This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 46

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 46

While shivering in fear, Tyler quickly hung up the phone and he carried his bag on his shoulder before rushing toward the door. He didn’t wait for Sonia to make the request.

However, before leaving, he turned around and warned, “You have received my gifts, which means that you must come to school and help me this Saturday! If you dare to tell Toby about this, I’ll tell him that you are already sleeping with another man right after your divorce!”

Upon listening to him, Sonia was rendered speechless.

Tyler ran to the south gate as fast as he could—which was exactly in two minutes.

The moment he arrived at the side of the road, he could already see Toby casually sitting on the driver’s seat of his sports car as the smoke from Toby’s cigarette lingered around his fingers.

Tyler immediately sat on the passenger seat as he panted before he fastened his seatbelt.

However, due to Toby’s cold stare and gloomy aura, Tyler didn’t dare to utter a word while he kept his head lowered.

While waiting for the car to move on the road, Toby finally opened his mouth. “Didn’t I tell you not to look for her? Are my words a joke to you?”

“I didn’t have any money on me…”

“There are several hotels under the Fuller Group. Did you really think that no one would know that you are the Young Master of the Fuller Family?” he sneered.

“My stomach has been acting funny lately, so I came to her for help. Don’t you know how good your wife’s cooking is?” Tyler refused to cave under Toby’s line of questioning. However, the moment Tyler’s words came out of his mouth, he seemed to realize that he had said something wrong and quickly corrected himself. “I-I mean your ‘ex-wife’. Toby, I know that you two are divorced, but can’t I come to her place for a meal? Besides, she is the one who invited me in for a meal. It’s not like I forced her to do so.”

Again, the man let out a sarcastic chuckle as he clearly didn’t believe a word Tyler said, so Tyler carefully continued with his words. “Toby, I can see that Sonia is actually a nice person.”

As he hoped that Sonia could come to school and help him out, he tried to put in a few good words for her in front of Toby, but he also believed that she was a good person in his heart. Sometimes, it takes our own eyes to judge whether a person is good or not instead of blindly listening to others.

Upon witnessing Toby’s silence, Tyler summoned the courage to continue speaking, “I heard that her company isn’t doing well lately. Can you please help her? Maybe you could teach her on managing a business whenever you are free. After all, she didn’t ask anything from you as alimony when she divorced you, so her life isn’t going well—” I don’t think I should tell him that Sonia has dated someone online before. After all, who doesn’t have a past?

However, Toby immediately interrupted Tyler. “Does your face still hurt?”

Tyler grazed the inside of his mouth with his tongue and answered, “It was, but once she applied medicine on the wound, the pain subsided.”

“When we return home, I want you to apologize to Mom. Also, you should stop playing basketball and focus on your studies instead.” Toby placed his hand on the car window sill as he wore a grim expression. “When I was sixteen, Dad had already started assigning me to a handful of businesses to deal with. He even asked me to join the company’s management team.”

Upon listening to him, Tyler’s eyes darkened as he wanted to say something. However, Toby didn’t give him a chance to speak and asked, “Do you prefer to study abroad starting from tomorrow?”

Since Tyler lacked the courage to go against his brother, he lowered his head and remained quiet.


At the same time, Sonia didn’t think much about Tyler’s words as she was busy with meetings and paperwork.

She asked her team to arrange a meeting with him to discuss the acquisition of the Continental Co. when Charles had the time to come over to Paradigm Co. After analyzing the means and methods of the takeover, they finally came to an agreement.

If they were able to consolidate the company, Continental Co. would be a compatible asset alongside Paradigm Co. Not to mention, Sonia also had the funds to make her purchase.

However, there were far too many people who wanted to acquire the Continental Co, so the owner was so frustrated that he went abroad for a holiday in December and never returned since. On top of that, he never answered his phone, which made it difficult to get in touch with him.

Sonia tried to get in touch with the owner of the Continental Co. for the past few days through her connections, but to no avail.

She was close to being frustrated with the situation when she received numerous calls from Tyler in the morning, asking her when she would come to his school.

Therefore, she immediately blocked his number.

However, Tyler was able to reach Sonia in the end after using his school’s landline to call, but he didn’t have an arrogant tone. There was instead a hint of plea in his words.“I’ve put in a good word for you when Toby picked me up that night. Can you please help me just this once? I beg you. If you don’t come, my life is completely over.”

While she listened to him, Sonia didn’t know whether to be angry or laugh. As a sixteen-year-old brat, he has his whole life in front of him, but he has now given up just because he can’t play basketball anymore?

She ruthlessly hung up the phone and ignored Tyler. However, once she was done with her work, she suddenly felt sorry for him when she remembered his pleas on the phone. After knowing him for so long, this is the first time I’ve seen him pleading to someone other than his brother.

“President Reed, are you busy?” Rebecca knocked on the open door before she entered. “My granny hasn’t been in good health lately, so I’d like to take a three day leave to visit her.”

Upon listening to Rebecca mentioning her family, Sonia suddenly thought of Rose, whom she had stopped contacting after the divorce from Toby. I wonder whether she is in good health.

“Alright. If the situation is critical, I can also allow you to leave earlier today,” Sonia answered. “You can also stay at home for a few more days if you want to. You can hand me the slip afterward.”

Rebecca’s eyes immediately brightened. “Wow, you really are nice, Sonia. Not only are you beautiful, your heart is also lovely!”

However, she was not in a hurry to leave after she received the slip. Instead, she asked Sonia, “President Reed, I have a poor friend who works three jobs a day. I really want to help him, but I’m afraid of hurting his self-esteem. Can you please help me?”

“How old is he? What is he good at?” Sonia asked. “If he doesn’t know anything, he can also be a security guard here at Paradigm Co. I’ll give him a higher salary.”

Since Rebecca and Charles were alumni of the same university, she was willing to help Rebecca to take care of her friend.

“I’ve already arranged everything. I just need your approval.” Rebecca smiled. “I can ask him to be your driver. You can call him whenever you need to head somewhere and I’ll help to pay for his salary.”

It was true that Sonia needed a driver to transport her around from time to time. “It’s fine. I can pay for his salary. After all, your income isn’t that high.”

“I’m fine with it. I own a house in the city and it can be sold for quite a lot of money. The selling price would be enough to pay him a year’s worth of salary.” Rebecca waved her hands, showing that she was alright with paying him.

Sonia was startled for a moment before she asked, “Is that your only house?”

“I have a few houses as well as a couple of villas.” Rebecca tried to remember. “My mom bought all of it, but I’ve lost count of how many she purchased. Are you looking for a house at the moment? I can sell you a villa for below market value.”

Meanwhile, Sonia was rendered speechless as she rubbed her head.

Moments ago, she was worried that Rebecca’s salary wasn’t high enough, but it so happened that Rebecca was merely gaining experience through her current work. In the end, it was Sonia who was actually the poor one.

Sonia had planned on visiting Tyler’s school later, so she handed over her car keys to Rebecca. Then, Sonia had asked Rebecca’s friend to come to drive her there.

Fifteen minutes later, Rebecca called. “President Reed, he is now waiting for you downstairs. Try to be careful when you’re speaking with him to avoid him knowing that I planned this.”

“I understand.”

After packing her stuff, Sonia left the company and walked straight to her car before opening the door.

“Are you Rebecca’s friend?” While asking him, she turned her head and prepared to tell the driver her destination. However, at the same time, the driver had also turned to look at her with a hint of joy in his narrow eyes.

As the two of them stared at each other, Zane lifted his hand and waved at her. “Hello, President Reed.”

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