This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 311

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 311

Sonia chuckled. “What I’m trying to say is that the Triforce Enterprise is now burdened with debts. The company would have faced bankruptcy if it weren’t for the support of its fixed assets. Even if the company isn’t bankrupt now, it’s on the verge of bankruptcy—just like Paradigm Co. was three months ago. I’m sure Triforce Enterprise doesn’t have any working capital now, right? President Gray is probably acquiring loans just to maintain Triforce Enterprise’s operations. How could he possibly allow you to take out ten million just to save Tina?”

Julia was speechless after she heard what Sonia said. She was probably the only person on Earth who knew how much Titus had struggled while begging others to loan him some money. However, he had been too arrogant and had offended too many people in the past, so many of the people within his circles were reluctant to lend him any money. After so much effort, he had only managed to gather about two billion. The sum of two billion barely made a dent after he threw it all into the stock market, and it was far from enough for Triforce Enterprise to stabilize their business.

Every penny they had was crucial at this point, and Titus would certainly lose his mind if he found out that Julia had taken out such a huge sum for Tina. He might not divorce Julia, but their relationship would definitely be ruined if Julia had done such a thing. Julia felt a surge of terror just at the thought of that outcome, and she began to tremble in fear.

Sonia laughed when she saw the look on Julia’s face. “Well, it seems like you aren’t that prepared to offer me any money, Mrs. Gray.”

Julia’s face was rather pale. “What do you need me to do for you to show Tina some mercy?” Before Julia arrived, she had received a call from the police informing her that Tina had signed her confession. Julia would no longer be able to bail Tina out, and she wouldn’t be able to see Tina until they went to court. The officers had also told Julia that the evidence for Tina’s crimes—harming and framing Sonia—were too strong, and that the court would probably already come to a decision after their first meeting. Tina might not even have a chance for an appeal.

When Julia asked Tina’s lawyer if there was a way to save Tina, the lawyer’s only idea was for Julia to come over and beg Sonia for help. If Sonia agreed not to proceed with the case, Tina would be safe. Julia therefore had to find a way to get Sonia to set Tina free.

However, Sonia’s response felt like a bucket of ice water being poured over Julia’s head. “I’ll never let Tina go no matter what happens. She had harmed me in the past, but I didn’t have any evidence then. Things are different now, so I’ll have to make sure that she goes to jail this time!” Sonia uttered in an icy tone as she fixed her hair.

“You…” Julia widened her eyes as she pointed a shaky finger at Sonia. “You’re just too evil!”

Rina blinked in confusion. Evil? Her head was held low as she gazed at Julia, who was standing in front of her. As much as I like my new mother, I have to say that she has some issues with her intellectual capacity. Even though I haven’t studied much, I can tell that Tina was the one who harmed and framed Sonia. In that case, Tina’s the evil one here, and Sonia is merely getting revenge with the use of the law. How does that make Sonia an evil person? Well, my new mother is pretty nice to me, so I won’t voice out my opinions.

Sonia looked as if she had just heard the funniest joke in the world, and she let out a mocking laugh before she spoke. “No, no. Please don’t say that, Mrs. Gray. I will never be as evil as your youngest daughter. She’s capable of pushing others down the stairs, she managed to come up with a scheme to get someone to fall off a horse, she got a poisonous snake to bite someone, she tried to get someone raped, and she even got someone to splash acid on others! All her crimes are beyond evil! Her acts are worse than that of the devil.”

Julia’s face turned beet red after hearing Sonia’s words, and she glanced away in a rather uneasy manner. “You… You’re still well and alive now, aren’t you?”

“Does that mean that I deserved all of that? Are you saying that I should forgive Tina because I’m fine now?” Sonia’s expression turned cold. The corner of Julia’s lips trembled a little. Although she didn’t say anything, the look on her face made it clear that what Sonia had said was precisely what she meant.

Sonia shook her head as she knew that there was no point in having their conversation any longer. One couldn’t wake a person who was only feigning sleep, after all. Sonia pulled her phone out and dialed Titus’s number in front of Julia. “President Gray. It’s me, Sonia.”

Julia’s eyes were bulging wide as she screamed, “What are you doing?”

Sonia ignored her and continued to speak. “Your wife is here, and she’s offering me ten million for me to set Tina free.”

“What?” Titus shot to his feet on the other end of the call. His face was eerily dark. Ten million? Julia sure is a generous woman! I just applied for a loan from the bank, and I just got rejected. I’m on the verge of bursting out in anger, and that woman—Julia Ramsay—is offering ten million to save my useless daughter?! Doesn’t Julia understand how much ten million means to Triforce Enterprise right now?

Titus was shivering with rage as he spoke. “Where is Julia Ramsay right now, Sonia?” He had used Julia’s full name. Sonia’s lips curled into a faint smile as she looked at Julia’s terrified expression. “She’s right in front of me. Why don’t you speak to her?” With that said, Sonia pressed on the loudspeaker button before placing her phone in front of Julia.

“I want you to f*cking come home right now!” Titus shouted in a furious and cold voice.

“Honey, I—”

“I don’t want to hear you talk. I’m not going to be as nice if I don’t see you back in half an hour!” He interrupted her without any hesitation, and he ended the call after finishing his sentence.

Julia’s entire being was shaking—even Rina, who had been standing behind her, was shocked by Titus’s call.

“Do you have anything else to say, Mrs. Gray?” Sonia took her phone back.

Julia stood up. Her eyes were emotionless as she stared at Sonia—she had returned to her usual arrogant, icy and hostile self. “Just you wait. We’re definitely going to find a way to save Tina. Let’s go, Rina.” Julia held onto Rina’s hand and strode toward the exit.

It didn’t take long for Tom to find out about the news of Julia paying Sonia a visit. Tom knocked on the door before entering the president’s office. “According to our men from Paradigm Co., Mrs. Gray and Miss Rina just visited Miss Reed, President Fuller.”

“What?” Toby frowned. “Were they there because of Tina?”

“Yes. However, it seems like things didn’t go the way Mrs. Gray wanted them to. She had looked rather pale when she left the office,” Tom uttered in a scornful tone. A similar smirk appeared on Toby’s face. “Nothing will go Mrs. Gray’s way if the person she’s dealing with is Sonia.”

The person who most desperately hoped for Tina to be convicted was probably Sonia, after all. It was an idiotic move for Julia to seek help from Sonia. “By the way, do you have any updates on the research that I got you to do on Rina?” Toby drummed his fingers on the table as he asked.

Tom pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. “I did find some stuff.”

“Some?” Toby pressed his lips together—he clearly wasn’t satisfied with the other man’s answer.

Tom nodded before responding in a rather helpless tone. “Yeah, some. I only found some because a part of Rina’s past documents had been removed by someone. It took me a lot of time to recover some of the information. Rina used to be known as Taylor Carey, and she lived in a village. She belonged to a family who valued males more than females until Zane brought her over to Seafield.”

“Zane?” Toby’s pupils shrank at the mention of Zane. So, Sonia isn’t the only person involved in Rina’s return. Zane is part of it as well. What exactly are Sonia and Zane trying to do?

Tom seemed to have read Toby’s mind, for he continued his speech in a stern tone. “Mr. Coleman and Miss Reed seem to be plotting something because I realized something else. This woman, Taylor, isn’t actually Rina. Mr. Coleman had placed fake DNA samples in all of the major hospitals and accrediting bodies. That way, no matter how many times Mr. and Mrs. Gray attempt to run tests on Taylor, results would indicate that she is their daughter. I’m sure Miss Reed is aware of this—she wouldn’t have passed the necklace to Taylor otherwise.”

Toby kept quiet and knitted his brows as he sank into deep thought. Soon, he realized what Zane and Sonia had in common—they both saw the Grays as their largest enemy. However, they can’t directly attack Triforce Enterprise due to the national policies in place. In order to get Triforce Enterprise bankrupt, they would have to think of other ways to attack them. Their best strategy would be to get hold of some of Triforce Enterprise’s secret information. However, it’s practically impossible for them to do such a thing unless they have someone planted in the company.

Could Taylor be a spy that Sonia and Zane had planted in the Gray Family? Toby wondered.

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