This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 295

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 295

Upon seeing the ridiculous comments that popped up in support of Tina’s false sob story as well as the wretched girl’s triumphant smirk, Sonia clenched her fist and slammed it on the desk in blatant fury. The loud bang that followed echoed around the room, sending ripples across the stifling silence.

Toby instantly reached for her wrist and lifted her hand for inspection.

“What are you doing?” Sonia pulled away and shot him a wary look.

When he saw how defensive she was of him, he was a little hurt. As he lowered his gaze, he answered quietly, “I only wanted to see whether you bruised your hand or something.”

She turned away from him and muttered, “Please, it’s not as if I was jackhammering the desk. There’s no bruise at all.”

He hummed in response. “Glad you’re okay and all, but the next time you’re angry, try not to beat up sturdy inanimate objects. You’ll only end up hurting yourself.”

“I know. There’s no need to nag,” she grumbled after briefly pursing her lips.

Toby drew his hand back and he was about to say something when the office door swung open from the outside.

The next second, Asher stormed into the room like an angry bull as he thundered, “What is this news about you delisting, Sonia?”

He was staring daggers at Sonia while completely ignoring Toby, who stood mutely next to her as he watched the exchange.

Sonia, on the other hand, switched off Tina’s blood-boiling livestream. Since Tina had already told—or more accurately, lied to—the viewers about how and why Sonia had caused her such misfortune, there was no need to watch the rest of the livestream anymore. It wasn’t like the content would favor Sonia anyway.

Sonia released her mouse and coldly looked up at Asher. “That’s right. I’m sure Miss Daphne has already given you all the details.”

Asher was furious as he struck the desk. “How dare you pull something off like this without any permission!”

“Oh, I dare to do so and I have done it!” She rose from her seat and glowered at the man while being unaffected by his tantrum. “Because lest you forget, I am the biggest shareholder in Paradigm Co.!”

As things escalated, Toby stood quietly next to Sonia and admiration flashed in his dark orbs when he saw how witty and sharp she could be.

“You—” Asher choked on his words, his rage suddenly turning into a lump in his throat. After what seemed like a long pause, he regained his composure and snapped, “Yes, you may be the biggest shareholder in Paradigm Co., but don’t forget that I’m the one in charge around here. You are nothing but the vice president!”

“So what?” Sonia crossed her arms, looking high and mighty as she countered, “You know, President Dafoe, you should be grateful that you’re a senior in Paradigm Co., which is why half the company is in favor of you. Otherwise, I’d have taken back whatever authority you have right now by calling a shareholders’ meeting. I am, after all, the biggest shareholder and it’s well within my rights to do so. In other words, I can easily become the company’s president.”

Logically speaking, her position as the biggest shareholder afforded her a voice in the company, but she could not rally support among the other directors and she dared not speak out against Asher either. She feared that he might storm out of Paradigm Co. and take all his supporters with him, which would be more than enough to crumble the company.

That was because the company could not get any new blood to replace his supporters. After having considered this, she would much rather swallow her pride as the biggest shareholder and take on the role of vice president instead.

It went without saying that Asher knew of her concerns, which was why he had little to no regard for her even when she was the company’s major shareholder.

“Oh? You’re going to hold a shareholders’ meeting, are you? And you’ll just take away my authority with such ease, is that right?” He guffawed like he had just heard the world’s biggest joke. “Sonia, are you sure that’s the wise thing to do? If I walk, who is to say that half of the company won’t walk with me? You know as well as I do that those in favor of me are the backbone of Paradigm Co., and the rest of you are done for the moment they leave! Go ahead and call the meeting if you dare to do so!”

Sonia dug her nails into her palms and she was about to retort when a man’s cold voice asked intimidatingly, “Why wouldn’t she?”

She immediately turned and gaped at Toby in surprise.

Asher was also displeased as he turned to snap, “This is between me and Vice President Reed. Why don’t you keep quiet as an assistant and—President Fuller?” His voice raised by an octave when he finally registered Toby’s presence and disbelief colored his face as he stared at Toby.

Although Asher had seen a figure next to Sonia when he barged in earlier, he was in such a rush to confront her that he didn’t pay any attention to the said companion and merely thought of the man as some lowly assistant.

However, he certainly didn’t expect the assistant to actually be Toby—otherwise known as the president of Fuller Group!

A stunned Asher blinked at Toby and stammered, “P-President Fuller, what brings you here?” Then, he gestured lamely between Toby and Sonia as he added, “A-Are you and Sonia—”

“I’m here because I have a couple of things to discuss with Sonia. Have you forgotten that we are collaborating on the project for alternative energy technology?” Toby demanded, his eyes flashing insidiously.

He couldn’t very well say that he was here because he was worried about Sonia, who would undoubtedly be unhappy with him if he did so.

Meanwhile, she raised a brow and although she was surprised that he lied, she did not expose him. He can do whatever he wants.

“I see,” Asher said, clearly convinced.

After all, there was no reason why he would be here other than for business. Everyone in the business world knew that he did not love her, which was why he had divorced her in the first place.

Of course he wouldn’t come here just to see her on purpose, Asher berated himself. “President Fuller, did you hear what Sonia and I were talking—”

“I heard everything!” Toby lowered his gaze like he was eyeing an annoying pest and continued coldly, “If you want to walk out of Paradigm Co. and take half the company with you, then why don’t you do so immediately?”

“What?” Asher blanched when he heard this, his eyes wide with disbelief. “President Fuller, it’s not very proper of you to interfere with our company affairs, is it?” I won’t actually leave Paradigm Co.—I was only trying to scare Sonia! I didn’t think Toby would take it seriously.

Toby eyed the other man steadily like a top predator. “I can put my foot in if I want. After all, it was only after they had collaborated with Fuller Group that half of your enterprises were revived. Besides, Vice President Reed happens to be working with me on the alternative energy project, and as the largest business partner, surely I have the privilege to partake in your company’s internal conflicts, yes?”

Asher opened and closed his mouth like a fish. “I—you’re not wrong, but—”

“Then, we’ve come to a consensus, haven’t we?” Toby interrupted the stammering man once more. “It was Vice President Reed who made all these agreements with me, so I will naturally be on her side, seeing as your departure—along with your subordinates’—will invariably affect the partnership between our companies.”

As he said this, he glanced over at Sonia with a solemn expression. “And don’t worry, Vice President Reed; I’ll send over a professional team to help you fill those vacancies left behind by President Dafoe’s subordinates, should he walk out on the company. Paradigm Co. will be fine at the end of the day.”

“What?” Asher was so shocked by Toby’s promise that his mind turned blank.

Sonia was equally astonished as she stared at Toby. “Are you serious about this?”

Toby gave her a firm nod. “Of course I am and I will keep my word. As for President Dafoe…” He paused pensively and turned his attention back to the stumped man. “If you’re going to have all those talented subordinates of yours support you, then it would be a waste for you to join another enterprise. I suggest you start your own company and with such a strong team under you, I’m sure the new business will flourish in no time. I’ll spread the word around the business circle so that no one collaborates with you, which would then ruin your pathway to entrepreneurship. What do you say, President Dafoe?”

As she was unable to contain her laughter anymore, she barely had time to clasp her hand over her mouth before she sputtered aloud. She was so amused by Toby’s words that she had to turn away, her shoulders trembling as she tried to suppress her laugh.

Asher, on the other hand, was quaking with rage, but he did not dare to bellow at Toby. All he could do was clench his fists and try to keep the smoke from coming out of his ears. What do I say? I say this is a load of bullcrap! He’s just telling other companies not to take us on, which is just as good as banishing us from the industry altogether! Start a company? At my age and with the small fortune I have, I’d end up looking like a downright fool! He’s humiliating me and he wants me to suffer!

He was fuming, but he forced out a tight smile as he responded, “You’re comical, President Fuller. Entrepreneurship is hardly on my agenda at such an old age.”

“Is that so? Does that mean you never had the intention to leave Paradigm Co. with your capable subordinates?” Toby cast Asher an imperious sideways glance.

Asher coughed twice, clearly upset by how things had turned out. “Well, of course. I was only joking with Vice President Reed since I won’t actually do something as drastic as that.”

Indeed, he wondered whether he could ever summon enough courage to carry out his threat after this.

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