This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 284

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 284

Soon, Sonia recalled that Toby stayed behind in the police station when she and Carl left in the afternoon.

Could it be that at that time, Toby was doing this behind her back?

Did he ask the officers to increase Cynthia and Davin’s sentence on purpose?

Thinking of this, Sonia pursed her red lips and dialed Toby’s number.

Back in the Fullers’ Residence, Toby was having a video conference in the study when his phone rang all of a sudden, interrupting his speech. He felt a little annoyed.

However, after seeing the caller ID, the annoyance on his face disappeared without a trace and was replaced by a hint of joy.

Sonia actually took the initiative to call him!

Toby grabbed his phone and did not immediately answer. Instead, he looked at the computer screen and said, “Let’s take a break from the meeting—I have to answer this call first.”

After speaking, disregarding the dumbfounded gaze of the group of people on the computer screen, he got up and went to the balcony.

“Wait. Didn’t President Fuller set the iron rule of not answering calls during any meetings himself?”

“Yes, but he has broken it personally now. That said, he didn’t seem to be affected by the ‘rule’ he set.”

“So… who do you think was the one that called?”

“Who knows? But judging from his look, it’s probably his sweetheart.”

Naturally, Toby didn’t know how his employees spoke about him after he left. He only stood in front of the balcony railing, swiped his thumb over the green answer button, and answered Sonia’s call. “What’s up?”

His voice was low and hoarse with a touch of gentleness, which was particularly nice to hear.

Hearing his voice, Sonia felt an unknown itch in her ears, so she couldn’t help but take her phone away from her face. After rubbing her ears, she brought the phone back to her ears and asked, “Did you request for a heavier sentence for Cynthia?”

So it turned out that she only called him for this!

All of a sudden, the little speck of joy in Toby’s heart disappeared without a trace as he lowered his eyes and answered, “That’s right.”

Seeing how he had admitted to it so directly, Sonia was stunned for a moment. However, she soon recovered her calmness and asked in a cold voice, “Why? Why did you do this? This matter had nothing to do with you, right?”

“I know. I just wanted to do something for you,” Toby replied after pursing his thin lips.

Sonia’s eyes widened slightly. “You… wanted to do something for me?”

“Yes.” Toby nodded.

Sonia laughed ironically from hearing what he said. “President Fuller, don’t you think it’s all too late now? I might have been touched if you had said this before the divorce, but now, I only find it extremely ridiculous and an utter joke!” She spoke mockingly. “Did you know how much I had expected of you in the past six years? Did you know how much I wanted you to help me say something when your mother and your brother bullied me? How much I wanted you to stand up for me and help me out when those people from the circle were laughing at me? But what did you do? You stood by and did nothing. Not even once did you do anything for me as a husband, and now you tell me that you wanted to do something for me? What is the use of it now? It only makes you look hypocritical!”

Listening to her accusations, Toby seemed to feel as if a knife had pierced into his heart. There was nothing but pain to the point he felt difficult breathing, and his hand holding the phone trembled slightly.

“I’m sorry…” Toby apologized with a pale face.

He admitted that he had never done anything for her.

He did not do right by her.

“You don’t have to say sorry to me because I don’t care anymore.” Sonia took a deep breath, then steered back to the earlier topic and said in a cold voice, “Cynthia’s matter is my business. I don’t need you to intervene, and the police should sentence her according to the law, so please cancel your arrangement with them. Thanks!”

After speaking, she hung up the phone.

Once the call was ended, Toby then put down the phone and placed it in front of him.

He slightly lowered his head to look at the phone interface that had jumped back to the main menu. His eyes were dull, and the expression on his face was desolate.

After an uncertain amount of time staring at his phone, Toby closed his eyes, and when he opened them again, his gaze was unfocused and dim. Finally, he put away the phone and returned to the study.

At the same time in the hospital, Tina, who had been in a coma for two days, finally woke up.

Julia even cried tears of joy when she witnessed that, and she quickly pushed Tina, who was about to get up, back onto the bed. “Tina, don’t move. Lie back down quickly!”

“Mom…” Tina looked at Julia weakly, her voice hoarse. “Mom, what is going on with me?”

She was in pain all over, especially in her lower body; she could barely move.

At this point, she was so afraid that she was paralyzed.

Julia opened her lips, but deep down, she didn’t want to answer.

Upon seeing this, Tina instantly understood that her condition was serious.

She stretched out her hand and grasped Julia’s arm tightly, feeling very anxious. “Mom, tell me. Am I paralyzed? Mom! Tell me!”

Julia immediately felt a shot of pain from her arm where she was being held by Tina, so she quickly pulled her arms out and answered, “No, no. You’re not paralyzed.”

“Then why don’t I feel anything on the lower part of my body?” Tina yelled with tearful eyes. Both her eyeballs were bulged and bloodshot, and her ghast expression made her look terrifying, like Bloody Mary.

Julia was frightened and couldn’t help taking a step back. “You don’t feel anything on your lower body because the doctor gave you an injection to prevent your wound from rupturing when you wake up. When the effect of the medicine is over, you will regain the sensations in your lower body again.”

“Really?” Tina looked at her hopefully.

Julia nodded. “Yes, dear. Why would I lie to you?”

She patted Tina’s head slightly.

Seeing the seriousness in Julia’s eyes, Tina was relieved, then she smiled with tears in her eyes. “That’s great. That’s great!”

She was not disabled!

After all, Tina was such a proud person, so how could she ever accept an imperfect, crippled self?

“By the way, Mom, why did the doctor have to inject me with a numbing drug?” Tina stared at Julia and asked again.

Julia sighed, then she covered her face while crying. “Damn those b*stards! They have caused serious damage to your lower body… Even your uterus… I’m afraid that you won’t be able to have children in the future…”


Tina felt a bolt of lightning strike through her head, and her whole world came crashing down.

I can’t have children anymore…? she thought to herself.

Then how could I marry Toby and give birth to his children?

Besides, a woman who couldn’t bear a child was nothing better than a disabled woman.

Her life had been ruined!

“Ahhh!” Tina screamed like an insane person, her entire face distorted to the extreme, and the hatred in her eyes could almost cut a person.

“It’s Sonia. Sonia Reed!” Tina firmly grasped the bed sheet under her with both hands and shivered violently while shouting the name constantly in her mouth—her almost poisonous tone stunned everyone in the room.

Julia endured the goosebumps on her body and quickly asked, “Tina, why are you calling out for Sonia?”

“Mom, it was Sonia who did this to me. It’s her fault I’m like this now!” Tina looked at Julia while shouting with her hoarse voice.

“What?” Julia covered her lips in shock.

Meanwhile, Titus, who rushed over from Triforce immediately after he heard that Tina was awake, heard everything that Tina said about Sonia harming her as soon as he approached the door.

His expression changed as he quickly stepped into the ward and said solemnly, “Tina, is what you said true? Is it true that Sonia Reed did this to you?”

For a split second, Tina’s eyes flashed with a guilty conscience. However she then nodded firmly. “Yes. It’s her. She tricked me to go to Bay Street, and then got me abducted and taken away to a warehouse… Dad, you have to avenge me, and as for those six men, I want them dead. I want them to die the most painful death!”

Titus nodded coldly, his eyes full of merciless cruelty. “Don’t worry. I will avenge you no matter what!”

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