This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 306

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 306

She put her phone down and logged into her account on her PC. ‘Thank you for your support, everyone. A tech specialist contacted me earlier and said he’ll upload the evidence at night. It’ll be right here any moment now, so wait for it.’

She double checked and posted that statement after confirming that there weren’t any typos in there. She wanted to post the videos herself, but she mooted the idea. After all, it’d be redundant when Tim would upload them himself.

But she could tell everyone she was sure she’d get the evidence by night time because a hacker contacted her. That way, everyone would think Tim’s alternate account was Carl’s, including the police. Tim wouldn’t get dragged into it, but even if the police found his IP address, they’d only think it was hacked by Carl, so either way, Tim was fine.

The netizens and media saw the statement the moment Sonia posted it, and they started discussing it.

‘Oh lawd, it’s coming.’

‘Man, I thought she was tripping, but guess she really got some tea to spill.’

‘Duh. She has a hacker backing her up. Ain’t no way she’s gonna lie. TBH I envy her. I want my personal hacker too. Nobody’s gonna bully me anymore.’

‘Hey, do you guys think that hacker has a crush on Sonia? He flushed out a bunch of trolls in a single morning and uncovered a lot of freeloaders. The whole internet is warning everyone to never cross Sonia, or her hacker friend’s gonna crush you.’

Sonia was amused by the comments. What do they mean to never cross me or my hacker friend’s going to crush them? This is even funnier than everyone saying Carl has a crush on me. But it was a good thing, since the trolls would have to look out next time they tried to talk about her.

In Fuller Residence, Toby was in his study, following Sonia’s latest update. He frowned for a moment, then he called her.

Sonia was slightly annoyed when she saw that it was from him, but since he helped her earlier during the day, she took the call. “Hello, President Fuller.”

“Are you sure it’ll work?” Toby asked.

Sonia blinked. “What do you mean?”

“The evidence from Fox Eyes,” Toby answered.

Sonia nodded. “Yes. I’ve seen it. There are two videos, and Tina confessed to her crimes.”

Toby was relieved to hear that. “That’s good to hear.”

At that moment, Sonia’s phone vibrated. She took a look at who was calling before saying, “Talk to you later, President Fuller. I have another call incoming.” She ended the call without hesitation.

Toby pursed his lips, and he looked annoyed. Who’s calling her?

It was Charles. He was also asking her about the evidence. Sonia briefed him about it and ended the call, but a moment later, Zane called to ask her about the same matter. Even though she was answering the same questions, she felt touched that her friends cared about it. Suddenly, she felt like she could go through anything as long as they were there for her. But someone’s not going to get through this. Hope you like this, Tina.

Tina was also following Sonia’s status updates as well, but contrary to everyone else, she was biting her lip and drew blood from it. She knew Sonia had the evidence at hand, or she wouldn’t have made that post. Even though it wasn’t uploaded yet, she knew it’d be the end of the line for her once Sonia did.

The Grays knew that as well, so they were arguing outside the ward. Julia was sobbing, asking Titus to save Tina, but Titus couldn’t come up with a plan, so they argued.

A moment later, Rina came in. Tina’s face fell when she saw her. “Why’d you come in? Get out!”

Rina closed the door. “Mom told me to. She said you must be upset, so she wants me to stay by your side.”

“I don’t need you here. Out.” Tina pointed at the door.

Rina ignored her and went ahead, stopping before her bed. “You think I want to be here? Mom told me to, so I had to come in and pretend I care. But now I think it’s not a bad idea. At least it’s fun seeing you looking so panicked and helpless.”

“You—” Tina couldn’t believe that Rina was acting so sinister. She pointed at her and stammered for a while before she found her voice. “So this is the real you. You were just acting weak. You’re not a prey. You’re a predator!”

Tina knew Rina was acting weak and innocent so she could get more love from the Grays in the first place. However, she thought Rina’s real personality wouldn’t differ that much, but now she knew she was horribly wrong.

A dark smile curled Rina’s pasty lips. “You’re right. I was acting innocent. Now you’re seeing the real me.”

When Zane went to the rural area two weeks ago to search for a fake Rina, Taylor was cutting the weeds in the fields. After she heard Zane’s assistant talking about it, she knew her opportunity had arrived.

Ever since she was a child, her family had been a misogynistic one. She was always starving and only had old clothes to wear. On top of that, she had endless chores to do. Her biggest dream was to escape that hell of a home, but she couldn’t. Not only was she uneducated, but her evil parents kept a close eye on her ID and documents, so she couldn’t go anywhere.

That was why she acted weak and innocent when Zane came to pick a fake Rina. She acted timid so Zane would think he could control her easily. Then she coupled it up with her puppy eyes, and she knew her chances of getting picked would skyrocket. In the end, her wish was granted; she got selected and was sent to the Grays.

After starting her life as Rina, she knew she made the right choice. She had parents who loved her, infinite wealth, and the chance to learn a lot of skills. In short, she made her wildest dream real. However, there was a single stain on her perfect life—Tina.

Tina wanted to chase her out, but Rina had the same idea about Tina as well.

At this moment, Tina suddenly shoved her, breaking her train of thoughts. “You finally admit that you’re faking everything! I’ll tell Mom and Dad about it! Now they’ll see your true colors!”

“You want to tell them?” Rina staggered backward, but she found her bearing quickly and scoffed at Tina. “Do it. See if they’ll believe you. I know it hasn’t been long since I came back, but I know just the kind of woman you are. You’re nothing but a liar. Mom and Dad won’t believe you. They’ll think you’re just trying to bully me, and they’ll love me more after that.”

“Why you…” Tina stared at her angrily, but she couldn’t find any good comeback. Yeah. All they care about is her. They love her and would give the world for her. They’d never believe me. Tina wouldn’t look away from Rina. “Even if they won’t believe me, someday I’ll make sure they see your true colors.” Tina’s face contorted with rage.

Rina shrugged, smirking. “I’m afraid you won’t have that chance.”

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