This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 281

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 281

On the other end of the line, a female police officer explained softly, “Well, Ms. Stone, we’ve received a report from Ms. Reed, saying that someone cast a horror image on her floor-to-ceiling window in the middle of the night. Now the person who did that has been arrested and confessed that you had ordered him to do it. So, can I please have your presence at the station now?”

However, her voice in Cynthia’s ears only sounded like a messenger from hell. Her face turned pale as she said in disbelief, “W-What? Sonia called the police?”

Tom was naturally not interested in Cynthia, but when he was about to leave, he suddenly heard Cynthia calling out Sonia’s name. Hearing that, he subconsciously stopped.

“Yes, Ms. Reed has filed a report, so Ms. Stone, please come to the police station right away!” the policewoman said again.

Cynthia shook her head vigorously. “No! I won’t!”

After all, she had been detained before, and she hated it. So, she told herself that she wouldn’t go to the police station no matter what.

However, the policewoman’s face sank, and her voice turned colder. “Ms. Stone, if you refuse to come over, that means you are refusing to cooperate in the investigation—do you know that we can arrest you and even detain you for that?”

Upon hearing about the arrest and detention, Cynthia felt a squeeze in her heart. Beads of cold sweat rolled down her forehead, and she held the phone in both hands before nodding repeatedly. “No! Don’t arrest me. I-I’ll come right now.”

“Alright!” The policewoman smiled again. “Then I will be waiting for you here at the police station.”

With that, the policewoman hung up the phone.

Cynthia immediately sank into panic. Despite that, she walked stiffly toward the hospital gate.

Tom, who was standing by the side, squinted at her figure, and finally went in another direction.

“What took you so long to file a prescription?” Toby, who was reading financial reports on his tablet, frowned slightly when he saw Tom entering the car.

Tom only handed him the medicine. “President Fuller, I met Cynthia Stone on my way back.”

“So?” Toby answered uninterestedly while scrolling his tablet with his finger.

After taking a sip of water, Tom explained to Toby what he had witnessed a while ago. “Then I heard her mentioning Ms. Reed while on the phone, saying that Ms. Reed called the police or something.”

“What?” Toby’s expression sank, and he instantly put the tablet down. Then, he asked with a voice of unabashed concern, “Did something happen to Sonia?”

“I haven’t heard anything of it.” Tom shook his head. “But I don’t think it’s a big deal. Cynthia has also gone to the police station. Ms. Reed is probably also there.”

“Head to the police station right now!” Toby narrowed his eyes slightly and ordered in a deep voice.

Tom responded and immediately started the car.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the police station.

As soon as Toby got out of the car, he saw Cynthia entering the police station nervously.

Seeing that, he furrowed his eyebrows and dashed over with his long legs.

As soon as he entered, he saw Sonia sitting in the lounge area of ??the hall with Carl beside her.

Toby pursed his thin lips, obviously feeling very upset.

He found that almost every time he saw her, she was accompanied by a man—it’d be either Carl or Charles. If it weren’t either of them, it’d be Zane.

Do these men really have nothing better to do?

Why do they have to linger around her all the time?

Toby walked over with an unhappy expression. Just as he was not far behind them, he saw a policewoman with a panicked-faced Cynthia approaching Sonia and Carl.

Sonia stood up and looked at Cynthia, who was pale as a ghost. “Why did you ask someone to cast a skeleton image on my window?”

“A skeleton image on your window?!” Toby couldn’t help but exclaim as soon as he heard it.

As soon as Sonia heard his voice, she turned her head in surprise. “Why are you here?”

Carl also stood up and calmly moved a step in front of Sonia, as if he wanted to block Sonia to protect her from him.

At the sight, a cold light flashed under Toby’s eyes, and he went straight to Sonia.

This way, Carl couldn’t stop him even if he wanted to, unless he pushed him away.

But this was the police station, so he bet Carl wouldn’t dare to do that.

Toby cast a sneer at Carl upon having that thought.

Seeing that, Carl clenched both his fists, his eyes filled with blood-thirsty madness.

All he could think of was that he wanted to kill this man—he wanted to kill Toby Fuller!

Only in this way could he escape from feeling inferior to him every time he saw him, and he could get rid of the feeling that he was a mere shadow of this man.

Most importantly, this man was still his biggest obstacle in his path to get with Sonia!

Noticing Carl’s offensive gaze, Toby’s eyes sank, and then he looked at Sonia.

Does she know that Carl is not that simple?

“President Fuller, what are you looking at me for?” Seeing Toby only staring at her and not speaking, Sonia couldn’t help but furrow her beautiful brows.

Toby’s eyes flickered, and his thin lips opened. “I heard that you were in the police station, so I came to see you. What’s the matter with the skeleton image on your window you mentioned just now?”

When questioning, he shot Cynthia a cold look.

Cynthia came into contact with his emotionless gaze and couldn’t help but shiver, whereupon the fear on her face became even more obvious.

Sonia noticed Toby’s deterrence against Cynthia, but she didn’t react too much. Instead, she replied faintly, “This is my business, and it has nothing to do with you, so you can just stay out of this.”

Hearing her say this, Carl curled up his thin lips, and his mood improved significantly.

Toby, on the other hand, was in a terrible mood.

After all, he only came over because he cared about her, but was instead treated with this nonchalant attitude.

No one would be happy to be treated like that!

Sonia looked at Cynthia and spoke again. “You still haven’t answered my question just now. Why did you ask someone to do something like this?”

Cynthia didn’t dare to look at her, but her mouth opened with a guilty conscience. “I… I…”

“Stop stuttering! Just tell the truth!” Toby frowned impatiently.

Sonia rolled her eyes at him.

She had told him that this was her business, and he should stay out of it.

However, it was as if he couldn’t hear a word she said; he even helped her interrogate the woman at fault!

Carl also glanced at Toby coldly while pursing his lips and said nothing.

Only he himself knew what he was suppressing at the moment.

Among these people, the person Cynthia feared the most was Toby.

Hearing Toby’s words, she shrank even more, not daring to do against what he said. She could only answer honestly, “I-I just wanted to scare you.”

“Scare me?” Sonia obviously didn’t buy it. “Is that all?”

Cynthia nodded repeatedly. “Yes!”

Sonia stared at her for a while and finally confirmed that she wasn’t lying, whereupon her face sank. “Why did you do this? I haven’t done anything to you recently, have I?”

“You did!” As if her emotions had been triggered, Cynthia raised her head suddenly and glared angrily at Sonia. “At the banquet, you embarrassed me in front of so many people. That’s why I did this—to avenge myself! I wanted to get even with you!”

“Avenge yourself?” Toby spat coldly. “You were embarrassed because you were dumb and had to stand up for Tina unnecessarily. It had nothing to do with Sonia, so what right do you have to avenge yourself!”

Sonia looked at him strangely.

How strange it is for him to speak up for me.

It was making her a little uncomfortable!

Meanwhile, Carl only lowered his head and said nothing, making it difficult to see his expression.

“President Fuller, are you… standing up for Sonia?” Cynthia looked at Toby in disbelief, unable to accept the fact that he actually helped Sonia but not Tina.

“She is the one I love, so of course I will stand up for her!” Toby looked back at Sonia with affectionate eyes.

The last thing Sonia would have expected was for Toby to confess his love for her like this in public. After a moment of stunned silence, she subconsciously avoided his gaze and ignored him.

Carl clenched his fists tighter, and the hostility in his heart that wanted to raze everything to the ground grew stronger.

Cynthia was dumbfounded. “Y-You… love Sonia?” She pointed to Toby and Sonia, and finally managed to ask loudly, “What about Tina?”

“That is my business! It’s not your place to ask!” Toby’s face turned gloomy.

Cynthia cast a downward gaze, and her voice was no longer as justified and confident. Instead, it became erratic. “I… I only asked because I care about Tina.”

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