This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 37

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 37

Rebecca soon returned to the room.

Before she even saw Sonia’s cards, Rebecca could already guess what had transpired just by the ‘gentle’ smile on Tina’s face. Sonia must have suffered a harsh defeat when I was away.

Rebecca went to sit next to Sonia and shot a glance at the cards in Sonia’s hands. Again, they were not quite useful. Then, she asked in a low voice, “President Reed, the woman opposite of you is not any other woman. She’s your ex-husband’s lover. Are you really going to be defeated by her like this?”

“No worries. I just have to win three rounds out of five.” Sonia smiled. Since she sat down to play poker with them, she looked as peaceful as ever.

While she replied to Rebecca, she played yet another card.

“Game.” Tina placed her card down with a brighter smile on her face.

Rebecca was speechless to hear that.

“President Reed, you have already lost two rounds to Tina. I think there’s no need to continue,” Tina’s friend said pompously. “Tina is not a petty person. As long as you apologize to her, we will hire the best tattoo artist to remove the tattoo from your body.”

Tina raised her head slightly as she looked at Sonia. It looked as though she was waiting for Sonia to concede defeat. “Would you like to continue, Miss Reed?” she asked in a gentle yet peaceful tone.

“Of course.” Sonia shuffled the cards again without a change in her expression. “We said that we could play five rounds.”

Tina’s friend rolled her eyes at Sonia and she rudely spoke, “We are giving you an opportunity, yet you are not treasuring it and pointing the gun at yourself. Tina is so good at poker that I think you would never win against her.”

“That’s enough.” Tina stopped her friend, but she looked at Sonia vindictively. “Since Miss Reed would like to continue with the game, I will follow her wishes then.”

They soon started a new round.

Since the occupants in the room were only women, the spectators did not merely watch the game. While they snacked on the tidbits, they chatted with each other.

Tina’s friend was called Cynthia Stone. On Cynthia’s right was Sonia while Melody was seated on Cynthia’s left.

Cynthia was not just watching the game as she even peeled an orange and passed it to Melody ingratiatingly. “Melody, how long are you going to stay in Seafield this time? Are you planning to spend the new year here?”

“I will return to Norfolk after the new year.” Melody threw her cards on the table loudly. With a frown, she added, “Peter Southfield wants to have a divorce. He’s back here to look for a lawyer.”

Cynthia was shocked to hear this piece of news and carefully skirted around the topic. “Back then, didn’t the Southfield Family beg your grandfather to betroth you to him? They used your family name to accomplish many things. How could he even dare to divorce you?

“Well, it’s because—” Melody suddenly remembered something and stopped elaborating halfway through the sentence. Then, she merely gave a cold smile. “I’m not someone he can easily marry and divorce! I want to see which lawyer in Seafield is willing to take this case!”

Sonia merely listened to them in the silence as she lowered her eyes.

She did not know much of the Southfield Family in Seafield. She was only aware that they were quite influential in this city with almost as much authority as the Stryder Family in Norfolk.

Melody had the guts to be arrogant only because of her powerful background and her grandfather, who was a minister, supporting her. Even if she was married to the Southfield Family that was of equal standing to her family, it was the Southfield Family that was not good enough for them.

If the Reed Family did not encounter that tragic accident which claimed the lives of all its members when Sonia married Toby, Jean would have had to respect her today.

Not to mention, Sonia wouldn’t have suffered such a shameful defeat in her marriage.

She was lost in her thoughts as she thought about the past. At this moment, she suddenly heard Cynthia saying, “Tina will be engaged to President Fuller on New Year’s Eve and she’s planning to invite us to her place for dinner. Since you will still be in Seafield at that time, we will have a celebration together.”

“Oh?” Melody was quite shocked to hear that. “I heard that she was already engaged to him. Why are they doing that again?”

“Well, that was the initial plan, but someone stole Tina’s engagement necklace. What disgusting behavior!” Cynthia responded pointedly and shot a glance at Sonia as she raised her voice. “That won’t happen again. President Fuller said that he has only invited a few friends to the Fuller Residence for dinner. Apart from that, the wedding will take place on Valentine’s Day next year!”

“Getting married on Valentine’s Day?” Melody asked Tina. “Is that true?”

Tina hummed in agreement before she gave a gentle smile. “I’ve been in a coma for six years. Toby thinks that we have already delayed it for quite a long time, so he wants to get married soon. The designers have started to design the wedding dress, but we haven’t selected a ring.”

“He even hired someone to specially design the wedding dress for you? Tina, he loves you so much!” Cynthia said in an exaggerated manner to suck up to her.

Upon seeing that Sonia had lowered her head without speaking as though she wanted to pretend Cynthia wasn’t there, Cynthia pretended to curiously ask, “Miss Reed, I heard that the wedding dress you had when you married President Fuller was plain and ugly. You even wore an evening gown instead of a wedding dress. Is it true?”

Sonia remained quiet upon hearing that.

“How could you just wear an evening gown to your wedding? That’s so unlucky! Is it because President Fuller refused to buy a wedding dress for you?”

She continued to remain silent.

Upon seeing Sonia’s silence, Cynthia’s voice became even sharper. She even nudged Sonia as she asked, “Why aren’t you saying anything, Miss Reed?”

“How did you know that President Reed didn’t wear a wedding dress when she got married? Have you personally attended her wedding?” Rebecca could no longer tolerate Sonia being bullied further. “Apart from that, there’s something wrong with your words.”

Cynthia snorted coldly. “She just didn’t have a wedding dress for her wedding. Can’t I talk about it? Apart from that, what’s wrong with what I’ve just said?”

“Everyone knows that President Reed and President Fuller used to be husband and wife. You bragging about it is just implicitly comparing Miss Gray’s husband to second hand goods,” Rebecca softly answered with fake innocence.

The moment she said those words, she even shot a glance at Tina. “Don’t you think so, Miss Gray?”

Cynthia did not expect Rebecca to be extremely sharp with her words. When Cynthia saw the smile fading from Tina’s face, she panicked. “Tina, that’s not what I meant. I never thought of President Fuller as your second hand husband.”

Rebecca burst out in laughter after she heard that and used her hand to cover her red lips. “You said that you didn’t mean that, but you keep talking about President Fuller as if he’s a second hand product. What exactly do you mean?”

Cynthia was so furious that she was at a loss for words.

Sonia was quite depressed while she faced Cynthia’s taunts and just wanted to ignore her. It was unexpected that Rebecca would stand up for Sonia.

Sonia’s red lips twitched upward. Just as she was about to speak, she saw the door of the private room being pushed open by a tall figure who quickly entered.

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