This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 48

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 48

Sonia pretended to be asleep to avoid talking to Zane.

When they were about to arrive at Seafield High School, she took out her phone to ask Tyler where he was, but she saw the business-related news from her news app instead.

As it turned out, two executives from the Gray Group’s Norfolk and Fredburg branches had siphoned off 500 million of the company’s money, causing Titus to pass out in anger.

There was also a photo included below the article of him being sent to the hospital. Someone has stolen Titus’ money? Great!

As she read the news, Sonia couldn’t help but clap her hands and she even wanted to thank the two executives who fled with Titus’ money.

Ever since she discovered that her family’s bankruptcy had something to do with Titus, she had been trying to gather evidence to help clear her father’s name, but she couldn’t locate anything in the end.

Therefore, she was delighted to see Titus being admitted to the hospital.

When the car arrived at the school gates, Zane parked the car and unfastened his seatbelt while asking Sonia, “What are you here for? If I remember correctly, you stopped contacting your relatives when your family went bankrupt.”

She glanced at him before she answered, “I can’t believe that you care about me so much that you even investigated my background.”

“The two of us are business partners, so it’s normal for me to look into you to protect my own interest. What’s the problem, President Reed? Do you really think I fancy you that much?” He chuckled and smirked, but she ignored him. “It’s fine if that’s what you’re thinking. I quite like the idea of dating my best friend’s ex-wife just to see how different it feels from dating other women.”

While listening to Zane, Sonia found herself speechless. Compared to him, I would much rather be with Charles.

She ignored his words and went to report Tyler’s name to the school’s security guard before writing ‘family member’ in the visitor column on the logbook.

Then, her phone vibrated and she received a new message informing that a sum of money had been credited into her bank account.

The moment Sonia saw the amount of money transferred to her, she was instantly dumbfounded. 100 million? Could it be that some company has accidentally transferred their project fund to me?

While she was in a state of shock, she received another message from Carl on Messenger.

Carl: ‘Sonia, I’ve recently taken a few jobs and made a lot of money. I can’t find anywhere else to spend it, so you can take it in case your company needs the fund.’

Sonia: ‘You have just arrived at Palmont. What kind of job did you get that pays you this much?’

Then, scenes of him subduing the difficult shareholders with his gentle tone when he accompanied her to Paradigm Co. and the store manager’s respectful attitude toward him when they went to the mall started to flash through her mind.

As she reflected on what Charles had previously said to her, she began to suspect Carl. Is he really just a model?

Before Carl even had the chance to reply to Sonia, she sent him another message: ‘Two executives from the Norfolk and Fredburg branches of Gray Group have stolen 500 million. Carl, does this have anything to do with you?’

After a few seconds, he replied: ‘You mean to say that someone has stolen Titus’ money? Well, that’s too bad for him. Sonia, I’m just a model and I don’t even understand how the corporate world works. Besides, I don’t know any executives from Gray Group, so how could I possibly be able to ask them to steal Titus’ money?’

He quickly followed up on his text with a picture of his contract.

Carl: ‘Sonia, this is my contract with the company. Can you see that the money stated there is of the same amount that I have transferred to you?”

Sonia read his contract in detail before she let out a sigh of relief. However, at the same time, she felt that she had gone overboard. Then, she texted, ‘I’m sorry, Carl. I shouldn’t have suspected you of doing something illegal. After all, you’re only worried about me and the company.’

Carl: ‘It’s fine. Sonia, I can’t return to Seafield for the New Year, so you must remember to take care of yourself.’

Sonia: ‘Okay, you should also look after yourself while you are abroad.’

“That’s quite a lot of money for a model. Looks like he cares a lot about you.” Zane’s voice suddenly came to her ear. “Not only is he young, he also treats you well. He’d be the best candidate to be your second husband.”

“He is more like my brother.” Sonia exited the chat box before she glared at him for peeking at her chat. “He plans to buy Paradigm Co.’s shares with this amount of money.”

She felt that she couldn’t take Carl’s money for nothing, so she decided to give him half of Paradigm Co.’s shares.

“That’s a smart move. He knows that if you want to get a girl, you need to get closer to her first,” Zane sneered. “President Reed, how much does your shares cost? Why don’t I toss my hat in the ring too?”

However, she ignored him and asked the guard where the basketball court was before she left.

Over at the basketball court, the basketball coach from the national team had already scouted a few students and talked to their parents since 10:00AM.

Only Tyler’s family members hadn’t arrived.

Looking at the time, the coach went over to him and asked, “Tyler, why isn’t your family here yet? I’ve already waited another half an hour for you.”

Tyler only looked outside the basketball court without saying a word. He had been trying to call Sonia since this morning, but she kept rejecting his call. She still isn’t here. Looks like she won’t come to help me.

“You are a talented boy with loads of potential. I really like you, but I still need to talk with your family.” The couch patted Tyler’s shoulder pitifully. “If your family disagrees with you playing basketball, there’s nothing I can do.”

After clenching his fists for a while, Tyler murmured, “Can you please wait for a moment? I’ll make another call—”

“Tyler, the couch has already given you another hour. If your family isn’t here yet, it’s obvious that they don’t agree with you playing basketball. I think you should stop wasting the coach’s time and let him head home to rest!” a boy taunted.

Beside him were a few other boys who smiled with satisfaction since all of them had signed up for the trials.

Without saying a word, Tyler stared at the boy who taunted him.

“Why are you staring at me? Did I just reveal your little secret?” The boy smiled as he continued to tease Tyler. “Sigh! What’s the point of being the Young Master of the Fuller Family if you must obey your family’s orders and can’t even play basketball? Such a pity.” With that, he shook his head and the boys next to him started to laugh.

“I dare you to say that one more time!” Tyler shouted as he angrily rushed to fight with the boys.

“Hey, what do you think you are doing? How dare you try to fight with my son.” The boy’s mother stood between them and stared at Tyler with arms akimbo. “You little brat. Don’t think that I’m afraid of you just because you are from the Fuller Family. I dare you to hit him right now!”

The coach quickly went up to stop Tyler from reacting as well as resolve the confrontation. “Alright. Since you have all signed the contract, you should tell your parents—”

The cold voice of a woman was suddenly heard. “It seems like that little boy is the pitiful one.”

Everyone in the basketball court looked toward the entrance and saw a slender woman in a black coat enter. She had a gentle and refined aura while the young man following her from behind was handsome and stylish.

She finally came. Tyler’s eyes immediately brightened, but when he saw Zane behind the woman, he instantly felt nervous. Sh*t! Did she tell Toby everything, which is why he sent Zane here to bring me home?

When the boy’s mother heard Sonia’s words, she furrowed her brows and glared at Sonia. “Who did you say is pitiful?”

“Of course I’m referring to you and your son.” Sonia stood firm in front of the woman while her red lips slightly quirked up. “My brother is the Young Master of the Fuller Family, so he definitely isn’t pitiful. He has millions of fortune at his disposal and he doesn’t even need to do everything by himself.” Then, she lifted her chin and asked the boy, “Little boy, have you ever been in a helicopter?”

The boy consciously shook his head. “No…”

“It’s such a pity that you have never been in a helicopter before.” Sonia shook her head. “It’s not a surprise, though. After all, your parents are just employees and they don’t have a lot of money, so it’s impossible for you to understand what pleasure is. You will also continue to work for someone else in the future.”

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