This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 35

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 35

Although Tina was speaking in a gentle tone, she was openly taunting Sonia.

Sonia merely arched her eyebrows before she graciously smiled. “Since you said it first, it’s alright. You can go ahead to purchase it.”

Tina never expected that Sonia would not even compete with her and gave her the watch instead. As a result, Tina did not return to her senses in that instant.

“Tina, it seems like Sonia doesn’t dare to offend you.” Tina’s friend leaned toward her and boasted. “She doesn’t have any support after she divorced Toby. Her company is on the brink of bankruptcy, which is why she won’t dare to take anything from you.”

Indeed. Now, Sonia has nothing apart from a broken company.

After hearing her friend’s words, Tina felt relieved. She took the watch and handed it to the saleswoman with her credit card. “I’ll pay by card. Please wrap it for me.”

However, the saleswoman did not accept Tina’s card and she instead asked tentatively, “Miss, are you one of our VVIP customers?”

“No.” Tina frowned while looking slightly displeased at this moment. “You mean to say that I can’t even pay by card to buy this lousy watch?”

“You can buy any other watches in our store using a card, but not for this series.” The saleswoman looked conflicted. “Only the VVIP customers, who have spent six million in our store for the past two years, can buy it.”

Tina was speechless upon hearing that.

“She’s just a saleswoman who sells watches. I wonder where her arrogance comes from!” Tina’s friend exclaimed in annoyance. “I want to speak to your manager! How ludicrous! We can’t even buy a watch here?”

The saleswoman explained, “The watches in this series have restrictions. It won’t change anything even if our manager is here.”

“Alright, I understand that we are not able to buy it, but what about this woman?”

“Well, Miss Reed is able to buy it,” she replied. “She became our VVIP customer three years ago as she has spent enough money here.”

Once again, upon hearing those words, Tina was at a loss of words again.

When she heard what the saleswoman said, she spent a lot of effort maintaining the gentle and calm composure on her face.

Sonia had enough of the drama and took the watch from Tina’s hand before she passed it to the saleswoman. “Since you are not able to buy it, Miss Gray, I’ll take it instead.”


In a short moment, she took the receipt and the wrapped watch back with her.

Sonia said her thanks, but she paused next to Tina just as she was about to leave and apologized, “Miss Gray, there are some things that you can’t buy even if I give the opportunity to you.”

When Tina heard Sonia’s words, it felt like a slap to her face and she even felt her cheeks burning.

As she glanced at Sonia’s leaving figure, Tina recalled what Tyler had said when he accidentally called her during last night. Her gaze then slowly darkened. Why is she always after what I want?


Sonia was in a great mood after witnessing the drama. When she took the elevator to the basement parking lot, she saw a familiar face.

“President Reed.”

She quickly recognized the tall and slender woman in front of her. “Rebecca Harper?”

Rebecca was Charles’ ex-classmate. She was initially about to work for his company, but when he learned that Sonia did not have any support in Paradigm Co,, he asked Rebecca to help Sonia out.

Even though Sonia had been recently busy, she knew that Rebecca worked at the finance department as an accountant and she was rather careful at the job.

“There are many employees in the company, so I’m quite surprised that you remember me.” Rebecca smiled as she held a cake in her hand. “There’s a dessert store here that serves tasty desserts. I’m on my off day today, so I’m here to buy some desserts. What about you, President Reed? Are you here to buy some clothes?”

“It’s Charles’ birthday today, so I’m here to buy some presents for him.” Sonia shook the bag in her hand. “Do you have any plans tonight?”

“No. I just plan to head home and watch a few movies on the couch.”

“Why don’t you join our celebration? The more the merrier. Since you are his ex-classmate, we are all familiar with each other,” Sonia responded.

“Since you have invited me, I’ll gladly join you, President Reed!” Rebecca did not reject Sonia and pressed the button on the elevator to head down. “Let’s go to the second floor then. I’m going to buy a lighter for him. After all, I can’t attend his birthday celebration empty handed.”

Rebecca had the looks of an innocent girl. She was fair, slender and exceptionally beautiful, but she was a chatterbox at the same time. Once she started speaking, it was difficult for her to stop, so she became loquacious.

This was the first time that Sonia had met someone even more talkative than Charles, so she felt quite exasperated about it.

Just as she was about to bring Rebecca to Luna Club, Charles gave her a ring. “My grandmother has insisted on spending the night with me and wants me to return home to have dinner together. Argh! I guess I’ll only arrive at Luna Club by around 10:00PM.”

“Sure. We’ll have dinner first before we’ll wait for you in the private room there.” After she hung up the call, she brought Rebecca for dinner.

Once they found a spot, Rebecca looked around before asking Sonia, “President Reed, I heard that you need to inform Luna Club your salary range before you could enter. Is that true?”

“Yeah, so I booked the place under Charles’ name.”

“Why didn’t you use President Fuller’s name? Aren’t you guys married? It is probably more convenient to just use his card,” Rebecca asked curiously.

Sonia’s expression did not change much, but she asked indifferently, “How did you know that we are married to each other?”

“Everyone knows that. It’s not a secret after all.” Rebecca shrugged. “However, I’m curious—you are his wife and Paradigm Co. has not been doing well lately. Why didn’t President Fuller help you out?”

After many years of marriage, he didn’t even look at me, let alone help me. “He has way too many things on his hands, so he’s rather busy.” Sonia lowered her head to look at the cup of tea in her hands. “I’ve already divorced him a few weeks ago, so I’m no longer his wife.”

Upon hearing that, a shocked Rebecca exclaimed, “Oh! I see.”

She quickly saw that talking about this topic had rendered Sonia in a terrible mood, so she lifted her cup of tea and toasted Sonia. “Congratulations for becoming single again, President Reed! It’s great to be single—we don’t have so much to worry about. It’s an amazing thing! If you want to remarry, you can consider Charles! Since you guys grew up together and he takes good care of you, you guys are beyond compatible!”

Sonia smiled after she heard Rebecca’s jokes as it helped to lift her mood quite a bit.

When dinner was over, she chatted with Rebecca while they walked around the place. She planned to head to the private room to start the karaoke while waiting for Charles to arrive.

Just as Sonia and Rebecca walked out of the restaurant, they met a few women.

Sonia was about to make way for those women, but she did not expect that Tina and her friend, whom she saw at the watch store in the afternoon, were among them.

Upon seeing this, she was stunned.

As Tina did not expect to see Sonia twice in a day, she almost failed to maintain her composure.

“Miss Reed.” This time around, she forcefully spoke through gritted teeth. “I heard that Paradigm Co. isn’t doing quite well recently. You’d need to reveal your salary here.”

Sonia merely gave a slight smile. “Yeah, I know. I’m using my boyfriend’s card. Do you have anything else to say about that, Miss Gray?”

Tina’s pink lips were pressed together in a firm line, but she soon recalled something and answered gently, “I’m about to play some card games with my friends and we are one person short. It’s good that we met here. Since we are all acquainted with each other, let’s play a few rounds together.”

With that, she introduced Sonia to her friends. “Meet Sonia Reed, the vice-president of Paradigm Co.”

As Tina spoke respectfully to the woman next to her and even lowered her stance in a slightly ingratiating way, it made Sonia take a second look at the woman, who wore a beautiful black dress. It made the woman stand out and overpower her peers with just her looks.

“Who is this Miss Gray? Why is she so defensive toward you?” Rebecca inched closer to Sonia and asked quietly.

“My ex-husband’s lover.”

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