This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 57

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 57

Inside the surveillance room, the three of them could see that Sonia and Charles entered the hot springs about an hour and a half ago but since then, the former never came out.

From this, it was obvious that she should still be in the hot springs.

“I’ll go check the hot springs!” With that, Charles immediately rushed out of the door.

Tina lifted her head and looked at Toby next to her before asking in a soft tone, “Toby, should we follow?”

“We should!” he answered with furrowed brows. “Charles suspects that her disappearance has something to do with you, so we must follow him to help clear your name. Let’s go.”

She smiled faintly and replied, “Alright. We’ll do as you say.”

When they got to the entrance of the hot springs, they could hear Charles negotiating with the security guard.

“Sir, I’ve told you that the hot springs’ operating hours have passed. There isn’t anyone inside.” The guard blocked Charles’ path to prevent him from getting in.

As Charles was about to say something while scratching his head, a loud scream could be heard coming from inside the hot springs, drawing everyone’s attention to the source.

Then, everyone saw a cleaning lady running out of the hot springs in fear while mumbling something to herself.

The guard grabbed her and asked, “What’s the problem?”

“S-Someone’s dead!” the cleaning lady stuttered.


Everyone was shocked by what they just heard.

Then, she pointed inside with her trembling hand. “Someone has died inside the shower room of the women’s section!”

“Sonia!” Instantly, Charles’ expression changed as he rushed into the hot springs.

Toby and the guards also followed suit.

On the way, Toby looked really tense and the aura that he was exuding at that time was enough to suffocate anyone.

Is that woman really dead? Is this a joke? Is this all part of her prank?

As he gritted his teeth tightly, he suddenly felt a strange ache inside his heart that messed up his breathing.

Tina also seemed to notice the sudden change of his emotions. Even though she was filled with hatred inside, she still managed to get her eyes teary. “Toby, why does Miss Reed have to suffer so much at such a young age?”

She spoke as though she felt sorry and sad for Sonia’s death but when everyone else wasn’t watching, she curled up the corners of her lips.

This is great news! As long as she is dead, I won’t have any more worries.

When they arrived outside the shower room, they opened the door and went straight in, ignoring the ‘men are forbidden to enter’ sign above the door. However, the moment they entered, they immediately witnessed the terrifying scene of Sonia lying on the floor with a pool of blood still flowing from her head.

It took a while for Charles to come back to his senses before walking stiffly toward her.

Meanwhile, Toby stood at the door with his eyes locked onto Sonia’s pale face as he instinctively clenched his fists tightly.

It really is Sonia! She really is dead!

At this moment, he felt as though he had lost something that was important to him. Not only was his heart aching, it felt empty too.

Suddenly, Charles’ excited voice was heard. “She is alive. Sonia isn’t dead yet. She is still breathing!”

What? Tina’s smile froze all of a sudden and her eyes filled with disbelief. Sonia isn’t dead?

Toby’s eyes were trembling as he stared at Charles. “Is it true?”

“I’m sure of it. Sonia is indeed alive.” He could clearly feel her weak breath after placing his fingers right under her nose.

At the same time, the guard let out a sigh of relief before turning toward the cleaning lady with dissatisfaction. “What were you doing? She obviously isn’t dead, so why did you go running around saying that she is dead?”

The cleaning lady answered aggrievedly, “I was scared when I saw her lying on the floor in a pool of blood, so I assumed that she was dead.”

The guard was left speechless.

As for Tina, she also glared at the cleaning lady angrily. It’s all because of her that I got all excited for nothing. Also, why couldn’t Sonia just die after slipping on the shower gel that I poured?

She was afraid that others might notice her true intentions, so she quickly composed herself and smiled. “This is great. Miss Reed is still alive. This is great news, right, Toby?”

However, he didn’t answer her as he walked toward Charles and Sonia.

At the moment, Charles was shaking her gently, trying to wake her up.

Seeing his complete lack of basic medical knowledge, Toby was so infuriated that he grabbed the other man’s collar and pulled him away from Sonia.

“Fuller, what are you doing?” Charles roared.

Toby lifted his gaze and glanced at him coldly. “It’s obvious that she is in a deep coma, so you can’t just wake her up by shaking her. Also, her head was injured, so you’ll only make her injuries worse and cause her to lose more blood. If you don’t want her to die, your best choice is to call the doctor immediately”

Listening to him, Charles was dumbfounded at first before being annoyed at himself.

D*mn it! I always lose my cool when I’m frustrated. I can’t believe I didn’t even think of such an important thing like calling a doctor.

Quickly, he took out his phone and called the hotel.

Meanwhile, Toby squatted down and gently lifted Sonia’s head so that she could lie in his arms.

Then, he tore off a piece of cloth from his shirt as a bandage to wrap around the wound on the back of Sonia’s head to stop blood from flowing out.

During the process, his eyes were filled with distress and pity, and even he himself did not notice it.

However, Tina witnessed everything as she stood off to one side. She saw red but she couldn’t do anything to stop it.

She knew clearly that if she stopped him at this moment, it would only show how petty she was that she couldn’t even tolerate an injured person.

After making a phone call, Charles said to them, “The hotel said that they have already arranged a doctor to go to Sonia’s room. We just need to bring her there right away.”

Therefore, Toby knotted the bandage and carried her up.

Seeing the situation, Charles immediately put his phone back in his pocket and stretched out both his hands. “I’ll take care of her.”

“No. It’s clear from your previous actions that you are not suitable to take care of her,” Toby muttered coldly, refusing to hand over the woman to him.

Charles chuckled sarcastically. “If I’m not suitable, then what makes you suitable to take care of her? President Fuller, don’t forget that you and Sonia are divorced. I’m now her boyfriend.”

“He’s right, Toby. Mr. Lane is Miss Reed’s boyfriend, so you can just hand her over to him. I believe that he will take good care of her.” Tina went up and gently urged him to let Sonia go while she pulled at his sleeve.

Toby’s hands slowly tightened around Sonia’s armpit and knee but in the end, he let go and handed her over to Charles, his expression dark.

After letting out a grunt, Charles turned around and left with Sonia in his arms.

Seeing the two of them leaving, Toby somehow felt annoyed and frustrated inside his heart and he clenched his fists. However, when he clenched his fists, he suddenly noticed a sticky feeling coming from his palms. After opening his hand, he realized that other than Sonia’s blood, his hands were also stained by an unidentified liquid.

There was a faint scent from the liquid and when he rubbed his hands, the liquid started to form bubbles. It must be some kind of shampoo or shower gel. I’ve just touched Sonia, so I probably got it from her.

Upon thinking about it, he looked at the place where Sonia passed out and sure enough, there really was a pool of the same liquid.

Immediately, he let out a sneer. Looks like she spilled her toiletries and accidentally slipped on it. What an idiot!

“Toby, Mr. Lane and Miss Reed are gone. Let’s go back to our room.” Tina grabbed his arm.

However, he then lifted his arm and withdrew it from her. “I need to wash my hands first.”

After that, he went to the front of the washstand and washed off the blood and shower gel on his hands before leaving the hot springs.

When they got back to their room, Tina grabbed a bathrobe and gave it to him. “Toby, you just bandaged Miss Reed and your body was stained by her blood, so why don’t you take a bath first?”

He had the same idea, so he took the bathrobe and went into the bathroom but when he smelled a familiar scent in the air, he narrowed his eyes.

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