This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 316

Julia’s eyes lit up with joy as she assumed that Toby was considering ways to save Tina. She quickly stole a glance at Sonia, who was standing behind Toby, before flashing her a look of victory. Look, even if you refuse to free Tina, someone else is going to save her, Julia said with her eyes. Sonia felt like she was about to throw up.

When Toby noticed what Julia was doing, his gaze turned harder than before. However, Julia didn’t realize anything as she turned to address him in an emotional voice. “It’s really easy. You just need to talk to the police officers, Toby. I’m sure they’ll listen to you because of your status and position in society. If that doesn’t work, you can get the Colemans to help out. They’re an extremely powerful family, so the police will definitely free Tina if they tell the police to do so.”

“Hah!” Toby let out a sarcastic chuckle. “You think too highly of me. Sure, I might be able to save Tina, but why would I do that?”

All the excitement in Julia’s expression faded off once she heard his words. “W-What do you mean?”

Even Sonia eyed the man in front of her in a confused manner. What? Isn’t he going to save Tina? Rina’s eyes lit up as she held her hands together excitedly. I thought this man was going to save Tina, but I hadn’t expected the tables to turn so suddenly! Did he just change his mind?!

“It means that I’m not going to save her!” Toby said in a scornful tone as he smirked at Julia. Julia widened her eyes in response. “Are you not going to save Tina? But you just said—”

“Since when did I say anything?” Toby interrupted her impatiently. “I just asked you how I was supposed to save her. I never said anything about actually saving her.”

Julia was too stunned to say anything at that point. He’s right. He was just asking a question, but he didn’t say that he wanted to save Tina. I was the one who had jumped to a conclusion on my own.

Sonia’s spirits were lifted when she saw the look of devastation on Julia’s face. Any anger she held toward Toby had dissipated after this incident. Earlier, Sonia had decided that she would use all her might to go against Toby if he had agreed to save Tina. She figured that she would be able to bring him down even if she failed to destroy the Gray Family. I’m glad that his brain is actually functioning, and I’m pleased that he didn’t agree to save Tina.

Toby could sense the sharp gaze of the woman behind him gradually softening into a calm one. He knew that she was no longer angry at that point, and he turned around to look at her. “I won’t disappoint you in the future,” he uttered in a gentle voice.

Sonia raised an eyebrow. “I’m not related to you in any way, President Fuller. You don’t need to promise me anything,” she uttered calmly.

He gave her a sincere gaze. “Regardless of whether we are related to one another or not, I just wanted to let you know that I’ll always be on your side from now on. This is my promise.”

Before Sonia could respond to Toby, Julia stepped forward to speak up first. She couldn’t hold it in any longer. “Toby, is she the one who’s telling you to do this? Did she tell you not to save Tina?!” she asked as she pointed at Sonia.

Sonia let out a frustrated scoff. What has this got to do with me? I’ve never told Toby to do such a thing. Toby knitted his brows together as he shot Julia a hateful glare. “This has got nothing to do with Sonia. It’s all my own intentions. Do you think I’d save someone who tried—multiple times—to harm my lover?”

When Sonia heard the word ‘lover’, she subconsciously turned to look away from Toby. Toby noticed her actions from the corner of his eyes, and his gaze darkened a little as he let out a sigh in his heart. She still doesn’t trust my feelings for her.

Julia parted and shut her lips a few times before she responded in a rather weak voice. “E-Even if Tina did any of that, it was only because she was too in love with you!”

“She pretended to be the woman I love because she loves me, huh? She hurt my lover because she loves me! What sort of logic is that?!” Toby’s expression hardened as he barked at the woman before him.

Julia’s entire being trembled when she saw the fury in his eyes. “Tina might be wrong, but… Sonia is fine, isn’t she? Furthermore, you were with Tina for months—don’t you have any feelings toward her?”

“Let me ask you a question, Mrs. Gray. Let’s assume you fell in love with another man who isn’t Titus. Then, Titus finds out about this, and he tries to attack the man you love. Would you suddenly develop feelings for Titus?” Toby shot her an inquisitive look.

“Of course not—” Julia stopped mid-sentence before she turned to look at Toby with her face flushed. She saw the unmistakable sarcasm written all over Toby’s face, and she felt the urge to dig a hole for herself because of how embarrassed she felt. Sonia, on the other hand, was close to clapping her hands and cheering. Toby’s question was a killer! If Julia loved someone else, and Titus attacked Julia’s lover the way Tina did, Julia would never have feelings for Titus! The only feeling she’d have is probably hatred! Toby’s question managed to tear down Julia’s pretentious mask.

Toby pressed his lips together as he stared at Julia’s embarrassed and speechless face. “Look. Even you know the answer to that question. Why would you think that I’d still have feelings for Tina, then? Please leave. I’m not going to save Tina!” he hissed in a cold voice, ordering for the woman to leave.

“Toby…” Julia was starting to get anxious.

Sonia could tell that Julia was about to say something else, so she quickly gave Rina a secret look. Rina nodded dutifully before she reached forward to hold onto Julia’s arm. “It’s fine if Mr. Fuller refuses to help us, Mom. Let’s think of other ways. We shouldn’t waste any more time here. Tina’s court case is starting soon.”

Although Rina and Sonia had been pretty subtle with their acts of communication, Toby caught them signaling each other. His gaze flickered as he realized that his guess had been right. Rina is really working for Sonia and Zane.

Once Julia heard Rina saying that they were running out of time, she quickly clutched onto Rina’s arm. “What time is it? What time is it now?”

“Calm down. Let me take a look.” Rina pulled her phone out. This reminded Sonia of her own appointment, and she unlocked her car and got into the vehicle when she realized that she couldn’t stay for much longer. Toby stood on his spot and watched as Sonia drove off. He only looked away after the car disappeared into the distance. If he didn’t have an extremely important meeting for a collaboration, he would have offered to go along with her.

Toby turned and prepared to head toward the elevator. All of a sudden, he heard Julia’s shrill voice coming from behind. “Where is your red mole? Rina? Where’s your mole?”

A red mole? Toby’s footsteps came to a halt when he overheard their conversation. He turned to glance at the mother and daughter duo curiously.

Rina felt pain shooting up her arm as Julia’s grip was tight. She tried to pull her hand away while speaking in a careful tone. “W-What red mole are you talking about, Mom?”

“The red mole on your wrist. You were born with it. Why did it disappear?” Julia attempted to grab onto Rina’s hand once more.

Rina quickly hid her hand behind her back, panic written all over her face. There was a red mole on Rina’s hand, huh? Why didn’t Miss Reed and Mr. Coleman tell me anything?

Toby narrowed his eyes from a distance away. Based on his own recollection, he knew that Tina had the same red mole on her wrist. Why would Rina have the exact same mole on hers? Could red moles be inherited in the Gray Family?

“Hold your hand out for me to take a look, Rina. Why isn’t your red mole there?” Julia urged anxiously. Rina’s eyes looked around frantically before she held her hand out. “Mom… I used to have a red mole, but…”

“But?” Julia stared at her.

Rina bit on her lip before she started to cry. “But my adoptive father burned my hand. When I was ten years old, he went out gambling and came back angry after he lost his money. He released all his anger on me, and he used his cigarette butt to burn off the red mole on my wrist. He said that people usually have black moles and that my red one was a curse to his wealth…”

Julia gave Rina a tight hug after hearing Rina’s story. The older woman began to cry as well. “My poor Rina! You’ve suffered so much. Those evil b*stards deserve to die a horrible death!”

Both mother and daughter bawled their eyes out. Meanwhile, Toby stared at Rina with a rather glazed look in his eyes.

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