This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 309

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 309

The few officers were stunned for a moment before they realized that they had missed a clue in the case. “Who is Tim?” one of the interrogators asked.

Tina was handcuffed and secured to her seat, so she couldn’t move her limbs at all. On top of that, there were a lot of officers staring at her; she felt like she was about to drown in fear. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to escape her punishment since the two videos were still circulating around on the Internet. If she continued to deny her involvement, she knew that it would only worsen her punishment. From the moment she was brought into the police car, she had decided that she would come clean about everything. At the same time, she decided that she would drag Tim down with her.

She and Tim were in it together, after all. The people, the location, and the tools were all prepared by Tim, and she was merely the one who gave him the orders. Why should I shoulder all of the charges since that was the case? Tim has to go down with me as well! Furthermore, she was Tim’s angel, so she figured that Tim wouldn’t be mad at her if she uttered his name during the interrogation.

With that thought in mind, she continued speaking as she stared at the policemen with her bloodshot eyes. “He’s a surgeon in First World Hospital. He was the one who found the six men.”

“In that case, I want you guys to drop by the hospital to bring this person called Tim in.” The main interrogator gave orders to the officers behind him, and two officers nodded before they left the interrogation room. Tina felt much better once she saw that they were actually going to capture Tim.

Soon enough, the police brought Tim back to the station. He wasn’t placed in the same room as Tina was; he was questioned in a separate room instead. His interrogator was the same police officer who had brought him in from the hospital. “Mr. Lancaster, Tina claims that you were involved in the plan to harm Sonia. She stated that you were the one who hired the six men. Do you admit to your crimes?”

Tim hadn’t had a chance to take off his white lab coat when he first arrived at the station. Like Tina, his limbs were secured to the chair. However, he didn’t seem the least bit bothered by his surroundings, and he remained calm as he responded in a nonchalant tone. “I don’t. I’m not involved in scheming against Sonia, and I’ve never hired any men to do anything. I don’t have anything against Sonia, so why would I do such a thing?”

The interrogator fell silent for a while. The officers from the station had looked up Tim’s personal connections before they brought Tim in, and they found that he didn’t have any disputes with Sonia in the past. It would be a stretch to say that he had any intent to harm Sonia. However, it didn’t make sense for Tina to lie. She wouldn’t come up with a fake story even if she was just trying to reduce her sentence. If that were the case, then the man they had just brought in must have lied.

After contemplating the situation for a while more, the police officer spun his pen in his fingers as he continued to question Tim. “According to what we know, you have a close relationship with Tina. Tina despises Sonia, and she attempted to attack Sonia, so it’s possible that you agreed to be a part of it since you were good friends with Tina.”

The surface of Tim’s glasses reflected the light in the room for a split second before he lifted his head to speak. “You’re right. It is possible for me to help her out since I’m a good friend of hers, but where is the evidence of me doing that? You guys are defaming me if you don’t have evidence to suggest that I’m guilty. I can actually report you for that.”

The police officer frowned as silence filled the room once more. He’s right. We don’t have any evidence. I really don’t know what to do with this guy. As he scratched the back of his head, the police officer waved at one of his colleagues beside him. “Can you go next door to ask Officer Chase if he managed to get anything out of Tina? I need some evidence to prove that Tim is an accomplice in this case.”

“Alright.” The officer took one look at Tim before he headed out of the room. However, he came back just two minutes later to shake his head at the main interrogator. They didn’t have any proof to show that Tim was involved. The officer standing in front of Tim had no idea what to do with Tim then.

When they first captured Tina the night before, they went through the whole case without spotting anything that had to do with Tim. They only found out about the existence of such an individual after Tina had revealed his name in their session with her. That only showed that the police wouldn’t have found out about anyone else’s involvement if Tina hadn’t mentioned his name. In other words, the police wouldn’t be able to do anything about the accomplice even if they knew that he was part of the case. They didn’t have any implicating evidence that would allow them to arrest Tim. Even Tina, the main conspirator, didn’t have any evidence at all.

“What should we do now? Should we continue questioning him?” the officer who had gone out earlier asked the main interrogator in the room. The main interrogator in charge of Tim got to his feet. “What do you think? Of course not! Let’s go next door for now,” he uttered in a frustrated voice. The both of them headed out and left Tim alone in the room. A sly smirk formed on Tim’s lips as he watched the officers walking out.

Freddie Chase narrowed his eyes when he saw the other two officers walking into the room. “How did it go?”

The two officers shook their heads. Freddie wasn’t surprised by this, and he turned back to Tina immediately. “We’ve tried to question Tim, Miss Gray. He doesn’t admit to being involved in any of your crimes against Miss Reed.”

“What?” Tina widened her eyes in disbelief. “Did you say that he didn’t admit to anything?”

Freddie nodded. Tina’s voice became shriller as she continued to shriek. “That’s impossible! Why wouldn’t he admit to it?” I’m his angel! Didn’t he say that he would go along with anything I wanted? If I mentioned his name during interrogation, shouldn’t he understand that I want him to be with me while we’re in jail? Why didn’t he admit to his crimes? Or did he betray me because he doesn’t want to be convicted? Hatred filled Tina’s entire being as she considered that thought. Lies! They were all lies! He said he would protect me forever, yet he turned his back against me the moment we got into trouble! I can’t believe I trusted him so much!

“Tim is lying to you guys! Don’t trust him!” Tina shouted as she lost control of her emotions.

The few officers stared at her calmly while Freddie responded to her words. “We’re not going to trust him so easily. However, we don’t have any evidence to show that he’s an accomplice. You don’t have any proof either, do you?”

Tina’s voice seemed to be stuck in her throat. She thoroughly regretted all her actions at that moment. I shouldn’t have trusted Tim so easily. Why didn’t I make a voice recording when I got him to do those stuff for me? I’d have evidence of him being a part of this if I had done that in the past! Her lips trembled when she next spoke. “What will happen to Tim if we don’t have any evidence?”

“We’ll let him go, of course!” Freddie replied.

Tina’s pupils shrank when she heard what the officer said. “What? You’re just going to let him go?”

“Yeah. We have no choice but to let him go if we don’t have any evidence. We won’t be able to convict him even if he really is an accomplice,” Freddie explained as he looked into Tina’s eyes. They had no choice; they lived in a country that strongly emphasized the importance of evidence in convicting criminals. If they didn’t have any evidence, they would have to let their suspects go, even if the suspect was actually a serial killer.

Tina’s entire body was shaking uncontrollably after she heard what Freddie said. She clearly couldn’t accept the truth. Upon seeing that, Freddie contemplated the situation for a while more before he continued speaking. “Well, if we manage to find the six men who assaulted you, and if the six men are able to provide evidence of Tim contacting them, then we’ll be able to press charges against Tim.”

Her eyes lit up immediately. “Hurry up and find those six men then!” she cried as she glared at Freddie.

“We’ve been searching for them, but we don’t have a clue where they’re at, so it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to find them at all.” Freddie fixed his peaked cap as he spoke.

She felt like she was about to lose her temper at that point. “If that’s the case, why did you even bother to bring up the six men?!”

“I just wanted to give you some hope,” Freddie replied flatly. When Tina heard that, she was close to raging at him. Then, he stood up and ended the conversation. “You guys can get her to sign her confession. I’ll go next door to take a look.”

“Got it, Officer Chase!” the other officers replied.

After that, Freddie went next door to take a look at Tim. He asked him a few questions, but the outcome was no different from what the previous officers had faced. They had to let Tim go in the end.

After leaving the station, Tim pulled his phone out and sent Sonia a text. ‘You were right. Tina ratted me out.’

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