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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 293

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 293

“Nothing much. I was just worried about you, so I wanted to check up on you,” Toby looked at Sonia and said affectionately.

Sonia’s eyes flashed, whereupon she quickly turned her face away and said nothing.

Toby knew that she was avoiding him. Seeing her reaction, he felt a little disappointed, but he pursed his thin lips and said, “This is just my personal emotion. You don’t need to feel pressured.”

Sonia bit her lower lip. “I know, but—”

“President Reed, bad news!” Before Sonia could finish her words, the door of the office was pushed open, and Daphne bursted in.

When Sonia saw her behaving this way, her expression became serious. “What’s wrong?”

“Tina… Tina Gray, she…” Daphne patted her chest, and after she had calmed down, she continued, “Tina Gray wants to start a live broadcast. She said that she wants to tell everyone about the whole process of your ‘evil plan’ in detail on the live broadcast.”

“Really?” Toby frowned.

Daphne nodded again and again. “She posted a notice of the live broadcast on her social platform—it’s going to start at 11.10AM.”

“11.10AM…” Sonia’s expression sank, and she hurriedly looked at the lower right corner of the computer screen. It was already 11.00AM. In other words, there were still ten minutes before the live broadcast would start.

“President Reed, what should we do now?” Daphne looked at Sonia. “Should we try to block Tina’s live broadcast in advance?”

“No!” Sonia and Toby said in unison.

Hearing that, Daphne blinked from surprise. She looked at Sonia, and then at Toby, wondering since when these two had started speaking in sync. In fact, both Sonia and Toby didn’t expect the other to say such a thing at the same time.

For Sonia, she recovered after a moment of surprise. Toby, on the other hand, curled his thin lips, feeling quite happy. Does this mean that we think alike? he thought to himself.

“President Fuller is right. This live broadcast must never be suppressed!” Sonia frowned and said solemnly. “Tina has already said that she will tell the whole process of me scheming on her in the live broadcast, so if I suppress the broadcast now, won’t that just make me seem guilty?”

“But this way, Paradigm’s stock market will drop once again.” Daphne looked worried.

Sonia rubbed her temples. “Let me think of another way.” She didn’t expect that even after Toby suppressed the news about her on the Internet, Tina would pull this stunt. And this really did catch her off guard.

At this moment, Toby suddenly said, “The best way now is to delist Paradigm Co.”

Sonia narrowed her eyes. “Delist?”

“Yes. Paradigm has just narrowly escaped bankruptcy, and its development is not too stable, so at present, it is not suitable for Paradigm to survive in the stock market. Had the state allowed companies to attack each other in the stock market, Paradigm would have been made bankrupt by the Triforce Group long ago,” Toby looked at her and said.

At this, Sonia pursed her red lips. Although what he said was a bit unpleasant, it was the hard truth. If the country had not promulgated this rule, Titus would have directly attacked Paradigm’s stock market—which right now, was already like scattered sand—and make Paradigm completely a thing of the past.

Of course, when a company’s stock market had problems, it was allowed by the state for other companies to take the opportunity to acquire the scattered shares.

Seeing that Sonia didn’t speak, Toby softened his tone. “As long as Paradigm is delisted, there will be no major changes in the stock market, and there will be no need to worry about someone deliberately taking the opportunity to cause problems in Paradigm’s stocks by acquiring its scattered shares. Thus, we should take advantage of this situation and delist Paradigm from the stock market now. It won’t be too late to re-list when Paradigm is fully developed in the future. Hm?”

Sonia admitted that she was a little persuaded. “But we can’t delist the company this fast. After all the procedures are completed, Paradigm’s stock market would have long collapsed.”

“It’s okay. I can make a call and get them to delist your company today,” Toby raised his chin and said.

Sonia frowned and immediately wanted to refuse his offer. Of course, Toby had expected it long ago, so he spoke before she did. “I know you probably don’t want to trouble me, but you already owe me a favor, so it makes no difference for you to owe me another one. Wouldn’t it be alright to repay it altogether in the future?”

Sonia opened her mouth but was speechless. Forget it. Does it matter how much I owe him? I would just repay him twice as much in the future. In short, she couldn’t bear to watch her company’s stocks continue to plummet this way.

“Okay, then. President Fuller, I’m counting on you about this, but I have to discuss it with the shareholders. Delisting is not something I can decide alone,” Sonia rubbed her cheeks and said with a tired tone.

Toby responded, “Okay.”

Subsequently, Sonia looked at Daphne. “Tell the shareholders and senior management about the delisting to see what they think, and then report to me about their thoughts and opinions. Get this done as soon as possible.”

“Understood!” Daphne pushed her glasses on the bridge of her nose and turned around to leave.

After she left, Sonia saw that her glass was empty, so she wanted to get up to refill it at the water dispenser. All of a sudden, she felt dizzy, and the cup in her hand loosened and fell to the ground, shattering into pieces.

Meanwhile, her own body also swayed and fell to the ground. When Toby saw this, his expression changed. Immediately, he stood up and strode over with his long legs, then he stretched out his arms to hook her shoulders and pull her body close.

Falling into his arms, Sonia closed her eyes and leaned against his chest while panting slightly. She seemed to be in major discomfort, with beads of sweat rolling down her forehead.

Toby touched her forehead nervously, thinking she had a fever. But when he touched her forehead, he found that she was normal and didn’t have a fever. What is going on? He was confused.

“Help me… back to the chair.” Sonia spoke. Her voice trembled as she didn’t have much strength left in her.

Toby picked her up, helped her return to her desk, and sat her in her office chair at once.

“Drawer. My candy.” Sonia raised her hand and pointed to the desk with her trembling finger.

Toby finally understood what happened and hurriedly opened several drawers of the desk to find the candy she had mentioned. He picked up one, quickly peeled it open, and placed it in her mouth.

Soon, after Sonia ate a piece of candy, her complexion gradually improved, and there was no cold sweat breaking out anymore. Finally, she opened her eyes and said in a weak voice, “Thank you.”

“How could you have such severe hypoglycemia?” Toby frowned, with blatant concern in his tone.

Sonia pinched her eyebrows. “It’s caused by the pregnancy.”

Toby’s pupils shrank, and he was speechless. He was the one who did this to her!

“Can it be improved or cured?” Toby asked, clenching the candy wrapper in his palm.

“Yes. I’ll be okay after I rest for a while,” Sonia shook the drowsiness in her head and replied.

During this period of time, due to the heavy workload, her rest time was not as sufficient as before. Plus, the fetus needed a lot of nutrition, so her low blood sugar condition was more serious than before. That was why she always had candy in her drawer.

“Then you should rest,” Toby looked at Sonia and said in a deep voice.

Sonia sneered, “Do you think I don’t want to? The point is that I can’t.”

Asher had been eyeing the management rights and shares in her hands; he was scheming to dethrone her every moment of every day. If she rested, Asher would immediately have an excuse to force her to hand over the management rights. So, she didn’t dare to rest—or more importantly, she just couldn’t.

Toby also understood where Sonia came from. While feeling distressed, he expressed his disagreement. “But your body…”

“That’s enough, President Fuller. It’s my business.” Sonia didn’t want to discuss her physical problems with him, so after interrupting him coldly, she glanced at the time in the lower right corner of the computer, and her beautiful eyes narrowed. “The live broadcast has started.”

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