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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 300

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 300

As long as you don’t ask me to remarry or get back with you?

Toby furrowed his eyebrows. Truth be told, his motivation for saving her was entirely pure and genuine. He didn’t have any ulterior motives, not even after she was rescued.

In other words, it never crossed his mind to take advantage of the situation and ask her to remarry or return to him. However, hearing her words that sounded like a warning, he felt a surge of heartache accompanied by a pinch of anger.

Huh? Is this what it is? Am I such a person to you?

“We’ll discuss that later.” Toby lowered his gaze and said calmly.

Sonia noticed his sudden coldness toward her, and she knew the reason behind it. Still, it wasn’t a matter worth dawdling. After getting the change from the doctor, she looked at Toby and said, “Let’s go.”

“Umm…” Toby stood up, making his way toward the door, while Sonia slung her bag over her shoulder and followed suit.

In the car, no one bothered to say a word. The atmosphere was so static that all that was left was the faint sound of their breathing.

It was not until they arrived at the police station when the pressuring silence between them was broken.

“Just stay in the car; you don’t have to get out.” Sonia undid her seatbelt and spoke to the man in the passenger seat who was doing the same thing. “There are reporters outside, and your bodyguards aren’t even here. If you get out, the reporters will swarm all around you, and they’ll recognize you in an instant.”

Hearing her words, Toby stopped his actions and peered outside.

As expected, there were reporters outside the doors leading to the police station, but there weren’t many of them, just around five or six. After all, it was right outside the police station, so if too many reporters gathered there, they would be dispersed immediately.

Still, Sonia wouldn’t be able to fend off the reporters, even with their small numbers. If the reporters get too excited, they might bump into her, and things would get worse.

Pondering on the chances of that occurring, Toby whipped out his phone and sent a message. A few seconds later, his phone vibrated.

Toby gave the screen a quick glance, after which he turned toward Sonia, who was still sitting in the driver’s seat. “Just wait for a bit. The bodyguard captain who sent the culprit away is in the police station right now. I just sent him a message to come get you, so now that you have him protecting you, the reporters won’t dare to go near you.” And so would I be less worried.

Sonia’s red lips moved, as if she wanted to say something. However, it was just then that two knocks sounded on the car window on Toby’s side.

Toby rolled down the windows, and the captain leaned in. “President Fuller.”

“Take good care of Vice President Reed, and don’t let her get hurt,” Toby said solemnly as he looked at the captain.

The latter nodded earnestly. “Don’t worry, President Fuller. I will make sure that she’s safe and sound.”

Toby gave a slight nod.

The captain walked around the front of the car and went to the driver’s seat. He opened the car door and gave Sonia a courteous gesture. “This way please, Miss Reed”

Seeing his actions, Sonia was about to reject, but somehow, she couldn’t say a word now.

In the end, she gave a minuscule sigh, said thanks, then got out of the car. Just as expected, Sonia’s appearance caused a stir among the reporters, and they were visibly excited.

However, seeing the tall and muscular man beside her, the reporters didn’t dare move forward.

This was because they had witnessed how this captain had beaten up the culprit.

Just like that, under the captain’s protection, Sonia went into the police station without any hiccups.

If she were alone, the reporters would definitely cling to her. After Sonia got to the hall, a policeman escorted her to get the investigation records done.

In the process, Sonia showed them evidence like her bank card records and the messages on her phone. This was to prove that she had never done anything to Tina.

After all, if she really wanted to ask someone to harm Tina, she would have to give them money and contact the person themselves.

The police could use these two aspects to verify her innocence.

After about half an hour, the police had investigated all of Sonia’s bank card records and the messages on her phone to all her contacts. In the end, they concluded that there was nothing suspicious.

Therefore, the police had more or less believed that Sonia was innocent, but even so, they couldn’t make the decision right away. They had to send someone to the hospital to ask Tina a few questions to clarify this potential misunderstanding.

“We’ll wrap up the questioning here. Thank you for your cooperation, Miss Reed.” The officer in charge of the records stood up and extended a hand toward Sonia.

Sonia smiled as she shook his hand. “No problem. I’m doing it for myself as well, and I’m just doing what’s right. Still, I want to ask about that person who splashed acid at me…”

The officer knew what she wanted to ask, and he put on his cap before answering. “We’re interrogating him in the interrogation room next door. I’m sure the results will be out soon.”

“All right, understood. Thank you.” Sonia nodded and smiled.

After that, she went to the hall and found a seat, so she sat down and waited for the interrogation to end.

The bodyguard captain walked over with a plastic bag in one hand. “Miss Reed, it’s already noon, and President Fuller had asked me to bring you snacks and some milk to fend off the hunger for a while longer.”

Sonia stared at the bag in front of her, but she didn’t take it.

The captain wasn’t in a hurry, either. “President Fuller also said that if you finish these, you would be repaying him a favor, like that one time he suppressed the news online for your sake.”

Sonia raised an eyebrow. “He really said that?”

“Yes.” The captain nodded.

Well, well, well. She only heard of people giving out benefits just so they get repaid, but as for giving others benefits as repayment of kindness, she had never heard before.

“Miss Reed, just accept it.” Seeing that Sonia still hadn’t taken the bag, the captain couldn’t help but try to convince her again.

Sonia rubbed her stomach. She was actually a little hungry, and since she would be doing Toby a favor, she decided to just go with it.

With that in mind, she reached out and took the bag.

The captain let out a long sigh. “Enjoy your meal, Miss Reed.”

“Thank him for me, will you?” Sonia said, looking at him.

The captain replied, “Don’t worry. I will.”

With that, he left to carry out his mission.

In the car, Toby could see right away that the captain was walking out of the police station with empty hands. It meant that Sonia had accepted the food, so the tension written all over Toby’s face melted away.

She accepted it!

“President Fuller.” The captain walked over to the car.

Toby gave him a wave. “I know what you want to say. I’m just glad to know that she accepted it.”

“Understood.” The captain swallowed the words he was going to say.

Toby looked at his watch. “How much longer is she going to be in there?”

“Perhaps for a while longer. The culprit is still being interrogated, so it won’t be too soon,” the captain replied.

That person had intentionally thrown such a dangerous item at Sonia, so it would classify as intentional homicide. It was a criminal case.

Of course, the interrogations wouldn’t proceed like the case with Sonia, who was only asked a few questions.

Toby understood it as well. He rubbed his temples and gave up on prodding. “Return to the police station, then. Whatever Sonia needs, you make sure to provide for her.”

“Understood, sir.”

At the police station, Sonia ate a slice of red velvet cake and drank a glass of milk, and it was enough to fill her stomach. She wiped her hands and stood up so that she could dispose of the garbage.

Seeing that, the captain quickly snatched the garbage off her hands. “Miss Reed, just sit down and rest. Leave these little things to me.”

Sonia was speechless as she stared incredulously at him.

All right, I don’t even have to guess to know that it was Toby’s orders! Fine, it was just some garbage. I’ll just let him do what he wants.

Sonia shrugged and sat back in her seat. Suddenly, her phone rang.

Sonia opened her bag and saw the word ‘Carl’ dancing on her phone screen. She immediately understood that Carl had received news of today’s events.

“Hello, Carl.” Sonia picked up the phone.

On the other end of the line, Carl was sitting alone in a large dressing room. Exquisite makeup was applied on his face, but it could do nothing to hide the cold and gloomy expression on his face. “Are you all right, Sonia?”

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