This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 288

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 288

“Huh?” Sonia was surprised to hear what the elderly said.

What did I do?

The lady in the elevator smiled again. “It’s normal for young couples to quarrel, but you shouldn’t go too far. I think this young man is very sincere in admitting his mistake. He bought you breakfast, so you should forgive him. It’s hard to find men like him these days. If you don’t cherish him, you will regret it for the rest of your life.”

“Wait. What? I—”

Ding! The elevator had reached the designated floor.

The lady patted Sonia on the shoulder and cut her off. “Girl, think about what I said.”

After finishing speaking, the lady looked at Toby again. “And you, young man, don’t make your girlfriend angry anymore. It’s fate that brought you together, and you have to cherish it.”

“Yes. I will. Thank you so much.” Toby nodded slightly to express his gratitude.

He knew very well that he didn’t cherish Sonia in the past, but he would put her first in the future.

Seeing that Toby had listened to her words, the lady took the arm of the man next to her and walked out of the elevator with a smile.

Sonia, on the other hand, didn’t walk out as she still hadn’t reached her floor.

She grabbed her hair and said irritably, “What the hell is wrong with you, Toby Fuller? How thick-skinned can you be? When the lady took us as a couple, how dare you admit it!”

Toby first pressed the close button for the elevator doors. “I just didn’t want the old couple to be embarrassed if they found out they made a mistake.”

“Bullsh*t!” Sonia glared at him. “You obviously have ulterior motives.”

Toby raised his eyebrows and acquiesced.

Sonia rubbed her brows and finally calmed down a little. “Okay, I will let it go this time, but if there is another time, Toby, I won’t let you off so easily.”

She looked at him coldly.

Toby felt a shot of pain in his heart. He lowered his eyelids to cover the sadness in his eyes and said, “Okay. Then this breakfast—”

“I don’t want it.” Sonia faintly spat out these words before waking out of the elevator without a backward glance, then she walked to the place where she had parked.

Toby ??also followed her with the breakfast bag in his hand.

Sonia naturally heard the footsteps behind her and ignored it while taking out the car key from her bag. Then, she unlocked her car and opened the door before she got in and left quickly.

Meanwhile, Toby could only stand in place and watch her leave while pursing his thin lips slightly in disappointment.

Tom, who came to pick Toby up, was not far away from the scene and witnessed everything unfold before him. Feeling bad for his boss, he could only shake his head and heave a heavy sigh.

It seems that President Fuller still has a long way to go in his pursuit of his wife!


In Paradigm Co.

Sonia was busy processing the mountain of documents when Daphne knocked on the door and came in. “President Reed, someone from Stone Incorporated is here to see you.”

“Stone Incorporated?” Sonia frowned as she heard what Daphne said.

Daphne nodded in response. “Yes. He is the president of Stone Incorporated.”

“It’s about Cynthia, huh?” Sonia hooked her lips.

“Yes, he mentioned that he is here to apologize to you on behalf of Cynthia Stone,” Daphne replied.

Sonia snorted, “He didn’t even bring any gifts for the apology. I’m sure this apology is not sincere at all, just like last time.”

The last time, it was Carmen Fletcher who had blocked her at the door of the court, saying that she wanted to apologize to her. She begged her to let Cynthia go, but she didn’t bring any gifts with her as well.

Of course, she was not greedy for the gifts. That being said, if one was here to apologize but didn’t even bear a gift, it would only show that they were insincere.

And this time, it was the same with Oliver Stone.

She couldn’t help but be amazed at how similar the Stone couple were—they were indeed a couple. Maybe Carmen even knew that Sonia would not let Cynthia off this easily, so she specially asked Oliver to come to her in person.

But did she really think that I would just let Cynthia go just because Chairman Stone dropped by?

Oh, dream on! I don’t even care about Titus Gray, let alone the Stone family, who can’t even come close to comparing with Paradigm!

“President Reed, do you want to meet him?” Daphne looked at Sonia and asked.

Sonia lowered her head and continued processing the documents. With a cold voice, she answered, “No. Tell them to leave.”

“Alright.” Daphne nodded in understanding, turned around, and went out.

After some time, Sonia finally finished processing the pile of documents in front of her. She got up and walked to her window while moving her sore neck and wrist.

All of a sudden, she saw several vans approaching not far below and parked at the front entrance.

The car door opened, whereupon a group of men and women carrying microphones and cameras rushed toward the entrance frantically.

Judging from their actions, it was as if they had gotten some shocking news and were beyond excited.

Sonia frowned, not understanding what had happened to make this group of media so excited to come to Paradigm Co.

Thinking of this, she felt uneasy in her heart.

Immediately, Sonia took a deep breath and suppressed her uneasiness for a while. Once she was calm, she turned back to the desk to pick up the landline and called Daphne’s office.

“President Reed, do you have any orders?” Daphne’s respectful voice rang through.

Sonia pursed her red lips. “I just saw a group of media personnel rushing into the company, and they are now in the lobby. Go and find out—”

Before she could finish, her phone rang.

Seeing that Charles was the one calling, Sonia grabbed the phone and said to Daphne, “Wait a minute.”

“Okay.” Daphne nodded.

Sonia put down the landline, swiped the answer button with her finger, and answered Charles’ call. “Hey, Charles.”

“Baby, are there a lot of media personnel at your office?” Charles’ anxious voice reached her eardrums.

This unearthed her anxiety that she had barely managed to suppress.

She clenched on her phone and nodded. “Yes. There are about 20 people here. Charles, what the hell is going on? Do you know anything about this?”

Charles said angrily, “It’s all because of Tina Gray. About half an hour ago, she actually posted on her social platform, saying that she was r*ped, and it was all planned by you. So naturally, all the media came to look for you.”

“What?” Sonia’s expression changed slightly. “Tina actually said that?”

“Yes. She did, and it’s pissing me off. I really wish I could tear her up to bits. What the f*ck! I’ve never seen such a shameless woman!” Charles shouted loudly.

After a few seconds, he took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. “Baby, listen to me. Don’t take a step out of your office, or the media would never let you go.”

“I know.” Sonia nodded solemnly.

Charles hummed in approval. “That’s good. But I am still worried about you being all alone in Paradigm Co. I’ll come over to accompany you.”

With that, he was about to hang up.

However, Sonia hurriedly stopped him. “Don’t! Don’t come over. You are still my boyfriend to the outside world. If you show up, those media will definitely grab onto you, and perhaps there are people from the media waiting at your company right now.”

“President Lane!” As soon as she finished speaking, she heard someone calling out for Charles on the other end of the phone.

It was unclear what kind of conversation Charles had with the person, but after more than ten seconds, he came back to the phone and said again, “Baby, you were right; there are some of them here too at my company.”

“I’m sorry, Charles, for getting you involved.” Sonia twitched the corners of her mouth apologetically.

Charles smiled indifferently. “Hey. I don’t blame you, but I may have to deal with the media here for the time being.”

“Yeah. Go ahead.” Sonia nodded.

After hanging up the phone, she picked up the landline phone she had just put down a while ago. “Daphne, go to the lobby on the first floor and have a look. Also, while you’re at it, arrange a few more security guards to stop the media and don’t let them break in!”

“Okay, President Reed.” Daphne responded.

Sonia put the phone back on the holder and rubbed her eyebrows in frustration.

Just like what Charles had said just now, Tina was indeed a shameless woman, so of course she would make trouble as soon as she woke up.

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