This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 291

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 291

The happiness on Tina’s face vanished immediately, and she glared fiercely at that person. “What are you doing here?”

“I… I wanted to come visit you and bring you some chicken soup.” Rina smiled at her pleasantly before stepping into the ward.

Seeing this, as if something in her had snapped, Tina immediately slapped the quilt on her body and yelled, “What are you doing here? Get out! Don’t ever step in here! You are full of bacteria and will only pollute the air I breathe. Get out right now!”

Hearing this, Rina froze in place and felt helpless. “I have no bacteria on my body. I’ve even changed my clothes, Tina…”

“Shut up! Stop calling my name!” Tina’s face contorted in disgust as she interrupted Rina loudly. “Rina Gray, remember this: I forbid you from calling my name and saying that you are my sister. You are not my sister. Understood?”

“I… I…” Rina lowered her head and sobbed softly.

Right then, Julia came in to see her eldest daughter in tears and her youngest daughter completely livid; she couldn’t help but frown slightly.

“What’s wrong? Rina, tell me what happened,” Julia wiped Rina’s tears and asked in distress.

Rina buried her head in Julia’s arms. “Mom, should I not have come back?”

“Why would you even say that?” Julia was surprised at first, and then she quickly added, “This is your home—of course you could come back!”

“B-But why does Tina hate me so much? She doesn’t allow me to call her name, and she also said that I’m not her sister…” Rina continued to sob in Julia’s arms.

Hearing what Rina said, Julia was taken aback. “Did Tina really say that?”

“Yeah.” Rina nodded.

Julia narrowed her eyes slightly and looked at Tina with conflicted eyes.

Meeting her mother’s gaze, Tina turned her head away in guilt, all while cursing Rina in her heart.

How dare this hillbilly tell on me!

She had originally thought that Rina had always lived in a remote place, so she had probably developed a timid character; never did she expect that Rina was just pretending to be timid and obedient as a means to gain sympathy and compete for favor.

“It’s okay, Rina. You just came back after all, so Tina may still be a little uncomfortable. I will talk about this with her again later,” Julia patted Rina’s back gently and comforted her lovingly. “Okay, Rina. Go outside and wait for me; I will talk to your sister for a while and take you out shopping later.”

“Okay.” Rina broke into a grin then got out of her arms. Before she left, she handed her the thermos in her hand, nodded, and walked out.

Now, only Julia and Tina were left in the ward.

Julia put the thermos on the bedside and looked at Tina with displeasure. “Tina, what’s the matter with you? How could you treat your sister like this! Before she came back, weren’t you anticipating for her to come back too? You said that you wanted a sister to love you and protect you. But what are you doing now?”

Who said that I was anticipating for her to come back? It was just a lie that I purposely told in the first place. But who knew that b*tch would actually come back, Tina thought to herself.

Even though she thought so in her heart, she couldn’t say it out loud.

Tina’s hands in the quilt were tightly clasped together, but her eyes were red with grievance. “Mom, I didn’t mean to do this to her. I just can’t accept that she is my sister. That’s all. She’s so thin and short. Plus, she’s not at all good-looking and looks so poor. She doesn’t look like someone who’s fit to be my sister. Mom, could it be that you’ve found the wrong girl?”

“How can it be? Do you see that Rina’s eyes are the same as mine?” Julia pointed at her own eyes. “Besides, your dad has done a paternity test with Rina, and the test results show that he is her real father. If she is not Rina, then who is?”

Tina bit her lip. “That’s exactly why I can’t accept it—she doesn’t know anything at all! When she came back yesterday, she was a complete joke! When I walked with her, I felt ashamed and was afraid that others would laugh at us, saying that the Gray family has such an embarrassing daughter.”

Julia sighed. “I know what you mean now. You’re saying that you feel humiliated and embarrassed that she is your sister, right?

Tina’s eyes flashed, but she didn’t answer. Julia took it as the answer to her question.

This was just one of the reasons.

The real reason was that she couldn’t accept that such a country bumpkin like Rina could not only threaten her position in the Gray family, but also wanted to steal her parents’ favor and the Gray family’s property from her.

She had to find a way to drive Rina away!

Julia didn’t know what Tina was thinking, so she patted Tina’s head and said lovingly, “Tina, I understand you, but you also need to understand your sister’s circumstances. She grew up in the countryside, so she didn’t have the opportunities like you did to learn various skills. She doesn’t know how to live as an upper class person, and it is completely understandable for her to be embarrassing at times. You have to bear with it for the time being.”

Speaking of this, Julia laughed. “Your father and I have signed your sister up for a lot of etiquette training courses as well as some other courses, such as piano lessons, dance lessons and such. I believe your sister will soon change and improve. Then, you won’t feel that your sister is an embarrassment to the Gray family or you.”

“R-Really? That’s great!” Tina squeezed the corners of her mouth and replied with a forced smile.

However, her heart was full of twisted hatred.

As soon as Rina came back, they couldn’t wait to start doting on her.

What are they trying to do, huh? Do they want her to replace me as soon as possible? Tina thought.

It seems that I need to drive Rina away as soon as possible. If that’s not possible, then I might have to…

Tina squinted while a trace of killing intent flashed through her eyes.

No matter what it would take, she would never tolerate anyone who challenged and threatened her—not Sonia or even Rina, even if she was her own sister!

Julia didn’t notice anything unusual about Tina, so she opened the thermos and poured her a bowl of chicken soup. “Here. This is cooked for you by Rina. Why don’t you try it?”

Tina smelled the aroma of the chicken soup and was originally interested, but as soon as she heard that it was made by Rina, she lost her appetite.

However, she didn’t show it on her face and still took the chicken soup with a smile. “Rina made the soup for me? Mom, thank her for me, please!”

Seeing that her younger daughter no longer rejected her eldest daughter after listening to her advice, Julia felt delighted. “Of course! I’ll tell Rina later. She’ll be very happy to hear this from you.”

Tina sneered in her heart as she stirred the chicken soup with a spoon. “Mom, didn’t you say you were going to accompany Rina for shopping? Go on. Don’t keep her waiting!”

“Oh, yes! I’ll go first, then. Call me if you need anything, okay?” Julia said while looking at her watch.

Tina responded lightly.

Soon, Julia picked up her bag and left.

When the door of the ward was closed, Tina’s expression turned colder than ice. In the next second, she turned to pour all the chicken soup into the vase by the bed.

Seeing the chicken soup blending with the soil in the vase, she murmured disdainfully, “Who knows if the soup stewed by the hillbilly is even clean!”


As soon as Tina placed the empty bowl forcefully on the bedside, her phone rang.

When she saw that it was the head of the internet ghostwriters that she had hired, she answered it directly.

Before she could speak, a hurried voice rang. “Miss Gray, bad news. Sonia Reed’s news has suppressed our news articles completely, and now, it’s basically impossible to find on the Internet.”

“What?” Tina’s back straightened suddenly, and her expression was horrendous. “Did she do it herself?”

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