This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 285

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 285

Titus had long suspected Sonia to be a part of this. First, Henry Reed killed his elder daughter more than 20 years ago, and then his daughter went on to ruin his second daughter, and now the opportunity for her to marry into the Fuller family was completely gone. He would never forgive himself if he didn’t ruin and burn the Reed family to the ground.

Hearing how Titus had agreed to avenge her, Tina put on a slight smile. In the next second, after recalling something else, she turned to Julia and asked, “Oh, by the way, Mom. How did you find me?”

Those six men humiliated her so cruelly that she passed out in the middle of it all, so she didn’t know what happened next.

“Actually… we didn’t find you. A passerby found you in the downtown area,” Julia shook her head and replied.

As soon as she said that, Tina’s pupils contracted, and a great anxiety rose in her heart. “Downtown area?”

Julia nodded with red eyes. “Yes. You were put into a sack naked that night and left in the downtown area—it was a passerby who looked in it out of curiosity and found you before they called the police.”

“They called the police!” When Tina heard those words, her eyes rolled back, and she almost fainted again.

Her fingernails dug into the palms of her hands in anger, causing her palms to be torn apart by her nails, streaming bright red blood. However, she didn’t seem to feel the pain, and instead said fiercely, “Do you mean that I was exposed, and now everyone knows that I was r*ped?!”

Although Julia wanted to tell her a white lie, she knew that it would not hold. As long as Tina went online, she would find out that she was lying anyway. Therefore, it was better to admit to it directly.

“Yes.” Julia nodded sadly.

Titus patted Julia on the shoulder, expressing comfort.

“How could this happen to me…” Tina felt lightheaded, as if her whole world had collapsed. Everyone knew she was r*ped. She could even imagine clearly how the netizens on the internet would talk about her, the way everyone in her social circle would laugh at her, and how the media would use her to gain exposure!

“What about Toby? Does he know?” Tina then asked again with blood-shot eyes.

Julia turned her head away as she could no longer bear to face Tina.

As she saw her mother behaving this way, her heart turned cold. “Toby… knows…?”

At this instant, Titus slammed the table angrily. “Not only does he know, he also took the opportunity to terminate the engagement!”

Tina fell speechless. Right now, she could only manage to stare at the ceiling blankly with both her eyes peeled open, as if she had lost her soul—it was a terrifying sight to see.

After a few seconds, she suddenly laughed frantically. Her laughter was filled with grief and anger, and even tears came out. Julia could feel nothing but distress seeing her this way. “Tina…”

“That’s enough. Tina is obviously not feeling the best now. Let’s give her some time to vent.” Titus grabbed Julia, who wanted to go up to comfort Tina.

Julia had no choice but to nod her head.

Right then, someone knocked on the door of the ward—it was Titus’ assistant.

“President Gray, we found the girl with the special necklace you previously posted about,” the assistant walked in and said hurriedly.

Titus and Julia’s expressions froze simultaneously. Even Tina stopped her maniacal laughter as she nearly choked. Then, she began to cough violently, her face flushed from the coughing. Even so, Titus and Julia didn’t bat an eye at her; they were only staring at the assistant.

“What do you mean? You’re saying you found Rina?” Julia was so excited her hands were trembling.

Titus reacted the same way. Like his wife, he had hoped for nothing else but to find his eldest daughter, Rina. Because this eldest daughter was his only biological daughter. The most important thing was that Tina was now completely ruined and hopeless, so he could only put all of his hopes on Rina.

“Yes.” The assistant nodded. “I was stopped by a girl just now when I entered the hospital, and the girl gave this to me,” the assistant said while spreading his hand, revealing an old necklace in his palm.

As soon as she saw the necklace, Julia burst into tears. She covered her lips with both hands, crying so hard that she couldn’t speak. Titus, on the other hand, was a little calmer than she was, but his hand that went to take the necklace from his assistant trembled unabashedly.

Once he took the necklace over, he opened up the back of the pendant and saw the abbreviation of the initials of Rina Gray’s name. All of a sudden, he laughed out loud. “It’s Rina’s necklace, it’s Rina’s necklace!”

Julia also saw it and nodded her head again and again. “She’s Rina. She’s my Rina. Where’s my Rina right now?”

“She’s at the hospital lobby. I told her to wait for me there,” the assistant replied.

Julia took Titus’ hand. “Titus, let’s go. Let’s go meet her.”

“Alright, alright. Let’s go!” Titus carefully put the necklace away.

The couple hurried out of the ward, and the assistant followed closely behind. None of the three looked at Tina behind them. For Titus and Julia, how could Tina’s condition now compare to Rina’s return?

“Arghhh!” Tina yelled loudly and kept picking things up from her bedside to smash them on the floor and the wall, venting her anger.

She couldn’t accept this. She did so much to prevent her parents from finding Rina, and she even asked a private investigator to find her, but even he failed. Who would have thought that Rina had come to them herself at this time?!

God is really unfair, huh. Sonia is not enough to snatch all my things away, but now Rina, too? Tina thought to herself bitterly.

But soon, she calmed down again and continued staring at the ceiling with hollow eyes. She knew that once Rina came back, she would definitely hog her parents’ favor and inheritance from her. That being so, she didn’t believe that she couldn’t go against someone who had lived under someone else’s roof for all those years. Therefore, the top priority now was to deal with the matter of being r*ped first, then she could take her time to deal with Rina in the future.

Thinking about this, Tina took a deep breath before grabbing her phone by the pillow and dialed Tim’s number with an extremely cold expression on her face.

At the same time, Tim was seeing a patient. As soon as he heard the phone ring next to him, he tilted his head and saw the caller ID. His glasses reflected light as he read the name on the caller ID.

He didn’t answer the call immediately. Instead, he turned his head back, tore off the prescription sheet, and handed it to the patient opposite of him. “Well, you have no major issues, and you will recover soon after taking two courses of medicine.”

“Okay. Thank you, doctor.” The patient took the prescription with both hands and stood up gratefully.

Tim gave a faint hum. “Alright. Go get your medicine.”

“Sure.” The patient nodded, turned around, and went out.

It was only then that Tim picked up the phone and answered the call.

Before he could speak, Tina’s hateful voice rang from his phone. “Tim Lancaster, didn’t you say that you would lead Sonia to Bay Street? Why is it that I was the one who was r*ped in the end?!”

Tim’s lips twitched slightly, but his tone and words were apologetic. “I did bring Sonia over, but I didn’t expect that it was you who got into trouble in the end. I also saw the news about your accident that night and found out that Sonia didn’t go. Soon after that, I found out after checking that Sonia encountered something on the way there and left halfway, and you and Sonia both had red moles on your wrists, so those people ultimately took you for Sonia.”

What he said was well-founded, and Tina obviously couldn’t tell that he was lying. Because of this, Tina believed Tim’s lies completely. After all, she was of the impression that she was Tim’s angel, and he would definitely not harm her.

It could only be said that all of this was an odd coincidence, a careless mistake. If Tina was to blame this on anyone, then she should blame Sonia. After all, Sonia, too, had a mole on her wrist, and she was the one that left halfway. Had Sonia not left halfway that night, Tina wouldn’t have been r*ped by those men!

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