This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 305

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 305

Tim opened his eyes, excitement flashing within them. He quickly took his phone out from his drawer and checked his notifications. There were missed calls from Tina, Carl, and Sonia. He ignored Tina’s calls and called Sonia immediately.

Sonia was still awake, waiting for the right time to call Tim. She wanted to call him at eleven, since the surgery should be done by then. However, Tim was already calling her at half past ten. Sonia was delighted to see him calling her, so she picked it up quickly. “Done with the surgery?”

“Yep. Just a moment ago.” Tim nodded. His voice was hoarse, and he sounded exhausted. “Anything you need?”

Sonia could hear the exhaustion in his voice, and she did feel apologetic for calling him this late at night. But this was about her reputation, so she had to do it. “Yes, but give me a second. I’ll change my phone.” She hung up and called him using an unregistered phone Daphne bought for her that afternoon. She had to be careful, since Charles said the police might be listening in to track Carl down.

Tim arched his eyebrow. “Why did you change your number?”

“It’s complicated, but that’s not the point. Listen up…” Sonia took a deep breath and told him what happened earlier in the day.

As soon as she finished, Tim clenched his phone. If looks could kill, Tina would have been dead eight times now. How dare that b*tch do that? I see she has chosen death. “Got it. I’ll post the evidence online and prove your innocence. You’ll be fine, trust me.” Tim’s glasses reflected the light in his office, covering the anger in his eyes.

Sonia nodded. “I’m counting on you.” Only Tim had the evidence, so she could only count on him to finish the job.

“But don’t post it using your account, or the cops will think you’re attacking Tina,” Sonia reminded him. She knew Tim wasn’t a good guy, but she didn’t want him to get arrested. After all, he was getting back at Tina for her. Sonia knew she wasn’t a perfectly good person either, so she didn’t want Tim to get into trouble.

Tim smiled, happy that Sonia cared for him. “I know. I’ll post it using an alt,” he answered gently. I knew it. She’s my angel. The only one who actually cares about me.

Ever since he was a child, he was a cold, indifferent person. Because of that, his parents saw him as a monster, and everyone else shunned him. The other kids would even push him into a pond just to bully him, and none of the adults who saw it were willing to help him out. Back then, only Sonia would pull him up.

Since then, he swore he’d protect her forever and prove to everyone that he had feelings, even though he lacked empathy and was a cold-blooded person. Tim knew he didn’t like her as a sister, friend, or romantic interest. It was something he couldn’t explain, but he knew he’d find out what it was one day.

Once Tim gave her that assurance, Sonia was satisfied, and she hung up.

Tim looked at his phone for a moment before calling Carl.

The call went through easily. “You finally showed up.”

“I was in the ER.” Tim took his glasses off and pinched his nose.

“Duh. I would have gone to the hospital for you otherwise. Guess you know what happened to Sonia then?” Carl squinted.

Tim nodded. “Yes. So now you can release the krakens.”

“Got it. Send them to me and I’ll handle it.” Carl nodded. I’ve been waiting for this.

“Right away.” Tim hung up and turned his PC on. Then he clicked on an encrypted file and sent the two videos in it to Carl. After some thought, he sent another copy to Sonia.

At the same time, Sonia was surfing the web, waiting for Tim to post the evidence. Instead, she got an email from him. Curious, she clicked into it. When she saw the videos within it, she frowned and clicked on the first video.

Tina was in the video, and she was wearing a red one-piece dress. She appeared in a dim, narrow alleyway and stopped in the middle. Tina looked around her, seemingly looking for someone or something. But apparently what she wanted wasn’t there, so she made a call. “Hey, I thought you said to meet in the alleyway. Where’s your guy?” she asked angrily.

Sonia couldn’t hear the reply, but judging from the look on Tina’s face, she was happy with the reply. A moment later, she put her phone down, crossed her arms, and laughed smugly. “Just you wait, Sonia. After today, the whole world will know you got f*cked by six men. You’ll never come back from this. That’ll teach you to never cross me.”

The moment she said that, someone else appeared in the video. The man’s face was censored, but Sonia could see he was sturdily built. He was heading toward Tina with his hands behind his back, and he was holding a sack. Tina was about to say something the moment the man came up to her, but the man landed a chop on her neck and knocked her out before stuffing her into the sack.

The video ended there.

Sonia squinted. So this is how she got captured. At the same time, Tina revealed something important in the video. Apparently, the one who should have been raped was Sonia, not Tina herself, and Tina knew full well about that. Ironic. Sonia smirked and clicked on the second video.

The video was shot in a different place. It was in a small, abandoned room, and Tina was surrounded by six men. Tina was obviously terrified, and tears were streaming down her face. She screamed at the men, telling them to free her. She even told them they got the wrong person and she wasn’t Sonia, and that she was their employer.

However, the men ignored her plea and tore her clothes apart.

The video ended there. It was shorter than the first video by a long shot, but it contained a lot more information, for Tina admitted to masterminding a gang rape in the second video.

So Tim is going to prove my innocence using these videos. The moment the videos made their way online, all the slander would slowly start to target Tina instead of her. On top of that, Tina could be sentenced to masterminding a gang rape and defamation just with these videos alone.

Sonia flicked her hair happily and texted Tim, ‘Thanks. I saw the videos.’

Tim replied immediately, ‘You can make the announcement on your social media. I took a look, and a lot of people are waiting for your evidence, including some official accounts.’

Sonia was smiling from ear to ear. ‘I know.’ After all, she mentioned during the day that she’d prove her innocence at night, so of course they’d wait for her.

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