This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 47

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 47

“Did you tell Rebecca that you needed to work three jobs a day because you are from a poor family?” Sonia chuckled while she looked at Zane with disdain. “It’s such a shame that you are not an actor; otherwise, you will always win the Best Actor Award.”

As he shrugged his shoulders, he explained, “I went to 4S Automation to have my car repaired, but she thought I was an employee there. I tried to tease her, but I never expected her to believe me. Then, she rang me to give you a lift. I really didn’t know that she works for you.”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Are you now setting your sights on her because she is so gullible?”

“Please don’t blame me for this. She’s always the first one to approach me,” he defended himself as if it was a curse to be popular with women. “She’s actually the one hitting on me.”

As she listened to him, Sonia was speechless. However, when she thought about it, it really seemed that Rebecca was actually the one flirting with him.

“President Reed, where do you want to go?” Zane turned around to fasten his seatbelt. “This is my first time driving someone, but I never expected to be driving in such a beat-up car. You really are lucky.” When the car started, he couldn’t help but ridicule Toby again. “The wheel feels so bad. This really is a sht car. What a dck move from Toby! How can he himself drive a Maybach without leaving you a sports car after the divorce?”

“Why didn’t you call me back after I asked for your help?” Sonia calmly changed the topic of conversation.

Zane gave her a strange look. “I couldn’t find anything wrong with the waiters and water, so there was no point in me returning your call. I’ve seen the surveillance video that night when you stumbled out of the washroom. It’s obvious that you are drunk. You’re thinking too much.” Then, he let out a chuckle and teased, “Miss Reed, you were quite brave last night. Is that the first time Toby has seen you like that?”

There was a moment of silence since she was embarrassed by his words. She was afraid that he would talk nonsense, but in the end, he had used his position as the co-owner of the club to watch the surveillance video!

“Since there’s nothing wrong with the water, we’ll leave it as such. I want to head to Seafield High School. I’m a bit tired, so I’ll take a nap first. Wake me up when we arrive there.” After that, Sonia pretended to sleep and ignored Zane.

Concurrently, over at the Gray Group, Titus had just received the news that Sonia’s Paradigm Co. was interested in acquiring Continental Co. On top of that, she was now trying to get in touch with the owner through her connections. I didn’t expect her to be so capable in such a short period of time.

“However, no matter how capable she is, Paradigm Co. will still fall with just a push!” He gave a cold smile while spreading the news to others. This time, I must destroy Paradigm Co. once and for all!

Titus couldn’t wait to end Paradigm Co. once and for all in memory of his late eldest daughter.

As soon as he gave out his orders, the computer on his desk suddenly flickered as a disk was stuck inside. Just as he was about to press on the keyboard, the desktop screen returned to normal, but there was a video being screened instead.

The background of the video had good lighting, so he could clearly see the dying person on the floor. The said person was wearing a blood-stained uniform of the Luna Club.

While looking at the man, Titus’ pupils suddenly dilated. He is the person who I was trying to get in touch with. Why is he in the video?

In the meantime, the waiter lying on the floor groaned with his last breath as he was obviously in pain. Soon after, a tall man in a fox mask appeared in the video.

Then, the masked man looked straight at Titus through the camera with his cold eyes. “Hello, President Gray.”

“Who are you? How did you hack into my computer?” While furrowing his brows, Titus tried to shut down the computer, but no matter how hard he pressed the power button, it was to no avail.

The man in the fox mask chuckled in a low yet sexy voice. “Not only can I hack into your company’s server, the phones belonging to you and your wife aren’t safe either because I can easily hack into anything. The reason why I came to you today is to warn you.”

After that, he casually yanked the waiter from the floor with his slender fingers before slicing the latter’s neck with a knife, which caused Titus to shiver in fear.

“President Gray, you should never play the same trick twice because it just annoys me.” The man threw aside the dead body in his hand before he came to the front of the camera and spoke in a chilling voice that came straight from hell, “If you dare to lay your hands on Paradigm Co. or Sonia again, you will meet the same fate as him.”

“You…” Titus’ voice trembled as he couldn’t utter a word. For the past few years, my men have always kept their eyes on Sonia, so I know that she rarely socializes. She has very few friends because she has been a full-time housewife ever since she married Toby. Charles wouldn’t dare to do such a thing to me, so who is this man in the video? Why is he so protective of Sonia?

While looking at Titus’ terrified expression, the masked man seemed to be satisfied on the other end of the video. “The 300 million will be given to Sonia as compensation. As for the other gift, I’ll ask someone to send it to the Gray Group in the near future. Goodbye, President Gray.” The man appeared to be in a good mood as he waved at Titus with his blood-stained hand like a devil.

The video suddenly disappeared from the desktop a second later.

Meanwhile, Titus was staring at the still computer as if that video, which was broadcasted a few minutes ago, was merely an illusion. However, his body was also shivering in fear at the same time.

What does he mean by that 300 million compensation? As he thought about it, he couldn’t help but laugh in his heart. Why would I suddenly decide to give money to Sonia? He then received a call from the finance department of the Norfolk branch.

The treasurer stuttered, “P-President Gray, something bad has happened. The money from our account was stolen…”

“What?!” Titus jumped up from his chair in shock. “How much money was taken?”

“3-300 million…”

“Why wasn’t I notified earlier about this? What did I hire all of you for?” he yelled while trembling with anger and almost passing out. So, this is what that man meant by the 300 million compensation!

Then, Titus began to be frightened by what the man could do since it was difficult to catch someone operating in the dark.

With his last breath, he immediately called his subordinates to unwillingly give out his orders. “Withdraw everything including the news. I don’t want anything happening to the Paradigm Co!”

“President Gray, didn’t you tell us to inform you when we are done with everything? What’s going on now?”

“I’m telling you now to withdraw everything, so do it immediately! If anything happens to Paradigm Co, you can all kiss your job goodbye!” he shouted.

“Yes, of course.”

Titus’ heart was starting to ache, but when he finally calmed himself down, he received an urgent call from the Fredburg branch.

“P-President Gray, the accountant ran away with 200 million…” the person on the other end stuttered. “He took a plane to Adristan last night…”

As Titus listened to the news, he fell silent. His vision started to fade as he was on the brink of spitting blood from his mouth. Didn’t the man say that he was taking 300 million as compensation? Why did he take another 200 million from me? Damn you!

After losing hundreds of millions all at once, his body could no longer cope with the intensity of his anger. As his blood pressure soared, he collapsed on the desk before he could even utter a word.

“President Gray? Are you listening?” the person on the other end asked.

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