This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 40

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 40

“You are going way overboard now, Charles!” Melody commented coldly. “Do you think Tina and the rest of us are blind? Of course we can tell that you are directing your vengeance at her! She only has her strappy camisole left. What else do you want?”

Charles merely shrugged with a confused expression. “I won. So, she should remove her clothes, shouldn’t she? Since when have I gone overboard? Well, you can also help her out by taking off your clothes!”

Upon hearing that, she was speechless. As the heater was causing the room to be extremely warm, she had only worn a spaghetti strapped long dress.

Of course, she would not embarrass herself just to help Tina out.

“We should end things here since it’s already quite late.” Toby walked over to Tina and wrapped his coat around her.

Before Charles could say anything, Toby added indifferently, “I’ll ask my accountant to transfer 30 million to you tomorrow morning. The Fuller Group will withdraw its acquisition of Snoway and I will ask my team to assist you in acquiring the company instead.”

Since Charles had already embarrassed Tina and with Toby taking a step back, he felt that it was a good opportunity for him to stop his taunts. “At the age of ten when Sonia played poker with her father, even he lost to her, let alone me.” He extinguished his cigarette in the ashtray before he slowly stood up. “When you guys were playing with her earlier, although it seemed like you had won, it was just that she did not want to play with you.”

When his shoulders brushed past Toby’s body, Charles shot a glance at him and snorted. “It seems like she really doesn’t want to be with you anymore. Otherwise, even if Tina is ten times better at the game, she will also lose to Sonia.”

Upon hearing that, Toby recalled Sonia’s peaceful expression when she was having her tattoo removed. Then, his eyes darkened. So, she actually knows how to play poker.


Meanwhile, Sonia and Rebecca had just ordered snacks and finished singing a few songs in the private room when Charles returned.

Rebecca quickly walked to him to ask about what had happened. When she heard that Tina had stripped to the point of being nude, she felt vindictive. “If Toby wasn’t around, she probably would have walked out of the club naked tonight!”

“I know, right?” He let out another snort. “An eye for an eye! No matter how she bullies my baby, I’ll return the favor a few more times!”

“Thanks.” Sonia smiled and gave Charles a toast.

He did not ask why she had allowed the rest of them to bully her in the poker room earlier. Instead, he stretched out with his hand and yanked her into his embrace as he teased, “We have already slept on the same bed for a long time. Why are you still thanking me?”

“Whoa!” Rebecca looked at them with widened eyes. “Is it true?”

“Of course it’s true—”

“If you destroy my reputation any further, I’m going to slap you.” Sonia gave Charles a hard kick before she explained to Rebecca, “When we were younger, his parents were usually not at home, so he always came to my place for food. He even slept there without compensating us. Don’t you think that he’s taken it quite far?”

Upon hearing that, Rebecca immediately looked at him in disdain. “Ah, I see. It turns out that he is just thick skinned.”

They had joked around without realizing that there was a small voice recorder taped under the table, which recorded their entire conversation.

Charles’ friends soon arrived one after another, which gave the room loads of vigor and laughter.

Sonia did not like a huge crowd. On top of that, she was in a bad mood and merely sat in the corner while drinking some wine. After some time, she saw Charles and his friends playing games that involved drinking and joined them.

Even though she lost in those games, she still felt jubilant as she poured a mixture of red and white wine into her mouth.

After a few rounds of doing so, she felt quite dizzy.

“I’m going out to take a breather. You guys should carry on without me.” As she felt that she could no longer continue with the games, Sonia informed Charles before she walked out of the room.

She merely wanted to head to the balcony to enjoy the breeze. However, as she had drank too much in the room earlier, she felt even more nauseous when the cold wind blew at her face.

Sonia covered her lips and quickly ran to the washroom.

It was after she threw up that she felt much more comfortable. She splashed her face with cold water before she looked at herself in the mirror. How pathetic and pitiful. I hope this is the last time I allow myself to be drunk.

As she walked out of the washroom, she headed to the balcony again. At this moment, a waiter passed her by with a tray in his hands.

When he saw that her cheeks were reddened and that she still looked drunk, he passed her a bottle of water that was on his tray. “Miss, you will feel better after drinking some water.”

“Thank you.” Sonia took the bottle from him and immediately opened the cap to drink it.

A huge hand then suddenly pinched her bottom before a breathy whisper landed in her ears. “Beautiful girl, your figure is alluring. What’s your price?”

“Let me go!” she coldly replied with the intention to crush the person’s hands.

However, as she had just finished throwing up, she did not have much energy left. Apart from that, she was also quite dizzy, which made it easier for him to hug her and yank her toward the elevator.

“Don’t worry. I have lots of money. I can pay you any amount of money that you want,” the man said with a snicker.

Sonia had no idea why she couldn’t stop her body from softening. She bit her tongue in an attempt to wake herself up and she stomped on his shoes with her pair of high heels. When he released her in pain, she quickly fled the scene while placing her hand on the walls for support.

However, as soon as she ran outside, the man chased after her and pulled her hair in annoyance. “I’ve already told you that I’m going to give you some money. Don’t take it for granted—”

At this moment, another hand suddenly pinched his wrist hard.

“Ahhhh!” He let out a loud scream, feeling as though his wrist was about to break. “Who the hell are you? How dare you touch me!”

Even though the man was cursing, he immediately fell silent as soon as he met the other person’s cold pair of eyes. “P-President Fuller…”

“My pleasure.” When Toby saw the long strands of hair in the man’s hands, his gaze darkened even further. He applied more force and immediately crushed the man’s wrist.

With an indifferent tone, Toby asked, “I wonder what business you have with my ex-wife, President Mills.”

President Mills did not dare to even grunt. Beads of sweat formed on his head as he suppressed his urge to yell aloud and instead bowed to apologize to Toby. “I’m sorry, President Fuller. I didn’t look properly as I thought she was one of the employees of the club. I didn’t know that she is your ex-wife—”

Toby released him and called for a waiter. “President Mills is drunk. Arrange for a car to send him back,” he ordered.

Upon seeing that Toby decided to let the matter slide, President Mills heaved a sigh of relief. However, at this moment, Toby added, “His eyes are not working well. Arrange an optometrist at the hospital to do an eye checkup on him.”

President Mills was speechless when he heard that.

After President Mills had followed the waiter out, Toby shot a glance at Sonia, who was still holding onto the wall for support. Her hair was in a mess and she could not even stand straight. It was obvious that she had drunk a lot.

He still remembered what Charles had told him earlier.

Toby walked to Sonia in large strides and he pulled her arms to lift her up on her feet. “Sonia, what are you implying?” He was quite strong as he held her weak waist, but his tone was indifferent. “You know how to play poker, yet you deliberately lost the game?”

“It’s none of your business!” she answered sarcastically. She wanted to shove his hands away, but she was so dizzy that she almost landed in his embrace.

She managed to force herself to stand straight. When she raised her head, she saw a blurred face with a pair of deep, profound eyes that looked at her fixedly.

“None of my business? Is that what you just said, Sonia?”

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