This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 303

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 303

“Yes, President Reed?” Daphne looked at her.

Sonia rubbed between her eyebrows. “Have you sent the CCTV footage of the car park to the police?”

Daphne nodded. “Even though it was delayed for a bit due to the traffic jam, it was delivered eventually.”

“That’s good to know. You can leave now.”

“Understood.” Daphne smiled, after which she turned and walked toward the door. When she arrived at the door, she didn’t even manage to open the door when someone pushed it open from outside, and in came Charles. He was in such a hurry that he bumped directly into Daphne.

“Ah!” With her center of gravity disturbed, Daphne staggered backward in her high heels and was about to fall.

Fortunately, Charles moved right in time and grabbed her wrist, saving her from the fall.

“I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it. Are you okay?” Charles apologized to Daphne, embarrassed.

Daphne looked at his hand holding hers, and joy lit up in her eyes before disappearing in an instant. She shook her head. “I’m all right, President Lane.”

“Good, then.” Charles sighed in relief, then let go of her and walked toward Sonia.

Daphne gazed at his back, and the look in her eyes dulled for a moment before she lowered her head and left the room. When she closed the door, she even heard Charles saying, “Darling, I’m here.”

Sonia rolled her eyes at him. “Yes, you are, but what’s the rush? You even ran into Daphne.”

Charles smiled bashfully. “I just wanted to see you as soon as possible.” He told her over the phone that he would meet her at the police station, but something cropped up, so he couldn’t make it. Hence, he drove all the way to her office.

“What’s the matter?” Sonia pointed opposite her, gesturing for Charles to take a seat.

Charles found a chair and sat on it. “Something good happened. Try guessing what’s happening on the Internet right now.”

Hearing that, Sonia frowned. “Did Tina say something to make things worse?”

“No.” Charles hastily waved his hands. “I told you it’s something good, so it couldn’t be Tina again.”

Sonia’s interest was piqued as she straightened her back. “Oh? Then what is it?”

Charles raised an eyebrow and grinned at her. “Remember the netizens who cursed at you? And some business accounts and media that stood on Tina’s side and pinned the blame on you? They got what they asked for: retribution!”

“What?” Sonia’s eyes went wide. “Retribution? What retribution?”

Charles clenched his fists tightly, excitement written all over his face. “Those netizens were exposed, and all their personal information was made public. And, most importantly, everything they did in the shadows was brought to light. Now that their horrible acts were made known to everyone in the world, they probably can’t even go out in public anymore.”

“Oh?” Sonia narrowed her eyes. “What about the business accounts and the media?”

“Ah, them.” Charles snorted gleefully. “More or less the same. Those business accounts and media were chock full of selfish people, so as long as you give them enough cash, they wouldn’t care if the news they posted were real or fake or if there was a story behind it. They would do anything to attract traffic. In fact, they have a horrible track record and even got some hideous cases stemming from their posts. They had indirectly caused the deaths of many innocent people, so now every horrible thing they did was exposed on the net. The cyber police are looking into it right now.”

Sonia had to admit that Carl had really pulled out all the stops this time. He actually went and pulled down the covers all around the Internet so that the darkness behind it was exposed to the sunlight that is the public. He really caused a mess on the net this time.

Because of that, the cyber police would definitely put in the effort to capture Carl. Sonia hoped that Carl was skilled enough to escape their claws.

As Sonia listened to Charles’ words, she felt something off about it, and she bit her red lip. “How are you so sure that all those accounts that were exposed had actually aimed at me before? Many people in entertainment were also ruined today…”

“It’s on the net.” Charles straightened his posture as he replied, “There were remarks on their exposed information, which stated that they had all cursed you before.”

“Really? Let me see.” Sonia frowned and turned on her computer.

Just as Charles had described it, it was a mess on the net right now. Many netizens, business accounts, and media had their information exposed, including all the horrible things they did throughout their lives.

The netizens weren’t involved in serious cases, just some sneaky activities like voyeurism, stealing, and bullying. Those activities weren’t so bad that they would be punishable by law, but it was embarrassing all the same, and the netizens wouldn’t be able to hold their heads high in public. Everyone who recognized them on the street would laugh at them, so they had to be extra careful when they left their homes in the future. The business accounts and media had it much worse. Tax evasion was just one of the minor crimes; the truly horrendous crimes would land them in jail for life!

However, Sonia didn’t care that much about them. What she really wanted to know was the identity of the exposer. She thought back on Toby’s words and also Carl’s. At once, her eyes glistened. Could it be them?

Both of them swore that they wouldn’t let those people off the hook easily, so it was highly probable that they were the ones behind all this. However, Sonia wasn’t sure which one of them did it.

Meanwhile, at Fuller Group, Toby had just completed his papers when he called Tom in. “I asked you to sort out the list of netizens, right? You have completed your task, I hope?”

“I did, but, President Fuller, I think we don’t have to make our move anymore. Those netizens, including some business accounts and media, were already dealt with by someone else.” Tom stood opposite Toby’s office desk while the latter’s expression shifted out of shock. “Someone else? Who?”

“I do not know.” Tom shook his head, a serious expression on his face. “But that person could dig up information on hundreds of thousands of people in such a short time, so they likely have extraordinary hacking skills. Also, according to what we know, there is only one hacker who protects Miss Reed from the shadows.”

“Fox Eyes!” Toby exclaimed, his eyes narrowed.

Tom nodded. “Correct. So I think that Fox Eyes must have been the hacker behind this.”

Toby pursed his lips and didn’t say anything else. His slender fingers tapped on the desk, his thoughts concealed from everyone else. He was wondering who Fox Eyes could be and why he insisted on hiding in the shadows. He was also curious about the relationship between Fox Eyes and Sonia.

He frowned, feeling discomfort in his heart. However, the thing that irked him the most was the fact that Fox Eyes was way ahead of him. This mysterious man had already dealt with those netizens before Toby could do anything.

“President Fuller,” Tom called for Toby’s attention.

Emotion flashed in Toby’s eyes as he pulled himself out of his thoughts and came to his senses. “What’s the matter?”

“Your phone is ringing. It’s from Miss Reed.” Tom pointed at Toby’s phone.

Toby looked down to see that it was indeed a call from Sonia. However, he was doing work, so he had silenced his phone, which was why he didn’t hear anything.

Toby’s expression softened as he picked up the phone to answer the call. “Hello, Sonia?”

Hearing Toby calling out her name in such a gentle tone, Tom couldn’t help but roll his eyes. What’s so great about having someone to love! But true, it’s a great feat, because I’ve been alive for 30 years, but I never found anyone I like…

Tom could only sigh as he smiled bitterly.

On the other end of the line, Sonia was looking at the computer screen. “President Fuller, are you the one behind this Internet thing?”

Hearing that, Toby immediately understood what she meant. He shook his head slightly. “It wasn’t me.”

It looks like Fox Eyes didn’t tell her. Fox Eyes has helped Sonia so much, so it’s obvious that he has feelings for her. If so, then he could tell Sonia everything he did so that she would be grateful to him, and she would be moved by his actions. However, he did nothing of the sort. Why is that?

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