This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 287

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 287

Sonia’s frown grew deeper.

What was with his tone—like a husband interrogating his wife?

Did he not know who he was?

“What does it have to do with you where Zane and I went? Why does it matter to you? What a joke!” Sonia curled her lips and turned to leave.

At once, Toby took her arm and said, “I’m just worried about you—since it’s so late—”

“I don’t need you to worry about me!” Sonia pulled her arm out of his grasp and looked at him coldly. “You didn’t worry about me in the past, so there’s no need for you to do it now. Alright, President Fuller. It’s late already. Please go home—I’m heading back too.”

She left it at that and ignored him. Then, she turned around and entered the building.

Toby did not hold her back this time but simply watched her disappear into the building quietly.

Back at the apartment, Sonia took off her shoes and threw aside her bag before walking barefooted to the bathroom.

After the shower, she went into her bedroom to rest.

She was supposed to go to bed at 10.00PM but was called out by Zane. Now, she was so sleepy that she could no longer keep her eyes open.

Sonia yawned and walked to her windows, preparing to close the curtains.

As she glanced down, she spotted the roadside under the building, where Toby’s ‘humble’ car was still parked.

In other words, Toby had not left yet.

Is he trying to play a romantic now?

Sonia chuckled, then closed the curtains without hesitation in the next second, and lay down on the bed.

Downstairs, Toby was sitting in the driver’s seat, looking up at Sonia’s floor of the building.

Seeing that the lights on that floor were dimmed, he knew that she had fallen asleep.

All of a sudden, Toby’s phone rang.

He picked it up and took a look at the caller ID—it was Tom who called.

“What’s the matter?” Toby turned on the loudspeaker and plopped the phone on the co-driver’s seat. He then found a box of cigarettes and a lighter from the glove compartment.

Tom replied, “It’s no big deal—it’s just news from the hospital saying that Tina Gray woke up.”

“Okay.” When Toby heard this, he didn’t react too much; he only shuffled out a cigarette and put it in his mouth.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to care much, Tom was not surprised. He pushed his glasses and said, “In addition, there is one more thing: Rina Gray has returned to the Gray Family.”

“What?” Toby paused in the middle of flicking the ash off of his cigarette, and his eyes narrowed. “Rina Gray?”

“Yes.” Tom nodded.

Hearing his response, Toby frowned. “It’s really Rina Gray?”

“It is very likely her. Rina brought the custom-made necklace to Titus and his wife; they’re currently conducting a paternity test with Rina, and she has not left—so it is very likely that she is indeed the real Rina,” Tom replied seriously.

Toby’s expression became solemn.

That custom-made necklace…

Wasn’t the necklace in Sonia’s hands? Since when did it get into someone else’s hands?

Could it be a fake?

No, it should not be. If it was fake, Titus and his wife would’ve been able to recognize it. After all, it was a gift they gave to their daughter—no one was more familiar with what the necklace looked like than them.

Besides, the daughter’s necklace was custom-made. There is only one in the world, and there are no photos on the Internet—only the photo of the mother’s necklace was released by Titus the other day.

Although the daughter’s necklace was very similar to the mother’s necklace, there were some differences, so it was impossible for the outside world to replicate it.

The only explanation was that this so-called ‘Rina’ may have something to do with Sonia.

Perhaps Sonia gave the necklace to ‘Rina’ and asked her to find Titus.

But why would Sonia do that?

Toby raised his eyes and glanced at the dark floors, his eyebrows tightly knitted.

“President Fuller? President Fuller?” Tom didn’t hear Toby’s response for a long time, so he couldn’t help but call out twice.

Toby’s eyes flashed, then he finally came back to his senses. “Check the identity of that ‘Rina’, especially whether she has had any contact with Sonia.”

He was worried that Sonia had been deceived!

If ‘Rina’ had any other identity, it would be very dangerous for Sonia.

“Yes!” Although Tom was curious about why Toby wanted to link Rina and Sonia together, he didn’t ask too much and only answered obediently.

Once they hung up, Toby put his hand out of the car window, flicked the ashes off his cigarette again, and continued to stare at Sonia’s floor.

And that was what he did for the rest of the night.

The next day, Sonia packed up and was about to go to Paradigm Co.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Toby standing right at it.

Toby was still in the suit from last night; coupled with the fatigue on his face and the dark circles under his eyes, Sonia knew that he hadn’t left last night.

“You stayed in your car all night?” Sonia asked with a frown.

A gleam of light flashed through Toby’s eyes. “Are you stalking me?”

Otherwise, how could she guess correctly that he had been in the car all night long?

Sonia curled her lips. “You’re thinking too much. I am not.”

When Toby heard her denial, his eyes dimmed for a moment, but he was not too disappointed.

If she indeed noticed that he didn’t leave, it meant that she still paid at least a little bit of attention to him.

That was enough to make him happy.

“Oh. Breakfast!” Toby lifted the bag in his hand and handed it to Sonia. Fearing that she would refuse like last time, he quickly added, “Don’t worry. It’s not like the ones I got last time. I lined up to buy them at a nearby breakfast shop.”

“You lined up to buy it yourself?” Sonia looked at him in surprise.

Toby nodded slightly. “Yup.”

Sonia clicked her tongue.

She knew about that nearby breakfast shop. It tasted good, and she’d had it before, but it wasn’t often because those elderlies would line up before dawn every day to buy it.

Unexpectedly, this man—who had always been pampered and whose needs people would usually rush to attend to—actually went to line up to buy her breakfast in person.

Thinking of the scene where he wore a tailored suit to grab breakfast with the elderlies, Sonia couldn’t help covering her lips and laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” Toby looked at her suspiciously.

Sonia waved her hand. “It’s nothing. You can take your breakfast back. I’m not hungry.”

However, as soon as she said that, her stomach growled loudly.

Toby looked down at her lower abdomen. A gentle expression gleamed in his eyes and quickly disappeared again, without a chance of letting her notice.

“You are hungry!” Toby said.

Sonia’s face flushed, and her eyes showed a little bit of embarrassment. “I am not!”

“Your stomach just growled, though,” Toby said again.

Sonia squeezed her palm. “You heard wrongly.”

After speaking, she passed him by to walk toward the elevator.

Toby looked at her with a smile in his eyes. Then, he tried to catch up with her in two steps with his long legs and soon arrived beside her. “Okay, I heard it wrongly, but how about you eat some of it? I haven’t bought breakfast for anyone else before.”


The elevator had arrived.

Sonia lifted her foot to walk in, and there was an elderly couple inside already. They were wearing exercise clothes; Sonia figured they must have gone to the community garden for morning exercises.

Sonia first smiled at them, then put her smile away and said to Toby, who came in behind her, “You haven’t bought breakfast for anyone else before? I don’t need to know that, nor do I want to—because I will not accept all the breakfasts you buy.”

Hearing this, Toby felt a little hurt. His eyelids drooped, and his whole body became dispirited.

The elderlies on the side couldn’t stand it anymore and asked, “Girl, did you have a quarrel with your boyfriend?”

When Toby heard them say ‘boyfriend’, his eyes flickered, but he quickly regained his composure. He nodded apologetically to the middle-aged couple, expressing embarrassment to have disturbed them.

His move was obviously to admit that he was Sonia’s ‘boyfriend’, as the couple had mentioned.

Sonia, on the other hand, was stunned.

How could this man be so shameless!

Just as Sonia was about to explain that Toby was not her boyfriend, the lady suddenly smiled and said, “Girl, I have heard what you said just now—that’s not how you should treat your boyfriend.”

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