This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 290

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 290

“What?” Toby’s expression changed slightly, and he felt a numbing chill surge through his body.

After a few seconds, he asked again, “How is Sonia now?”

“Miss Reed has not been out of her office, so those media and netizens didn’t get to hurt her, but I guess it has greatly affected her spirit,” Tom replied.

Toby squinted coldly. “Immediately expose scandals about some actors to suppress the news about Sonia on the Internet, and also compile a list of all those accounts that are malicious to Sonia as well as the netizens who scolded her.”

He would get back to them after all of these were settled.

“Understood!” Tom nodded and immediately did as he was told.

Toby took out his mobile phone from his trouser pocket and dialed Sonia’s number. “Hello, the number you dialed is currently on another call. Please try again later…”

On another call?

Toby frowned.

Who could she possibly be talking to now?

The faces of Charles and Carl flashed in Toby’s mind, and the more he thought about it, the more solemn he looked.

Finally, he put his phone away and walked toward the elevator.

He was worried about her.

In the end, he decided he should just go and check on her himself.

In Paradigm Co., Sonia looked at Toby’s incoming call. A strange glint flashed in her eyes, but it soon disappeared.

She could guess why he was calling.

He must have seen what happened online.

“Sonia, are you still there?” On the other end of the phone, Zane couldn’t hear her voice, so he called out her name.

Sonia put the phone back to her ear. “I’m still here. Sorry. A call came in just now.”

“Who?” Zane asked curiously.

Sonia’s eyes flashed upon thinking of that certain person. “Someone irrelevant. Don’t mind them.”

“Okay.” Zane shrugged and did not doubt her words. Then, he said with a serious face, “Since what happened to Tina was done by Tim, he should come forward to prove your innocence. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to solve.”

“I know.” Sonia nodded. “I just called Tim, but no one answered.”

“He should be in an operation. A politician abroad had a brain tumor, and he learned that if he let Tim perform the operation, it would greatly increase the success rate, so he rushed over from abroad, and the operation is set for today. My dad and the others are in the hospital right now, accompanying the politician. This operation is very long, and it is impossible to end it in any shorter than ten hours,” Zane said.

Sonia suddenly raised her chin in realization. “Oh, I see.”

She was worried just now that Tim didn’t answer the phone on purpose.

Since she found out now that it wasn’t intentional, she was relieved.

“But does that mean I have to wait for over ten hours before I can ask him to help me prove my innocence?” Sonia frowned.

After more than ten hours, she could foresee that things would develop to the point where the situation would be unsalvageable.

But that was not the most important thing at this point. The most important thing was that Asher might not even wait for more than ten hours to force her to hand over the management rights.

Zane sighed. “That’s right. You can only wait now, but I can temporarily help you suppress the heat on the Internet so that you have time to take a breather and stabilize Paradigm’s stock for the time being… Huh?”

All of a sudden, he saw something surprising, and he even blinked a few times in surprise.

“What’s wrong?” Sonia asked curiously.

Zane moved his face closer to the computer to make sure he read it correctly, then he gulped and said, “Sonia, there is some good news. There has been a lot less news about you on the Internet. Did you tell someone to do it?”

“What? I didn’t.” Sonia shook her head.

Zane’s brows furrowed. “That’s weird. I just saw a lot of commotion on the Internet a while ago, but now, it’s almost all gone. It must have been suppressed by someone. You said it wasn’t you, so who would it be? Could it be Charles or Carl?”

“Impossible!” Sonia shook her head with certainty. “There are many media reporters over at Charles’ company too, so I’m sure he’s busy dealing with the media there, and he wouldn’t have the time to block the news for me. As for Carl, he has a completely closed filming job today—he is probably still clueless as to what happened now, so it can’t be him.”

“If it’s not Carl or Charles, who could it be? Wait. Could it be…” Zane then thought of a person, and his expression became solemn.

Sonia also thought of him. Her red lips moved, and she slowly uttered, “Toby Fuller.”

It must be him. He even called me just now.

“I, too, think it’s him, and the possibility of that is very high. Sonia, if it is indeed Toby, will you forgive him because of this?” Zane asked tentatively.

Sonia lowered her eyes and said softly, “No. These are two completely different things.”

Zane immediately felt relieved and laughed when he heard this. “That’s good, that’s good.”

Hearing his reaction, Sonia couldn’t help but feel a little strange. “Aren’t you Toby’s friend? Why don’t you want me to forgive him?”

“Ah… Well…” Zane looked away with a guilty conscience and smiled shyly. “I mean, I’m just trying to be fair here. He used to be so cruel to you, so of course I wouldn’t stand by him on this.”

“Wow. Really? Then you must be a pretty just person.” Sonia nodded.

Zane was relieved when he heard that she took his word for it.

“Alright, Zane. I’ll talk to you later.” Sonia rubbed her temples.

Hearing that, Zane understood what she meant and answered, “Okay. Call me anytime if you need anything, and I will try my best to help you. Also, be careful not to have any direct contact with those netizens and the media; they are all lunatics. They can easily hurt you, so remember to protect yourself and don’t get hurt.”

“Don’t worry.” Listening to his advice, Sonia smiled.

Once the call ended, she placed her phone down and put her hand on the mouse. She then immediately searched the Internet for news about her.

It turned out that, as Zane said, news articles about her had been suppressed, and only a few pieces were found. The original hundreds of thousands of comments and reposts had all disappeared, and were replaced by the scandals of stars in the entertainment industry.

Some cheated, some hired prostitutes, some evaded taxes, and so much more.

Even the netizens could tell that these scandals were to block her news out. Needless to mention, she could tell as well.

But so what? The scandals of these stars had indeed attracted the attention of netizens, and a new round of scolding had been launched on the Internet.

However, this time round, the object of insult had become those stars.

“Phew…” Sonia got up and walked to her windows to look down. When she saw that the original dozens of media reporters had suddenly been reduced by half, she knew that those reporters that had left were probably going to interview those celebrities.

Seeing that, she heaved a sigh of relief since it gave her time to figure out a way to stabilize the stock market.

In the hospital, Tina was sitting on the hospital bed in a good mood, snacking on some fruits.

Thinking of what she had just seen on the Internet and those netizens’ verbal violence toward Sonia, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

Those netizens are really stupid. I only posted a single post, and they all believed that Sonia was behind my sexual assault.

However, it was precisely because of their foolishness that her little plan could be so successful. She just wanted to put the blame on Sonia, and she wanted her to never be able to get out of it.

How could Sonia still be clean and pure when I have been assaulted by others!

She refused to see this happen, so she was determined to drag Sonia to hell with her no matter what!

However, Sonia was also a fool. She actually posted such useless remarks about how truth would prevail—it only made everyone think that she did it.

Celebrities in the entertainment industry whose bad deeds had been exposed had all posted such things, and they were slapped in the face by their own words. Hence, no one on the internet would believe that people who said that were innocent.

At this time, the door of the ward was opened, whereupon a thin, malnourished figure came in from the outside and called out, “Tina.”

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