This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 39

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 39

Sonia was already in a bad mood, but she had never expected that Carl would send her a gift even though he was in Palmont.

Receiving the present had relieved her of her negative emotions.

After she replied to his message, she wore the ring on her ring finger to cover the marks of her previous wedding ring.

When Toby saw Sonia’s cheerful smile, the expression in his eyes immediately sank.

Cynthia had never expected someone to present Sonia with such an expensive gift, which made her annoyed and jealous. She suddenly remembered something and intentionally asked in a loud voice, “Miss Reed, didn’t you say that your boyfriend is Charles? You also used his name to enter this club. On the other hand, Mr. Lee is the male model who was involved in some rumors with you, right? I bet you guys are more than just friends for him to send you such an expensive gift.” She snorted coldly before she added, “I even heard rumors that you might have another man, which is why you wanted to divorce President Fuller. I didn’t believe it at first, but now it seems like the rumors are true!”

Sonia merely gave a cold laugh. As for the reasons for wanting a divorce from Toby—even if others don’t know it, I bet he knows.

She looked at Toby with the expectation that he would clarify things for her, but he merely sat there with Tina in his arms and a cold look in his eyes without moving. Well, didn’t I see everything earlier? What am I expecting?

When the tattoo on Sonia’s waist was completely removed, the slight fire within her was completely extinguished.

“Miss Reed, say something!” Cynthia continued to force her. “Does Charles know about Mr. Lee’s present? Does he know that you are cheating on him?”

“It’s a beautiful room, but why is there a sparrow here?” At this moment, Charles’ voice rang in the room. Right after he asked that question, he walked into the room with a black shirt and a disdainful expression on his face. “This sparrow is noisy and annoying. I wish I could cut her tongue and make her shut the hell up.”

His vicious words had stunned Cynthia’s tongue into silence as she subconsciously staggered backward by a few steps.

As Charles stood right in front of her and appraised her from head to toe, he clucked his tongue. “Why are you retreating? Are you scared? Do you think you’re that sparrow?”

“N-No,” she stammered.

“I think you are. You sound like the sparrow I’m talking about.” With that, he pulled her hair and slammed her head into the table where they had played poker earlier. Then, he asked casually, “Who’s free to pass me a knife?”

Rebecca immediately snatched the knife from the fruit platter and passed it to Charles while she cared to comment, “This knife is extremely sharp. Be careful not to hurt yourself.”

Cynthia’s legs trembled and she immediately burst into tears. “T-Tina… Melody…”

However, the entire room fell into extreme silence as no one actually spoke up for her. Tina had grabbed Toby’s sleeves and wanted to stand up in anger. However, he pressed her down and signaled for her to sit down.

He wanted to see how far Charles was willing to go to take revenge for Sonia.

“Why? Have you all become mute?” Charles looked around his surroundings and was rather surprised to see even Tina and Toby there. With a cold snort, he turned around to look at Rebecca, who had passed him the knife. “Tell me, did they bully my baby just now?”

“It’s not just bullying!” She immediately rushed over and spilled the beans.

Upon listening to Rebecca’s explanation, Charles shot a glance at Toby and snorted coldly for the second time. Then, he pushed Cynthia aside before he advised Sonia, “Why don’t you head to our room first? Once I’ve sorted out the matters here, I’ll head over.”

“It’s okay. Let’s go.” Sonia grabbed Charles’ arm as she didn’t want him to have a grudge with the Stryder Family because of her. “Celebrating your birthday is more important.”

However, her movement was reflected in Toby’s eyes, which made his gaze even deeper.

“That won’t do. You are being bullied here. As your childhood friend, I can’t simply stand aside and watch.” Charles waved at Rebecca to ask her to bring Sonia away. “I’ll just teach them a lesson. I won’t hurt them.”

“Let’s go, President Reed. Charles will know what to do.” With that, she yanked Sonia out of the room.

He quickly walked to the poker table and found a place to sit down. “Let’s play a few more rounds. You can choose three people whom you like to play the game with.”

Then, he lowered his head and took a puff from his cigarette before he casually added, “If any of you wins, I will give you 10 million. On top of that, I will kneel before you and address you as ‘my lord’. If I win against you all, you just have to remove your clothes and leave the room in that manner.”

Compared to Charles’ bet, it was nothing for them to remove their clothes. His proposition had caused the rest of the women in the room to be slightly moved. If we win, we would get 10 million!

After being annoyed by his arrogant attitude, Melody walked over in large strides after gritting her teeth. Then, she pulled the chair to his right and sat down as she laughed coldly. “Charles, I’ll be waiting for you to call me your lord!”

Charles playfully leaned against his chair. “Sure. Who else is in? Let’s start soon. After that, I’m heading over to accompany my baby.”

After all, she was there. If she did not say anything, the rest did not dare to make a move even though they wanted to join.

Melody chose a few other women who were good at poker before she looked at Tina.

Even though Melody had said nothing, Tina understood her implicit words.

“Toby, Mr. Lane is going overboard. Why don’t you help us out?” Tina asked softly. She knew that Toby was good at poker and that Charles might not be able to win against him.

However, Toby merely sat there without moving. He then responded in a low voice, “I still have some emails to settle. You can go ahead to play with him.”

She did not expect that he would reject her. Even though her body froze in that instant, she quickly smiled. “Alright. Wait for me for a while more then.”

Charles did not feel pressured when he played poker with the three other women. He had played the game aggressively and ruthlessly.

Before they wrapped up the last round, he impatiently knocked on the table. “Are you guys idiots? You are so slow at playing the game. Could you be faster?”

His words made their faces blush red in anger.

Tina had made a self proclamation that her skills in poker were excellent. She thought that with the three of them against Charles, one of them would at least win. Unexpectedly, no matter what she played, he had followed suit and was aiming at her.

Before they could even finish the game, Tina had already taken most of her clothes with only her strappy white camisole remaining.

“I win!” He revealed his cards again.

Tina secretly gritted her teeth. She could tell that he was aiming at her to avenge Sonia.

After Charles flicked away the ashes from his cigarette, he prompted her, “What are you waiting for, Miss Gray? Take your clothes off!”

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