sonia regarded Toby attentively. “How are you going to take responsibility, then? And if what you propose doesn’t satisfy me, I’m not going to agree to it. Charles, please have the following conversation recorded just in case President Fuller comes to regret it later.”

“Of course!” Charles chortled and turned on his cell phone’s audio recording function.

Looking very dissatisfied, Tina protested, “Toby isn’t the type of person to go back on his word, Miss Reed. You look down on us too much.”

Nevertheless, Sonia and Charles both treated her like air and ignored her.

Reddening under the insult, she puffed up. “How dare the both of you—”

“Enough!” Toby lifted a hand to signal her to quiet down. Following that, he looked at Sonia and said, “I’ll cover all your medical fees until you’re fully recovered. Apart from that, I can give you one of the Fuller Group’s trade ports.”

Trade ports?

Stunned, Sonia widened her eyes at him.

This is great fortune! She was still thinking about looking for connections after she was done with the Rentoor goods so that she could open a trade port.

Never in a million years did she think that he would offer her one just like that.

Like a fox, she smiled cunningly. “That’s very magnanimous of you, President Fuller, but I’m afraid that isn’t enough!”

Biting her lip, Tina complained indignantly, “It’s more than enough, Miss Reed. How can it not be? Aren’t you being a bit too greedy?”

“Hey—watch your tongue! What do you mean ‘greedy’?” Charles pointed at the bandage on Sonia’s head. “You injured her on purpose or to put it simply, you tried to kill my baby. What’s wrong with us asking for more?”

At the accusation, Tina turned her face away guiltily and fell silent.

Frowning, Toby asked, “What else do you want, then?”

“I’ve heard that the Gray Family wants one of your plots of land, President Fuller, and they intend to invest in the development of real estate there. I’ve also heard that you intend to sell it to them at a lower price.” Twirling her hair, Sonia continued, “I’ve always sought fairness and since Miss Gray is the actual guilty party here, you shouldn’t be the only one to take responsibility. She should share some of the burden as well and offer up that plot of land.”

Thoroughly nettled, Tina snapped, “No way!”

That plot of land was Toby’s gift to the Gray Family for Tina’s betrothal to him. How could she give it to Sonia?

“No? Alright, then. Charles, call the police!” Sonia shot Charles a look.

Instantly, he unlocked his cell phone.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Tina hesitated but Toby spoke up in the end, saying, “Alright. The land is yours.”

“Toby?” Tina caught hold of his sleeve.

Gently, he patted the back of her hand and reassured her, “It’s okay. I still have a plot of land in Berthull. It’s a little smaller, but it should suit your dad just fine.” Following that, he turned back to Sonia and gave her a cold look. “When we get back to Seafield, I’ll have someone send you the land deed. I hope you’ll keep your promise too and not cause any trouble for Tina.”

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