This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 41

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 41

“Who the hell knows?” Sonia mumbled in a garbled tone.

Toby did not expect to hear these four words from her, which was why a look of surprise flitted across his eyes.

However, when he saw her reddened cheeks and her unfocused gaze, he quickly frowned and removed his tie from her hands. “You’re drunk, Sonia.”

“No, I’m very much awake!” she mumbled and grabbed his tie again. “You look like my ex-husband. Looks like you are up to no good as well!”

He was speechless upon hearing that.

“It’s just that my ex-husband…” She paused and wiggled her fingers. “He can’t do it.”

Toby’s face immediately darkened as his voice became a lot more colder. “Cannot do what?”

“There,” Sonia mumbled as she pointed at his crotch. “We were married for six years, yet he has never kissed me. He never even touched such a pretty girl like me. Doesn’t that prove that he can’t do it?”

Toby was so furious that he laughed.

It was her suggestion to get married and divorced. Unbeknownst to him, she had labeled him this way in her thoughts.

“It’s meaningless,” Sonia suddenly murmured. “Meaningless.”

She turned around and walked away while swaying. “In the future, I want to look for a man who can do it…”

Upon hearing her words, Toby’s face darkened. He quickly walked toward her and swept her off her feet. While holding her in his arms, he walked directly into the elevator and lowered his face to coldly look at her. “Sonia, you will pay a price for your words.”


After Toby had sent Tina home, she chatted with Melody and a few of her own friends on Messenger to be closer to them.

Seeing that it was getting quite late, she assumed that he had finished his work and she sent him three consecutive messages, but he did not reply to her even after a few minutes.

Just as Tina was about to video call him, she received another message.

When she learned that Sonia was also celebrating Charles’ birthday in Luna Club, Tina was worried that Toby would be in the same area as Sonia. Hence, Tina had asked Cynthia to keep an eye on him for her.

Cynthia texted, ‘OMG! Sonia is so shameless! Why doesn’t she just go to hell?’

Tina felt an ominous feeling within her and she quickly asked, ‘What have you seen? Is Toby with her?’

Cynthia replied, ‘Tina, you must be strong… I saw Sonia kissing him first. Then, he brought her upstairs. After looking around the staircase, I quietly followed them and realized they entered a room for a long time without exiting…’

They entered a room for a long time without exiting.

When Tina saw this sentence, she had bitten her lips so harshly that her lower lip started to bleed. The gentle expression on her face slowly became distorted as she lost control of her emotions. I hate Sonia so much that I want to tear her into pieces!

She was the one who replaced Sonia as Maple to meet Toby eight years ago. So what if I’ve done that? It’s her fault anyway! She only treats him as a pen pal and refuses to understand him even more! So, I’m the one who met Toby and fell for him first. He’s mine!

Cynthia sent her another message. ‘I bet President Fuller is being seduced by that b*tch Sonia and he lost his rationale at that moment. I’ll knock on the door to wake him to his senses now.’

However, Tina rejected her approach. ‘No. If you do that, Toby will know that you are following him. I just care about him too much, so I don’t want you to be involved in this matter. You are innocent.’

Cynthia responded, ‘It’s Sonia’s fault, yet you always have to tolerate her. Oh, Tina, you are so kind that I feel sorry for you!’

Tina replied, ‘It’s alright. I believe in Toby and I’ll wait for his explanation once he arrives home. Thanks for everything tonight. You can go back and rest now. And also, apart from the both of us, I don’t want anyone else to hear about this, okay?’

With that, she transferred 200 thousand to Cynthia.

After Cynthia received the money, she quickly acknowledged, ‘Oh, you don’t have to be so polite. We are good friends after all. I’ll just pretend that I was drunk tonight and hadn’t seen anything.’

When she heard Cynthia’s promise, Tina exited the application and called a number with a dark expression on her face.

“Miss Gray,” the voice on the other end answered.

“Have you gotten the thing in the room?” she immediately asked in a gentle voice, but the expression on her face was so distorted that she looked terrifying.

“I have it. It’s pretty exciting, but the money—”

“Money is not a problem. Play some parts for me to hear first.”

Tina soon received an audio file. After quietly listening to the recording, her distorted expression had calmed down quite a lot. She was sending a text message as she walked out of the room.

As soon as she had sent out the message, she stood on the edge of the staircase.

The carpeted staircase was quite pleasant to the eyes, but fear rose within her when she saw its height. I’ve just woken up. Is it worth it to enter the hospital again?

However, as soon as she remembered Cynthia’s message, she recollected that Toby was in a room with Sonia at the club. While looking at the stairs below her, Tina’s determination was reflected in her eyes.

Tina slowly raised her foot and stumbled on the first stair. Then, she rolled down the staircase.

A maid was about to send some desserts to Julia, but moments after arriving on the second floor, the maid was so shocked to find Tina covered in blood that she threw the tray aside.

“Miss Gray!”


The location was in a room on the second floor of Luna Club.

Half an hour later, Sonia curled up on the bed with her fair back exposed, revealing many dark hickeys on it.

Toby forcefully restrained the desire within him and tightened his tie as he turned around to take a cigarette from the night stand and light it up.

He knew that he was usually well in control of his emotions, but she could easily trigger his desire each time. It happened on the day of the divorce, and now…

It was at this moment when the phone on the nightstand lit up.

Toby took it and he saw that the call was from the Gray Family, so he answered, “What’s going on?”

“Where are you, President Fuller?” the maid from the Gray Family asked frantically. “M-Miss Gray accidentally fell from the staircase and she’s being sent to the emergency room now! Mrs. Gray cried so much that she almost fainted. Please come to the hospital now!”

Shock flitted across his eyes before he responded in a low voice, “Don’t panic. Keep Mrs. Gray company. I’ll arrive at the hospital in 15 minutes.”

After he hung up, he quickly wore his clothes.

He stretched out with his hand after he shot a glance at Sonia, who was still fast asleep. Just as he was about to caress her face, he retracted his hand and instead turned around to take pen and paper from the nightstand and wrote a series of numbers on it.

Sonia had deleted all the ways of contacting him after the divorce.

This was his private number with very few friends and he had never even added her to this number.

As soon as Toby entered the elevator, another elevator immediately opened before a tall figure emerged.

The man wore a cap and a face mask that completely shielded his face. Then, he looked through all the room numbers in front of him.

His gaze soon fell on the room that Toby had just exited before he swiped the access card on the magnetic door lock. Then, the man opened the door and walked into the room.

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