This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 44

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 44

Toby slightly moved aside on instinct.

At this moment, the door to the hospital room was pushed open from outside before Jean made her way into the room with a Thermos flask in her hands. She was caught by surprise by the scene in front of her but soon beamed at the lovebirds. “Oh, it looks like I’ve come in at the wrong time. I’m sorry for interrupting. Should I go and wait outside for a moment?” She made a gesture to exit and retreated a few steps.

Meanwhile, Tina’s face flushed red in response to Jean’s words and she quickly released him from her embrace. “You didn’t interrupt anything, Madam White. Come on in!”

“That’s good then. I wouldn’t want to intrude.” Jean carried the flask into the room. “I spoke to your mom on the phone this morning and only found out that you took a fall last night. So, I immediately made you some soup before coming for a visit.”

She then knowingly glanced at Toby. “No wonder there was no news from Toby last night despite him staying out all night long. It was because he was here taking care of you.”

Tina suddenly recalled the text messages sent by Cynthia last night and she couldn’t help feeling a burst of anger. However, Tina managed to hide her emotions well before she gently replied, “Madam White, don’t blame Toby for it. I was quite scared, so I asked him to stay here and take care of me.”

“It’s fine. That’s his duty!” Meanwhile, Jean asked in concern, “Where did you hurt yourself? Does it still hurt?”

“My legs are sore, but the doctor mentioned that it’s fine.”

“Hey, you should be more careful next time. Here, try some of this soup. This is quite nutritious and it’s also good for your complexion.” Jean poured out the soup from the flask and served it to Tina.

Tina accepted it with a smile. “Thanks, Madam White!”

“If you really want to express your gratitude, why don’t you try harder and produce a grandchild for me as soon as possible?” Upon saying that, Jean winked at Tina.

“Madam White…” Tina lowered her head out while feeling bashful and her face flushed bright red.

Not only was she attractive with a soft, gentle voice, but the main point was that her family background was similarly as strong as the Fullers. Therefore, the unification of their families would bring endless benefits for everyone.

Jean was rather keen for Tina to marry Toby as soon as possible since she was quite pleased with such a soft-spoken and wealthy prospective daughter-in-law.

“I’ve been quite taken with you ever since we first met. You have such an irresistible personality!” At the same time, Jean sneered as she brought up Sonia. “You’re the complete opposite of Sonia! She was married to Toby for six years, but no one likes her.”

“I read about her messy dalliances on the news earlier this morning! Gosh! Her dad’s quite a character and now, she’s behaving quite badly. Do you know that she actually recorded a video clip to defame me? If it wasn’t for us taking her in for all these years, perhaps she would be living a life worse than a pauper! Charles doesn’t have a good character, but he’s intelligent at running a business. I really can’t comprehend how Sonia had caught his eyes. If I was his mom, I wouldn’t accept such a daughter-in-law at all!”

Toby stood in silence by Tina’s bedside and listened as Jean had her say. Meanwhile, his brows were furrowed and he felt quite uncomfortable.

Indeed, the Reeds had lost their company, but ever since their marriage, Sonia had never requested anything from him. She had been the perfect, dutiful wife for the past six years in the Fuller Family. According to their helper, Sonia had always gone along with Jean’s words and never spoke back to Jean.

It was Jean who went to create a big fuss at Paradigm Co., but someone who worked there had filmed the scene on video. Although Toby managed to resolve the incident by suppressing the incident, Jean had taken offense and blamed Sonia instead.

What sort of life did she have while living with Mom at home for those six years?! He felt a dull ache in his heart upon realizing that.

“Mom, Sonia and I are divorced. There’s no point bringing her up.” An annoyed Toby interrupted Jean’s incessant chatter. He grabbed his jacket on the chair and added with a cold look, “Since you have so much spare time, why don’t you stay back and accompany Tina? I’ve to attend to work, so I’ll head back to handle them at the office.”

“Okay, fine. Go ahead.” Upon hearing his words, Jean immediately fell silent and didn’t dare to continue her chatter.

Meanwhile, Tina answered in a gentle manner, “Toby, be careful while you’re driving.”


As she watched Toby walking out of the room, the smile on her face gradually disappeared bit by bit.


It was only at around 3:00PM that Sonia finally received the other party’s reply of ‘okay’ after he accepted her payment.

She couldn’t seem to recall how she had hooked up with that guy, but it seemed like he wasn’t the type to persistently disturb someone. In fact, he resembled more of an aloof person. That’s great. I can relax. However, there was one more thing that had aroused her suspicion, so she found Zane’s number on her contact list and dialed it after some deliberation.

He soon answered with a lazy tone, “President Reed, what can I do for you?”

“I know that you’re one of the bosses of Luna Club, so I need a small favor from you.” Sonia tried to recall the bits and pieces that she remembered and mentioned, “Last night, I left the room to throw up in the bathroom and there was a waiter who handed me a bottle of water as he walked past me at the walkway.”

“Huh?” Zane raised his voice. “President Reed, what do you mean by that?”

“After I drank that bottle of water, I don’t seem to have much recollection of what happened next.” She continued, “I know my own alcohol tolerance. Besides, I threw up in the bathroom before that. How could it be possible for me to completely lose consciousness? I suspect that the bottle of water was spiked.”

“What?!”He raised his brows and felt that things had taken an interesting twist.

Toby had just messaged Zane five minutes ago and it was only then that he was made aware of what transpired between Toby and Sonia on the upper floor of the club last night. Furthermore, Zane had used that period of time to delete all the security footage. And now, she came to him about the same thing. Don’t tell me Toby went to extreme measures to win back his ex-wife and placed something into the water?! Did he direct this scene to save a damsel in distress?!

Meanwhile, Sonia was quite perplexed. “Why did you suddenly exclaim?!”

“It’s just that I didn’t expect you would suspect someone of bribing the waiter.” Zane smiled before he continued, “There are security cameras all over the place and our wait staff have undergone stringent background checks before being offered a position.”

“Please just ask that waiter and let me know if you have any news.” Sonia warned him to prevent him from being nosy, “Don’t ask too many questions about what you’re not supposed to know!” She hung up the phone immediately after saying that.

After work, she drove back home to Bayside Residence. As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, she immediately noticed a youth, who was clad in school uniform, sitting cross-legged in front of her doorsteps before her brows tightened. Why is this brat here again?!

Tyler heard the footsteps and he lifted his head to glance at her before hurriedly getting up from the ground. Then, he complained, “What time do you finish work?! It’s already so late. I’ve been sitting in front of your doorstep for almost half an hour!”

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