This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 50

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 50

Toby then clicked on the first video.

He could see Sonia calmly calling out the other parents and when they questioned Tyler’s ability to play basketball, she immediately asked the other boys to compete in a best of three match. Looks like Tyler went to her that day because he wanted to join the trials. He didn’t dare to come to me about it, so he went to ask for her help.

Toby furrowed his brows slightly as he was dissatisfied with her secretly helping Tyler at school, but he was patient enough to finish watching the video first.

“I want you to seriously play the match. You are disappointing your brother if you lose the game.”

In the video, Sonia handed a towel to the young man and talked to him for a moment. When she lifted her head to look at him, her eyes were locked on his face for a few seconds. However, since Zane had recorded them from an angle, Toby couldn’t see her facial expression.

When he finished watching the video, he clicked on the second one.

In this second video, she continued to lend her support to Tyler while she spoke in a calming tone, “If he wants to blame me, let him come to me. It’s time for him to reflect on himself. He should reflect on how to be a brother and see what kind of life that Tyler wants. Otherwise, it’ll be something he’ll regret in the future.”

This woman… Not only is she secretly helping Tyler, she is now asking me to reflect on myself? As Toby thought about it, he didn’t know whether to laugh or to be angry.

Inside the huge office, there was another man in a baseball cap along with Tom other than Toby.

At this moment, the third man was standing with his head down in fear in front of the mahogany desk.

When he felt that Toby’s aura had grown colder, his body couldn’t help but tremble as he murmured, “P-President Fuller, it was Miss Gray who came to me on her own accord that night and asked me to install the recorder in that room… I only took a total of 200,000 and it’s all in this card. I haven’t even touched a cent.” With that, the man placed a bank card on the desk.

Toby still remained silent and the man was starting to feel an invisible pressure weighing down on him even after he had explained the entire situation.

“P-President Fuller, I’m sorry. Please have mercy and forgive me.” The man’s trembling knees were on the brink of touching the floor. “From now on, no matter what Miss Gray tells me to do, I’ll immediately report to you.”

Then, Toby diverted his eyes from the phone and he lifted his head to look at the man. “How long was the recording?”

When Zane examined the surveillance video earlier, he saw a man secretly coming out from Sonia’s room that night. It took him some investigation before he learned that the said person was a junior reporter from a certain newspaper who would usually accept shady jobs like this to earn extra. Therefore, they suspected that it was the junior reporter who leaked the recording.

An hour ago, Toby asked Tom to bring the man over to the office. The moment the reporter stepped into the room, he immediately confessed to everything before Toby even had the chance to question him.

“It’s 40 minutes long,” the man immediately answered. “I placed the recorder inside the room when no one was there. Also, the leaked audio has been edited before.” He quickly took out the recorder from his bag and placed it on the desk. “This is the recorder and I promise you that I didn’t make any copies.”

Toby picked up the recorder with confusion. The car crash 6 years ago and the recent incident with the reporter slowly fueled the suspicion in his heart. Is this gentle yet ruthless woman who caused a car crash to marry me really the ‘Maple’ who exchanged correspondence with me 6 years ago?

As Toby had previously exchanged countless letters with Maple, he was able to learn about all her interests.

The girl in the letters was passionate and enthusiastic about life. The two of them would often share the same thoughts, but ever since Tina regained consciousness, he could never engage in a conversation with her as if she was far away even though she was always by his side.

After thinking for a long while, he broke the recorder and destroyed the tiny chip inside. He threw the recorder into the trash can and spoke in a deep tone, “I’m only giving you an hour to pack up all your stuff and leave Seafield. Once you have left, I don’t want you back in Seafield ever again. If she asks about you, tell her that you have accepted a job outside the city. Do you understand?”

“Y-Yes. You can be rest assured. I won’t reveal anything to Miss Gray.” Upon seeing that he had just escaped death, the man let out a sigh of relief. However, as he was about to leave, he was halted by Toby.

“Take it.” Toby pointed at the card on the desk.

“Thank you, President Fuller. Thank you very much!” The man continued to thank Toby. After he took the card, he bowed to Tom before quickly leaving the office.

Meanwhile, Tom, who had been stoically listening to the entire conversation, couldn’t help but sigh. Sigh! You will never truly know someone until you get along with the person. I can’t believe that the seemingly kind-hearted Miss Gray would do something like this. I just feel so sorry for Miss Reed!

The moment that the reporter had left, Tom approached Toby and reported, “President Fuller, I’ve discovered the whereabouts of Continental Co.’s owner. He is currently at Mt. Buller Resort.”

Toby grunted in acknowledgement. “If there’s nothing else, you may take your leave.”

“President Fuller, when I visited the Gray Residence with you earlier, I noticed that their staircase was covered with imported Persian carpet that feels extremely soft,” Tom explained. “Also, the chandeliers above the stairs were dazzling. You can easily see the steps when you’re walking down.”

However, what he actually meant to say was that even if Tina was blind, it would still be arduous for her to fall from those stairs. That was the reason why it was slightly unbelievable that she had tripped and knocked her head against the handrail.

Toby remained silent.

He had also suspected the circumstances surrounding her accident before. However, when he saw her pitiful and pale face when she lay on the hospital bed, his heart softened and he gave up on his intention to ask her. “I understand.” His voice grew colder. “You can leave now.”

After that, Tom silently left the office.

Toby sat in his office alone for what seemed like eternity and he did not move as his cold eyes stared at the document revealing the current whereabouts of Continental Co.’s owner.

It was only a long while later that he picked up his phone and opened his Messenger to send the information to Sonia.

Meanwhile, on the basketball court, Tyler had scored just in time to win the match 3-2. Outside the court, Sonia glanced at the faces of the other parents and she sneered, “If you don’t have the talent, please don’t boast about it to others. You’re only making fools out of yourself.”

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