This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 56

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 56

After changing to their yukatas, Sonia and Charles came to a divide leading to the men and women section of the hot springs.

Charles’ eyes twinkled and he immediately grabbed hold of Sonia’s soft waist. “Baby, why don’t we go to the mixed-gender section?”

She smiled at him before hitting him with her elbow.

“Ouch!” He held his belly in pain. “Baby, why did you hit me?”

She squinted her eyes at him and sneered, “Do you not deserve it? How dare you ask me to join you in the mixed-gender section?”

“What’s wrong with that? We are a couple anyway.” He quickly stood up straight and defended himself.

“It’s just an act.” She couldn’t stand him, so she put her bath towel on her shoulder and opened the curtains which had the word ‘women’ before walking inside.

The women section of the hot springs was extremely quiet since it was empty.

After taking off her bathrobe, Sonia wrapped a white towel around herself that reached her thighs before entering a single-sized pool.

The water temperature was high, so her whole body instantly turned pink and she let out a comfortable hum.

Then, someone opened the sliding door of the entrance and came in.

She lifted her eyes and saw a clear face through the mist.

It was none other than Tina Gray.

As soon as Sonia saw the other woman, she immediately furrowed her brows. Everything about this resort is great, except for the fact that it is too small. You always bump into someone you don’t want to see at every turn.

Tina also didn’t expect such a coincidence. After a moment of shock, she revealed a gentle smile and murmured, “Miss Reed, we meet again.”

However, Sonia couldn’t stand being with her, so she nodded her head and prepared to leave.

Just as she took a step out of the pool, Tina’s voice was heard again. “Miss Reed, how can you leave when I just got here? Do you really hate to see me? After all, we went to the same university and even shared the same room.”

While holding the towel in front of her chest, Sonia stood in the pool and sneered, “Miss Gray, don’t you find your words a little funny? You were the one who hated to see me in the first place. It has always been the same since we were in university.”

As Tina leaned on the edge of the other single-sized pool, she smiled faintly at Sonia. “Do you want to know the reason, Miss Reed?”

“Do enlighten me—I really want to know what I have done wrong to make you treat me this way!” Sonia simply sat back in the pool.

There was a single-sized pool between the two of them as they stared at each other from afar.

“Do you know that ever since you stepped into the dorm, I’ve always had a weird sense of threat from you? Somehow, I felt that you would snatch something important away from me.” Tina sunk her nails into her palms hard. “Sure enough, you took Toby away from me while I was unconscious after the car crash. How could I forgive you after that?”

Listening to the hatred in her voice, Sonia remained emotionless as she spoke in her usual calm voice. “Whether you believe me or not, I didn’t purposely snatch Toby away from you while you were unconscious. You said to me back then that you only see him as your brother.”

This was the reason why Sonia asked Toby to marry her; otherwise, with her pride that she had back then, she wouldn’t do such a thing no matter how much she liked him.

“You don’t need to explain to me. No matter how much you explain, you can’t deny the fact that you’ve had him for yourself for almost six years!” Tina glared at her while gritting her teeth.

Just as Sonia was about to say something, her phone suddenly rang on the edge of the pool. It was a call from Charles.


“Baby, are you done?”

She nodded and murmured, “Almost.”

Charles then urged, “You should come out quickly. I heard that there will be a fireworks party later on. I’ll wait for you at the observation deck.”

She reached out with one hand and grabbed a towel beside her to wipe away the sweat on her face. “Alright. I’ll come out after I take a shower.”

After hanging up the phone, Sonia stepped out of the pool and walked away, but she didn’t forget to stop for a second when walking past Tina’s pool. “Miss Gray, I know that you will still continue to come after me even after what I just said, but don’t worry. No matter what tricks you have, I’ll always be ready.”

Then, she left with her slender legs.

Meanwhile, Tina lowered her eyes as she thought of something.

Moments later, the hotness had gradually made her head dizzy, so she got up and walked toward the shower room as she knew that she couldn’t stay in the pool much longer.

Meanwhile, Sonia was taking a shower inside a cubicle in the shower room. Tina could already hear her humming when she came in with her toiletries in her arms, and she felt that the other woman’s singing was beautiful and her voice was heavenly

Hearing Sonia’s voice, Tina couldn’t help but remember Toby asking her two days ago why she had stopped singing since the letters once mentioned that she was good at it. Of course, she didn’t dare to tell him that she didn’t even know how to sing, so she could only use her bad voice as an excuse to close the topic.

Even so, Tina knew that as long as the owner of the letters was still here, all of her lies would be exposed someday unless the true owner disappeared forever.

As the light in her eyes flickered, she glanced at the door of Sonia’s cubicle before turning toward the shower gel in the basin. All of a sudden, a terrifying thought surfaced in her mind.

She squatted and gently placed the basin on the floor. Then, she grabbed the shower gel from the basin and opened it before pouring the transparent liquid on the floor in front of the door of Sonia’s cubicle.

After she was done, she revealed a faint smile as she quietly left the scene.

“This feels so good!” When Sonia had taken his hot shower, she came out of her cubicle with a basin in her arms. Unexpectedly, she seemed to step on something and slipped, causing her whole body to fall to the floor. She knocked the back of her head on the steps of the cubicle and passed out immediately.

At the observation deck, Charles was still waiting for her to come. A while later, the fireworks party had started but Sonia was still nowhere to be seen, so he took out his phone and called her.

However, no one answered the call, so he couldn’t help but feel worried.

“Could something have happened to her?” He put his phone back in his pocket and quickly left the observation deck to find her but after searching several places, she was still nowhere to be seen, so he was certain that something might have happened to her.

In this resort, the only people that would hurt her are those two.

Therefore, he came to the front of a door and knocked on it frantically. “Tina, come out now!”

Soon after, the door was opened and Toby’s gloomy face appeared in front of him.

“What is it?”

“I didn’t come here for you. I’m here for her!” Charles glared at Tina who was standing beside Toby.

With a smile on her face, she asked, “Mr. Lane, how can I help you?”

“My baby is gone!”

Immediately, Toby’s eyes narrowed. Sonia is gone?

Tina could see the reaction on his face as she fiercely clenched her fists. Sure enough, I was right to get rid of Sonia. As long as she is alive, it will only affect him even more. Even her disappearance was enough to draw such a huge reaction from him.

After suppressing her emotions, she blinked confusedly. “Miss Reed isn’t here, Mr. Lane. Why did you come looking for me?”

“Why did I come looking for you?” Charles repeated and chuckled sarcastically. “What do you think? It’s because you definitely hid her away somewhere. If you were willing to push her off the race track during the day, what else are you not capable of doing? You’d better hand her back to me this instance or else, not even Toby can protect you!”

“Why would I hide her away? I haven’t seen her since dinner, so I don’t even know where she is. How do you expect me to hand her over to you?” Tina’s eyes turned red, making her look aggrieved.

However, Charles was having none of it. “Are you going to f*cking tell me or what?”

“Enough.” Toby stepped forward and shielded Tina behind him while he spoke in a cold voice. “If you can’t find Sonia, why don’t you check the surveillance video? Interrogating Tina won’t help you find her any quicker.”

The moment Tina heard him mention the surveillance video, she panicked for a moment but soon after, she seemed to think of something that calmed her down.

Charles also came back to his senses and he slapped himself on the forehead. I can’t believe that I was so worried about finding her that I forgot to check the surveillance video.

“I’ll go to the surveillance room right away. I hope that her disappearance has nothing to do with you; otherwise, I won’t let you get away with this.”

He pointed at Tina’s nose before leaving.

“We should follow him.” Toby then took off his jacket and put it on her before helping her to the surveillance room.

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