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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 289

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 289

Sonia originally thought that after Tina woke up and learned what happened to her, she would fall into a slump and fall silent.

Well, she definitely got ahead of herself and underestimated how thick-skinned Tina could be.

After all, how could a woman as vicious as Tina go silent just because she suffered a little? She would only become crazier!

Thinking about it, Sonia pursed her red lips, picked up her phone, and clicked on Tina’s social platform, whereupon she saw the news that Charles had mentioned.

Now that this topic was trending, the comments and forwarding had added up to more than one million. Even major media accounts had begun to use this topic to headline their latest tabloids.

Sonia clicked open the comment section with a sullen face, and when she saw those who were all comforting Tina, she felt her stomach churning violently.

Titus’ previous video had already cleared Tina’s name for the most part. Now, as soon as this post came out, Tina had completely become the victim. Except for those who knew Tina’s personality or couldn’t bear with her antics, everyone only sympathized with and felt sorry for her.

It had to be said that Tina was really Titus’ daughter; their methods of clearing their names were even the same.

“Heh…” Sonia sneered, and without reading these comments, she left Tina’s social platform and clicked into her own.

As soon as she clicked in, all kinds of ringtone sounded one after another. With that, the phone froze, and it took about a minute for it to recover.

Sonia’s heart sank when she saw the bright red ‘99+’ wording in the private message and comments section.

She opened the private chat box first and saw all kinds of vicious swearing and aggressive emojis in it. She didn’t feel all that surprised despite her tense face. After all, she had already anticipated it.

Otherwise, why else would she even go onto her social media account?

Because of Tina’s post, which directly accused her of being the mastermind behind her sexual assault, these netizens naturally believed her words and went to her social platform to attack her openly.

Thinking about it, Sonia clicked the ’new post’ button and also posted an update.

What she posted was simple—it was just one sentence: ‘I had nothing to do with Tina Gray’s assault. The truth will prevail @TinaGray.’

Many netizens had been keeping an eye on Sonia’s profile, so they soon saw this post of hers.

When they saw that Sonia said she didn’t do anything to Tina, the netizens didn’t believe it. Instead, they badgered her more fiercely, including some ghostwriters; in just two to three minutes, her comment section already had thousands of comments, which were all against her.

Seeing this, Sonia couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. In the end, she got really upset, so she quit the social platform to get it out of sight.

At this moment, her cell phone rang.

Sonia glanced at it annoyingly. It was an unfamiliar local number.

After hesitating for a while, she still answered it. “Who is this?”

“Is this Miss Reed?” It was a woman’s voice.

”Speaking,” Sonia replied, rubbing her eyebrows.

As soon as the woman on the end of the line heard Sonia admitting her identity, her voice became extremely excited. “Hello, Miss Reed! I’m from Lang Stream Media. Regarding Miss Gray’s online statement that you were the one behind her incident, what do you think of it?”

Hearing this, Sonia tightened her hand around her cell phone suddenly, and her face darkened. “Where did you get my cell phone number?”

The woman was stunned for a moment. Ignoring her question, she urged impatiently, “Miss Reed, please answer my question first. Did you really get someone to assault Miss Gray?”

With a stiff face, Sonia hung up the phone immediately.

She knew better than to answer the reporter. If she did, the reporter would only continue to ask endless questions, and the questions would become more and more tricky.

So there was no need to go on.

And in order to prevent this reporter from calling again, Sonia immediately added the number just now to the blacklist.

However, as soon as Sonia blacklisted the number, the phone rang again, and it was still an unfamiliar local number.

Sonia guessed that the woman called from a different number, or it was another reporter.

Therefore, she hung up directly and blacklisted it!

Alas, this was not the end. There were more phone calls from unknown numbers coming in one after another, and even some aggressive text messages from netizens, which made Sonia feel extremely exhausted.

She wanted to turn off her mobile phone many times, but thinking about the partners and customers who would occasionally call, she had to hold back the urge so that these people could still call and send text messages to her. She just had to stop looking at the hostile messages.

“President Reed!” Daphne walked in anxiously.

Sonia opened her eyes to look at her. “What’s wrong?”

“Miss Reed, there are a lot of netizens downstairs, and they gave you a lot of blades and condolences wreaths…” Daphne glanced at her secretly and replied in a low voice.

Sonia’s face turned cold. All of a sudden, there was an indescribable anger and grievance rising in her heart.

She obviously did nothing to deserve this, but in the end, she still had to endure these scoldings and curses.

Looking at Sonia’s slightly trembling body, Daphne asked with concern, “Miss Reed, are you all right?”

Sonia shook her head. “I’m fine. Go and tell the security guards to seize the people who delivered the wreaths and send them directly to the police station!”

“Okay,” Daphne responded immediately. Then, she thought of something and added, “There is one more thing. This has gone too viral, and now, our company’s stock has plummeted. President Dafoe has just issued a notice saying that you should solve these troubles as soon as possible, or you will have to give him half of the management power in your hand.”

“Asher Dafoe!” Sonia slammed the table angrily. “Now that Paradigm’s stock is turbulent, instead of trying to stabilize the stock market, how dare he think of trying to seize power!”

“I know, right!” Daphne nodded in anger, but in the next second, she became serious again. “That being said, many high-level executives do currently support President Dafoe. After all, this matter is indeed directly related to you, so they think you were the one that caused Paradigm to be like this. They are already discussing holding a shareholders’ meeting to re-determine whether you are qualified to hold that half of the management power.”

Sonia opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t bring herself to, because she couldn’t deny that she was indeed the one that implicated the plummeting of Paradigm’s stock.

Although she wasn’t the one that did it directly to Tina, she did throw the blame on her, and she couldn’t prove her innocence unless Tim admitted that he was the one behind this; after all, he pulled the trigger.

Thinking of this, Sonia pinched the bridge of her nose and said in a tired voice, “I see. Go and tell Asher that I will solve it as soon as possible.”

“Sure.” Daphne glanced at her worriedly, then turned around to exit her office.

Sonia picked up the phone and tried to call Tim.

The call got through, but no one answered, which made Sonia’s heart sink.

Is he not answering on purpose, or is he really busy?

Sonia frowned and drummed her fingers on the desk uneasily.

Suddenly, her phone rang again.

Sonia immediately thought it was Tim who called back after seeing the call she made, so she quickly picked up her phone with an excited expression.

However, when she saw Zane’s name on the caller ID, the joy on her face suddenly froze. In the next second, she sighed in disappointment and finally answered.

At the same time, at Fuller Group.

Toby just came out of the conference room after a meeting when Tom walked over with a solemn expression. “President Fuller, something happened to Miss Reed.”

“What’s wrong?” Toby stopped and asked hastily.

Tom pushed his glasses and replied, “Tina Gray posted a post on the Internet, saying that Miss Reed was the one behind her assault. The netizens believed it fully and went to insult her on her social media platform. Some even delivered blades and condolences wreaths to curse her. Besides, almost all the media went to Paradigm Co. to confront Miss Reed as well.”

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