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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 286

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 286

Thinking of those men, Tina tightened her grip on the phone and gritted her teeth while speaking. “You hired those men who r*ped me. I want you to hand them over to me!”

She wanted to kill those men herself!

Leaning back in his chair, Tim said, “I can’t do that. After the men saw the news about you and found out that you’re not Sonia, they all ran away. They’re probably afraid that we’d make them pay.”

“What? They ran away?” Tina’s voice turned shrill.

Tim lazily played with his scalpel. “Yes. I’ve been looking for them too, but it’s been two days, yet there’s no news at all.”

“Damn it. They got away!” Tina was anxious.

How was she supposed to make those men pay if they ran away?

However, she felt a sense of comfort from knowing that Sonia was still around.

Since those men were not here, she would take action against Sonia first!

“Tim, I want you to keep looking for those men, and let me know as soon as there’s news,” Tina ordered, her eyes burning with rage.

Tim pushed his glasses up. “Okay.”

When the call ended, Tina set down her phone and visited major social networking sites to check news about herself on the Internet.

Upon seeing the unkind ridicules and remarks posted on the Internet two days ago that were aimed at her, she wanted nothing more than to find all of those people and kill them.

However, when she read the comments from the past two days, her expression improved slightly.

That was because these comments were basically defending her, and they all believed that she was purely a victim.

Since that was the case, then she would completely assume the identity of the victim!

As she thought about it, Tina narrowed her eyes, then made a phone call. “Hi, is this Dreg Media? This is Tina Gray…”

Meanwhile, Zane had invited Sonia out. The two of them were at a quiet coffee shop.

Sonia huffed and looked at the man opposite her with slight dissatisfaction. “Zane, are you crazy? You called me out so late at night. I was ready to go to bed.”

Zane chuckled. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. But I called you out to talk business!”

“What business?” Sonia stirred the milk and took a sip.

Zane put away the frivolous look on his face and became serious. “I got fake Rina to appear in front of Titus and his wife.”

Upon hearing this, Sonia paused as she was drinking milk.

Nevertheless, she quickly recovered and set down the milk while asking, “What’s the situation now?”

“It went well. Titus and his wife were guarding Tina in the hospital, so I asked fake Rina to go directly to the hospital to find them. According to the spy I planted at the hospital, Mrs. Gray firmly believed that fake Rina was real, while Titus was still a bit sensible. Although he was excited, he still insisted on doing a paternity test,” Zane answered after taking a sip of coffee.

“It seems like Titus and his wife really love their eldest daughter,” Sonia said, playing with her straw.

Otherwise, why would Julia be so eager to reconcile with her daughter?

Even Titus was excited.

Thinking of this, Sonia had a vague inexplicable feeling, but she couldn’t tell what that feeling was.

However, she didn’t think too much of it, and the strange feeling was quickly suppressed.

Zane shrugged and replied, “Of course they love her. After all, Rina is their only biological daughter. Tina was only adopted to comfort Mrs. Gray.”

“Comfort?” Sonia was a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“I only found out a few days ago too. More than 20 years ago, Mrs. Gray had watched Rina drown, which led to her having mental problems. When she saw a baby about the same age as Rina, she would think that it was Rina and take her away, or she would just carry a pillow all day and coax it like it was Rina,” Zane said.

Sonia widened her eyes in surprise. “Such a thing actually happened?”

“Yeah.” Zane nodded.

Sonia lamented, “But now, it’s completely impossible to tell that Mrs. Gray suffered a mental illness.”

“She recovered a long time ago. 20 years ago, to comfort Mrs. Gray, Titus went to the orphanage to find a substitute for Rina, which was Tina. In order to make her look more like Rina, Titus even made some traces on her that only Tina had, such as birthmarks,” Zane explained while drinking his coffee.

Sonia nodded. “I see. Titus loves Mrs. Gray quite a bit, it seems.”

“They’re childhood sweethearts who grew up together. Needless to say, they love each other. The most important thing is that apart from Mrs. Gray, no other woman would marry Titus.” Zane laughed smugly.

Sonia became interested. “Oh? Is there something wrong with Titus?”

“Bingo!” Zane snapped his fingers. “My Sonia is indeed smart.”

Sonia couldn’t help rolling her eyes. “Shut up. What do you mean ‘my Sonia’? Be more serious!”

Zane laughed. “All right, all right. I’ll be more serious.”

As he spoke, he coughed, and after clearing his throat, he said, “Titus has necrospermia. It took me a lot of work to find out. So, it was a miracle that they gave birth to Rina, and she’s the only child he’ll ever have in his life. When Rina was born, he was so happy that he had the necklace custom-made.”

Upon hearing this, Sonia suddenly lifted her chin. “No wonder Titus regards Triforce Enterprise with so much importance. He knows that Tina has no talent for business, and he doesn’t plan on having another one. Turns out this is why.”

“It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?” Zane chuckled.

Sonia answered, “Indeed, but that’s not important. What’s important is that you’ve arranged the paternity test, right?”

“Don’t worry. I used the privileged arrangement. No matter who runs the test on fake Rina and Titus’ hair, the result will show that they’re biologically related. Of course, it’s limited to all the testing laboratories in Seafield. It doesn’t apply to any place outside of Seafield,” Zane replied, spreading his hands.

After all, the Coleman Family only had power in Seafield.

And the Colemans couldn’t intervene in the affairs of other cities. Otherwise, they might end up being investigated by the central government like the Stryder Family did.

“That’s good.” Seeing how confident Zane was, Sonia sighed, feeling relieved.

As for going to other cities to get the test done, she felt that most people wouldn’t go so far just to do it.

The two of them stayed in the cafe for almost two hours before leaving.

When Zane sent Sonia to Bayside Residence, he said, “Douglas said he wants to come and play with you. I’ll bring him to see you next time.”

Smiling, Sonia nodded. “Okay. I miss Douglas too.”

A gleam of light flashed through Zane’s eyes. “It’s a date!”

Very good. I have another excuse to find her next time.

“Yeah.” Sonia nodded.

“It’s getting late. Hurry up and go in. I’m leaving too. Goodbye!” Zane waved, then wound the car window up and left.

Standing there, Sonia watched him until his car was no longer visible before turning around to enter the building.

The moment she turned around, a familiar male voice suddenly sounded behind her. “Sonia!”

Sonia stopped and followed the source of the sound.

She saw the door of an ordinary sedan open about ten meters away. Toby came out of the car and strode toward her.

Sonia frowned subconsciously.

Damn. He actually drove such a humble car. No wonder I didn’t notice him just now.

Toby stopped in front of Sonia, looked at her, then asked in a low voice, “Where did you and Zane go just now?”

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