This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 49

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 49

“Basketball is just his hobby. If he decides to give up, he can still return home and live a luxurious life. As for you, the reason why you are playing basketball is to earn a living. Besides, this is just a trial. There’s no guarantee that you’ll get picked for the team.” While looking at the boy’s sad eyes, Sonia sarcastically added, “Such a pity.”

However, his mother’s face had already darkened in anger. “Y-You!”

After seeing how the usually calm Sonia managed to anger those people without breaking a sweat, Tyler felt especially delighted in his heart.

When she came toward him, his body trembled as he rushed toward her and yanked the sleeves of her coat. He then quietly begged, “I really want to keep on playing basketball. Please don’t let Zane bring me home. Let me participate in the trial.”

“When did I say that Zane’s here to bring you home?” Sonia tilted her head and glanced at him. “Or, did you really want to head back with him?”

For a moment, Tyler was dumbfounded. “Then, why is he here…”

“I asked him to send me over.”

“I see.” Tyler patted his chest. “I thought that he came to bring me home, which made me scared for a moment.”

However, Sonia ignored him and she went to shake hands with the coach. “Hi, I’m Tyler’s sister and I apologize for being late. I had something to deal with at my company, which is why I only managed to rush over now.”

“It’s fine. What’s important is that you are here.” After he shook her hand, the coach handed the contract to her. “Tyler really is a talented boy. He’ll definitely pass the trials! Don’t worry about handing him over to me. I’ll take good care of him.”

With a smile, she replied, “That’s all the assurance I need.”

Just as Sonia was about to sign the contract, the guardians behind her suddenly rose to their full height one by one and raised their voices. “He looks so average when I saw him play either. He’s not even better than my son, so why does he deserve to join the trials?”

“She’s right. His skills aren’t special at all!”

Now that he observed the situation, the coach had no choice but to calmly explain to the other parents, “I’m the coach here, so I’m sure how skillful the students are at the game. Tyler is indeed talented—”

“Coach, did his brother ask to see you before?” a parent asked tentatively, but her intention couldn’t be much clearer.

The coach was rendered speechless for a moment after he heard the question.

“W-What the hell are you talking about?!” Tyler almost swore in front of everyone as he gritted his teeth in anger. “The truth is that I’m good at playing basketball. What does that have to do with my brother? Stop slandering others!”

“Tyler, we also feel that you are actually not that good at basketball.” A few of the boys who had just signed the contract also made their voices heard.

“Hey, you guys…” The coach was afraid that if he said the wrong word, the situation would escalate.

Upon seeing the helplessness on his face, Sonia’s eyes narrowed as she put down her pen and shouted at Tyler, “Tyler, since your schoolmates feel that you are not that good at basketball, why don’t you play a game with them?” Then, she turned toward those boys and asked, “How about we play a game? The best out of three wins.”

“Bring it on!” Since all the students were chosen by the coach of the national team, they weren’t far behind in terms of ability to play basketball, so they were definitely not afraid to play against Tyler.

“That settles it.” Sonia turned toward the coach and apologized, “Coach, I’m sorry, but I’ll have to take up a bit of your time.”

However, the coach could see that she was trying to resolve the situation, so he sighed in relief. “It’s alright. Besides, I want to observe the students a little bit more to see what position suits them the most.”

Soon after, the coach arranged the players for each team and their respective position.

In the meantime, Sonia gave Tyler a towel to wipe his hands. “I want you to seriously play this match. If you win, I’ll help you to sign the contract for the trials, but if you lose, all of us will be embarrassed and you might even earn a slap when you return home.”

“I won’t disappoint my brother.” His eyes were firm and filled with passion. “I will win this!”

Even though it was just a friendly competition between schoolmates, she was able to see the passion burning inside the young man’s eyes.

The Toby whom she met was always calm and restrained when he dealt with every situation, but the young man in front of her now was filled with passion. He looks like a completely different Toby.

As Sonia suppressed the emotions inside her heart, she murmured, “Go on. I hope that I didn’t come here for nothing.”

Tyler nodded his head and quickly entered the court.

Meanwhile, Zane was quietly listening to their conversation on the sidelines as he had entered after her. However, he didn’t expect her to be so bold as to sign Tyler’s basketball contract as a family member without Toby’s approval.

While Sonia and Tyler spoke to each other earlier, Zane had even secretly recorded its contents.

It took a while before the match began and right after Tyler scored, Sonia cheered loudly without paying attention to her reputation. As she gave her support to him, Zane suddenly asked, “The plan is for Tyler to join the Fuller Group in the future to help the family business. Aren’t you afraid that Toby may blame you for signing the contract and allowing Tyler to play basketball?”

“If he wants to blame me, let him come to me.” Her eyes were still following Tyler’s movements as she took a deep breath. “Besides, I’m already the villain inside his heart and it’s also time for him to reflect on himself.”

“Oh?” Zane raised his brows. “What does he have to reflect on?”

After Tyler missed a shot, Sophia calmed down before she answered, “He should reflect on how to be a brother and see what kind of life that Tyler wants. Otherwise, it’ll be something he’ll regret in the future.”

“You’re absolutely right, President Reed,” Zane concurred.

The moment he was done with his recording, he opened his Messenger and sent the two videos to Toby.

As he sat in his office, Toby’s eyes slightly darkened the moment he saw Zane’s message.

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