This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 280

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 280

Sonia stopped. “Is there anything else, President Gray?”

Carl, too, looked back at Titus.

Titus then walked a few steps in front of the two while staring at Sonia with a pair of dark eyes. “Are you the one behind what happened to Tina?”

At first, he really did think that it was just an accident.

However, after he had managed to calm himself and analyzed everything carefully, he found that what happened was not just a coincidence after all.

If what happened was purely accidental, then the person who went after Tina would have never just left her in the city, because they would be afraid of getting caught.

However, whoever did it left Tina in the downtown area and deliberately exposed her to the public in order to destroy her reputation. Therefore, it only seemed more likely that someone was pulling the strings.

And it was most likely to be Sonia.

Only she had immense hatred for Tina!

Hearing Titus’ interrogation, Sonia was furious, but she also found it amusing. “What, now? You can’t find the real culprit, and so you’re just trying to blame everything on me instead?”

Carl, who was next to her, did not speak and only lowered his eyes.

Titus snorted coldly. “I’m not blaming it on you, but my instincts tell me that this must all be related to you!”

Sonia’s eyes flashed slightly.

He was right—this matter was indeed related to her.

Although it was Tim who made it happen, he only did it for her—so it was only right to say that she had something to do with it after all.

But so what? She could just not admit it anyway.

With this in mind, Sonia curled her lips. “Accusing me just based on your instincts, huh? No wonder Triforce Enterprise is going downhill. I heard that President Fuller has canceled all cooperation between Fuller Group and your company. Should I say congratulations to you?”

“You!” Titus glared at Sonia for a while before he sneered. “What a smart mouth.”

This lady was obviously ridiculing him by insinuating that he was managing Triforce Enterprise with mere luck and that he had no real ability!

At the same time, she was ridiculing him for posting the video and offending Toby, thinking that Toby would not cancel the cooperation just because of this, but ended up getting a hard slap in the face by the man.

This lady is indeed a tough nut to crack!

Titus looked at Sonia gloomily.

Sonia wasn’t afraid, but instead looked over to him with a smile. “Thank you for the compliment. I honestly don’t think there is anything wrong with having a smart mouth. At least I could use it on someone I hate and have my way with them. Don’t you agree, President Gray?”

The corners of his mouth twitched—how could he not see the meaning behind her words?

But he couldn’t get angry; otherwise, it would be the same as admitting that he was weak!

Thinking of this, Titus took several deep breaths before he reluctantly suppressed the anger in his heart and forced a fake smile. “Whatever you say goes!”

“Pff!” Hearing that, Carl laughed aloud without giving him any face.

Titus stared at him suddenly, as if trying to burn two holes in him.

Carl noticed it, so he slowly put away the smile on his face while looking at him calmly.

Looking at Carl’s dark and cold eyes, Titus felt as if he was looking at a wolf, which made his heart tremble and his scalp go numb.

What‘s going on? How could a mere model have such terrifying eyes? The look in his eyes is exceptionally familiar… It’s as if I have seen them before—but where?

Titus frowned, unable to recall.

Sonia looked at the time. “Alright, Carl. Let’s go!”

A smile appeared on Carl’s face again, and he answered with a gentle hum.

With that, the two walked forward.

Titus finally regained his senses. He looked with disdain at their backs and yelled, “Sonia Reed, you’d better pray to God that I won’t find out about you having a hand in Tina’s downfall. If I ever find out that you are any part of this, I will ruin your life even if it’d be the end of me!”

After all, Tina was planning to marry into the Fuller family, but now that this happened, even if he forced Toby to marry Tina, it would not work.

This meant that his years of hard work had gone down the drain—how could he not be livid?

Sonia paused when she heard Titus’ threats, then she replied in a cold voice without looking back, “Oh, really? Then I’ll be waiting.”

Carl didn’t speak, but only turned his head around to look at Titus. His eyes were the same as before—he was staring coldly at Titus, as if he wanted to imprint Titus’ figure firmly in his brain. He only retracted his gaze upon reaching the stairs.

Outside the interrogation room, Sonia stood in front of the door. Through the glass door, she saw the suspect inside—an ordinary-looking man with a small build.

The man was sitting on a chair, wrapped in a gray trench coat; with his neck and shoulders curled together, he looked extremely terrified and uneasy.

Well, he was under arrest in the police station—it would only be weird to not be afraid.

“Is he the one who cast the image on my window?” Sonia looked at him for a while, and after retracting her gaze, she asked the male police officer next to her.

However, Carl continued to stare at the man—no one could tell what he was thinking.

Sonia didn’t take that to heart, but instead, she looked at the police officer and waited for his answer.

The police officer nodded. “Yes, we have checked the surveillance of several road sections and finally found him. His name is Davin Scott; he’s a paparazzi!”

“A paparazzi?” Sonia raised her eyebrows.

No wonder when I spotted this man that night, he immediately hid the tools of the crime in his clothes and ran away.

She felt that the action was very familiar at the time—it was the same way paparazzis ran away when they were found stalking artists.

“Did he explain why he cast horror images on Sonia’s window?” Carl didn’t look at Davin anymore, but turned to ask the police officer.

Sonia patted her forehead. “Oh, yes. I almost forgot to ask.”

“Yes, he did. After he was arrested, he confessed immediately when we asked him. He said that he was bribed by a lady named Cynthia Stone, who spent 100,000 for him to do so, and the purpose was to scare Ms. Reed.”

“Cynthia?” Sonia and Carl exclaimed at the same time.

It was obvious that neither of them thought that Cynthia would be the one behind this.

On the way here, they were still guessing that maybe Tina was the one who asked this man to do it.

It turned out to be beyond their expectations—it was Cynthia who was behind all these!

“If that’s the case, did this Davin tell you why Cynthia wanted to scare me?” Sonia asked again, pursing her red lips.

The police officer shook his head. “This, he didn’t say, and he probably didn’t ask. If you want to know, you can only ask Ms. Cynthia in person.”

“I see.” Sonia rubbed her temples. “Although this is not a serious criminal case, it has already constituted a crime of intimidation. In this case, can I file charges under the crime of intimidation and get Cynthia in here?” Sonia looked at the police officer.

The police officer smiled. “Of course. I’ll tell them to bring her in—you can take a break in the meantime.”

Sonia replied, “Okay, thanks a lot.”

With that, the police officer left.

Sonia and Carl went over to the row of chairs next to them and sat down while waiting for Cynthia to come over.

As for the man in the interrogation room, Sonia was not at all interested in going in to meet him. Whatever that she wanted to ask had already been asked by the police.

Moreover, that man was only doing what he was told for money. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get any information out of interrogating him, and she would only waste her time.

In the hospital, Cynthia was going to go home after visiting Tina. As soon as she got out of the elevator, she received a call from the police station.

“Are you Ms. Cynthia Stone?”

“Yes, speaking. Who am I speaking to?” Cynthia asked with a face full of doubt, inexplicably beginning to feel uneasy.

“I am calling from the police station.”

“Police station?” Cynthia raised her voice all of a sudden, attracting the curiosity of nearby patients and medical staff—among them was Tom, who was holding a bag of medicine.

“Um… is there anything you want to see me for?” Cynthia gulped and asked in a trembling voice.

After being detained for half a month last time, she was now scared whenever she heard from the police station or any word related to the police station—especially since she had recently done something that she didn’t even know was considered an offense.

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