This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 33

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 33

Sonia quickly pulled down the sleeves of her sweater to cover the wordings of her tattoo before she opened the door. She was surprised when she saw Toby and Tina standing right outside the door because she never expected them to come.

Toby wore a black suit while next to him was Tina, who wore a champagne-colored evening gown that made her look fair and beautiful. Both of them looked compatible with each other when they stood together.

When he saw Sonia’s messy hair and pink cheeks, he immediately became colder and asked her in a low voice, “Where’s Tyler?”

“How did you know he’s at my place?” she asked him as a reply. “You even know where I live. Have you been following me?”

Tina took a step forward and answered in a gentle voice, “Miss Reed, you’ve gotten the wrong idea. Toby and his parents were having dinner with my family tonight. When he saw that Tyler was not at the hotel and he couldn’t be contacted by phone, he checked Tyler’s phone location. Then, we asked the security for your door number.”

Sonia gave a lazy yet attractive smile. “I see. And here I thought President Fuller is unable to forget about me after the divorce and keeps following me around.”

Tina’s smile froze, but she quickly responded in a gentle manner, “We are here to pick Tyler up. Can you ask him to come out quickly?”

Sonia turned around to yell into the house, “Tyler, your brother and your sister-in-law are here. I’m not the one who told them about your location. Your brother is the one who installed location services on your phone and found you from there.”

When Tyler saw his brother, his shoulders slumped in a slightly lazy manner as he slowly walked out of the house with his bag.

When the three of them were about to leave, she called after them, “President Fuller, your brother used my medicine and ate two bowls of beef noodles at my place. Aren’t you planning to pay for it?”

Tyler replied angrily, “How much does two bowls of beef noodles cost? Since when have you been so stingy?”

“Well, beef is quite expensive now. Apart from that, we are not related to each other anymore. So why would I allow you to eat for free here?”

He was speechless upon hearing that.

Meanwhile, Toby took out five pieces of cash and passed them to Sonia with an indifferent expression on his face. “Is this enough?”

“Yes. Thank you, President Fuller. Have a nice journey back home.” After receiving the money, she closed the door immediately without a second glance at them.

The three of them then took the elevator down. After they entered the car, Toby finally asked Tyler, “Why didn’t you head to the hotel and instead come to Sonia’s place? What’s going on with the injuries on your face?”

Tyler was feeling rather defeated in front of his brother. Upon hearing Toby’s questions, he immediately and truthfully replied, “I had a fight with my classmates. I know that you were having dinner with Tina’s family and I thought that it’s not a good idea to go to dinner while looking like this. So, I asked sis—I mean, Sonia—to bail me out and had dinner at her place instead.”

When Tina heard that Tyler still referred to Sonia as his sister-in-law, her fingers clenched.

Tina took the medical kit in her car to gently deal with the injuries on his arms while speaking in a soothing tone, “Tyler, if you get into trouble in the future, just call me or Toby. We are a family now, so don’t worry about troubling us. Apart from that, Miss Reed already has a boyfriend. It’s not appropriate for you to continue troubling her like this. I’m sure her boyfriend would mind.”

At this moment, he remembered how Sonia had teased him during dinner earlier while feeling slightly uncomfortable. “She seems to be staying alone. She’s not living together with that guy.”

Toby shot a glance at him through the rearview mirror. He did not know why he felt relaxed upon hearing Tyler’s words.

“Maybe they have a different abode.” Tina gave a gentle smile. “Your wounds have been disinfected. Does it still hurt?”

“Not anymore. Thank you, Tina.” Tyler smiled. Tina is so gentle and she speaks softly. She’s much better than Sonia!

After closing the medical kit, she casually spoke to Toby, “Toby, I heard that you already asked Tom to deal with the news in our circle, right? It’s just a small matter, so we didn’t expect the employees from Paradigm Co. to record a video and upload it online. The video became viral among the circle and ruined your mother’s reputation, which affected yours as well.”

“What do you mean, Tina? Are you suspecting that Sonia asked her employees to record the video?” Tyler asked in confusion.

“That’s not what I meant,” Tina replied hastily. “I just thought that Sonia might have known about this long ago and restricted her employees so that the video would not spread like wildfire among their department.”

“Paradigm Co. has many employees. Even if she had warned them, those who didn’t mind getting into trouble would still secretly upload the video.” Tyler pouted. “On top of that, Mom is in the wrong here. Toby and Sonia have already divorced, yet Mom still made a scene at Paradigm Co. because of such small matters.”

Even though he did not like Sonia a lot, he had spent six years living under the same roof as her. He knew that she was not the person who would resort to some dirty tricks as such. Apart from that, it was Jean who went to make a scene at Paradigm Co. It wasn’t something that Sonia had asked for.

Tina was shocked to see this. Tyler obviously hates her. Why is he speaking up for her now?

“Tina, why are you looking at me like this?” When Tyler saw her looking at him, he raised his hand to touch his face, but he accidentally touched his wounds and hissed in pain. “Do I look that bad?”

She immediately returned to her senses and smiled gently. “A little. I was just thinking that your classmates would be looking at you when you head to school tomorrow.”

When Tyler heard that, his expression sank and he thought about skipping school. However, his older brother was the driver, so Tyler did not dare to say it out loud, for fear that he might not even be able to enter his house the next day. He had always been quite a coward who did not dare to speak up.

They soon arrived at Fuller Residence.

Upon seeing that Tina was still here, Jean affectionately pulled Tina’s hand. “Oh, Tina, it’s been difficult for you to search for Tyler with Toby. Thanks for the hard work. Since it’s already so late, why don’t you stay the night here? Well, you should move in earlier anyway.”

Tina also wanted to stay, so she shot a glance at Toby. After seeing that he did not utter a word, she pursed her lips before saying, “Alright. Thanks, Madam White.”

“We are a family now, so don’t be too courteous!” Jean was overjoyed when she saw that Tina agreed to stay the night.

After Toby came out from the shower, he did not immediately go to bed and looked through a few documents instead.

When he opened the drawer to take a pen, he opened the wrong tier and saw a stack of yellowish letters that were placed inside the drawer. His gaze became much gentler when he saw the letters.

It was a coincidence that he was able to know Maple, his pen pal. After they exchanged many conversations with each other, they had a great time, which was out of his expectations. This was the first time he felt touched when he interacted with someone through letters. Yet, he never expected the pen pal to be Tina.

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