This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 38

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 38

The man wore a black coat that accentuated his attraction. However, because of his naturally cold attitude and his distant gaze, it made people unable to get closer to him.

When Sonia’s eyes rested on his face, her heart could not help but skip a beat and she naturally lowered her head.

She did not expect that even after being divorced from him for such a long time, he still had an effect on her.

“President Fuller, you’ve arrived.” Even though Cynthia had been annoyed by Rebecca, Cynthia immediately greeted Toby with a smile when she saw him. “I heard from Tina that you are inundated with work. Are you here to pick her up?”

He hummed politely as a reply. When his gaze flitted past Sonia, he frowned in unhappiness. Has this woman forgotten about the lesson she learned at Sakura Heights?

When Zane called him half an hour ago and told him that Sonia and Tina were playing poker together in a room in Luna Club, Toby did not believe him. He knew that Sonia was quite bad at cards and thought that she would not be that silly to play with Tina.

Knowing that Toby might not believe him, Zane even sent a picture. It was only until Toby received the photographic evidence that he drove to the club.

He immediately walked to Tina and his tone softened when he saw her looking frail. “Didn’t you say in the afternoon you were coughing? Why are you here to play poker?”

She gave him a slight smile. “It’s just a slight cough. Don’t worry about it. On top of that, Melody is in Seafield, so I want to show her around.”

Toby knew about the Stryder Family in Norfolk and he was acquainted with Master Stryder.

Toby removed his scarf and wrapped it around Tina. Even though it was a tiny movement, it was enough to make the women around them gush.

Cynthia commented, “My, oh my, President Fuller. We all know that you care about Tina a lot, but the heater here is switched on. You’re just trying to show off your love for Tina in front of us.”

Upon hearing Cynthia’s teases, Tina blushed and she glared. “If you say one more word of nonsense, get out of here.”

“Alright. I won’t say anymore.”

When Sonia saw Toby carefully wrapping the scarf around Tina and him passing a warm drink the moment he sat next to Tina, their intimate behavior had caused Sonia’s eyes to hurt.

She had deliberately walked into Tina’s trap to punish her into leaving Toby and never returning to Seafield, but he had appeared.

After seeing how affectionate he had treated Tina, Sonia no longer had the desire to continue the battle.

Toby shot a glance at Tina’s cards and said coolly, “Miss Reed is not good at playing poker. Let’s forget it after this round. You guys won’t have much fun playing with a beginner like her too. I’ll play a few rounds with you instead.”

The smile on Tina’s face froze before she gently responded, “Okay.”

On the other hand, Cynthia continued to glance at Sonia’s deck of cards and realized that Sonia had a good chance of winning the round. As Cynthia was slightly worried, she was about to inform Tina when Sonia separated her set and placed a card out.

Upon seeing that, Tina was elated and she slowly revealed her cards as well. “Thank you, Miss Reed.”

“Wow! You are amazing, Tina! I can’t believe you have a royal flush!” Cynthia exclaimed agitatedly after seeing Tina’s cards.

“Sonia, Tina has already won three rounds. You have to concede defeat.” With a cold laugh, Melody pressed a button to ask the waiter to come into the room. Then, she passed him a stack of money. “Ask a tattoo artist to come here as soon as possible.”

“Alright. Please wait for a moment.”

When Toby saw all these, he slightly frowned and asked Tina, “What is going on?”

“I heard from Tyler that Miss Reed has a tattoo bearing the abbreviation of your name…“ Tina explained in a low voice after biting her lips. “Apart from that, she even insisted on betting with me. She said that if she lost the bet, she would remove the tattoo.”

Rebecca rested her chin on her hand while looking at Tina. “Miss Gray, you are the one who ran into President Reed at the restaurant’s entrance and asked whether she had a tattoo on her waist bearing the initials ‘TF’. You were also the one who asked her to bet with you over a round of poker. And now, you’re saying that President Reed wanted to bet with you? Oh, how good you are with words!”

“Don’t be sarcastic!” Since Cynthia had support, she roared at Rebecca. “Tina doesn’t want her boyfriend’s name to be tattooed on another woman’s body. What’s wrong with that?”

“She merely asked whether Sonia wanted to play poker with her. It’s not like Tina aimed a gun at Sonia’s head to force her to agree.”

“That’s right. No one forced Sonia. She agreed to the bet on her own.”

Upon hearing that, Rebecca was speechless.

Apart from Rebecca, the three other women in the room were Tina’s friends, so it was natural that they would support her and side with Cynthia’s words.

Just as the group of women argued among themselves, the tattoo artist arrived with a box of tools.

“Enough.” Sonia stopped Rebecca from arguing further and calmly spoke to Tina. “Since I’ve lost this round, I’m willing to concede defeat.”

Sonia leaned on a nearby couch and she yanked the edge of her sweater up to reveal her fair and skinny waist with the words ‘TF’ on it.

The tattoo artist quickly carried out the procedure to remove the tattoo from her body.

When Toby saw her silently lying on the couch and allowing the tattoo artist to work on her body, he frowned when he saw the tattoo and felt annoyed for no apparent reason.

He recalled that when he previously communicated with Maple via correspondence, she had revealed that her favorite actor tattooed his late wife’s name and hobbies on his body. By doing so, he would be able to see her everyday, as if she was physically there with him.

Maple once said that she would not do it because she was afraid of the pain, but she also added that she could tolerate having a tattoo of her beloved on her body so that he would be with her all the time.

At this moment, Toby suddenly asked Tina, “When we were writing to each other, what tattoo did you say you had?”

“We have too many letters to each other and since it was such a long time ago, I can’t remember anymore.” She shook her head and held his arms as she lifted her head to ask, “Toby, have I… done something wrong by asking Miss Reed to remove her tattoo?”

Tina’s voice broke as tears swam in her eyes, making Toby unable to reprimand her. Instead, he stroked her hair with his huge palms.

“You did not make a mistake.”

“Okay.” She smiled slightly and leaned her head against his arms.

She was elated that after Toby left earlier that morning, she immediately took the letters from the drawer and burned them so that his pen pal, Maple, would no longer be on his mind.

When she saw Sonia frowning due to the pain from the tattoo removal, Tina felt incredibly overjoyed. Sonia still lost to me!

Cynthia stood there with her arms crossed. It was not enough for her to watch the process as she even insulted, “Tina gave you an opportunity to back out earlier, yet you didn’t want it and continued playing. Miss Reed, if you don’t know poker, please learn the game once you have arrived home. Sometimes, if you force yourself to do something, you will only suffer!”

The other women also chuckled in a low voice as they looked at Sonia gleefully.

Sonia had been controlling herself since it hurt to remove the tattoo. Her forehead was glistening with a film of sweat and she no longer had the energy to reply to Cynthia’s remarks.

The moment that the process was almost completed, a waiter of the club walked to them and asked politely, “May I know who Miss Sonia Reed is?”

“I am.” Sonia looked at him. “What’s the matter?”

He handed a small bag to her. “This is given to you by a gentleman with the last name of Lee.”


In order to divert her attention so that she would not feel much pain, Sonia immediately opened the bag and removed a little box that had blue satin wrapped around a small ring.

It was a diamond-shaped ring. Although it was small and exquisite, it still glimmered under the lights.

“This is the work of the famous designer, K.” As soon as Rebecca saw the ring, she immediately recognized it. “I heard that K made it with his own hands and it’s worth more than four million when it was auctioned in Avalon Isle.”

“It’s just like the Ocean’s Heart—the only jewellery in the world where it’s priceless.”

“It’s so beautiful!”

The women looked at the ring on Sonia’s hand with passion and they longed to wear it to post a picture online to show off.

At this moment, Sonia received two new messages from Carl.

‘Charles told me that today is his birthday and you are going to celebrate with him tonight. When I sent a present to him, I actually sent a gift to you as well. Do you like it, Sonia?’

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