This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 278

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 278

Not too surprised with Toby’s decision, Tom gave a slight nod. “Understood!”

“Go on, and take these documents with you too!” Toby pinched the bridge of his nose.

Tom looked at the stack of documents, then reached out and picked them up.

Soon after he left, Toby’s phone rang. It was Tyler calling.

“Toby, I watched your press conference!” On the other end of the line, Tyler was wearing a basketball uniform and was sweating profusely on a bench by the court, obviously flushed after exercising.

Toby leaned back. “And?”

“Congratulations, of course!” Tyler wiped off his sweat. “Toby, congratulations on getting out of the depths of misery!”

Toby’s thin lips curled up. “Yeah, I know. You have a good game. I’ll hang up first.”

Listening to Tyler’s slightly rapid breathing, Toby guessed that he must be playing.

During this period of time, the under-17 exhibition match was at fever pitch, and there were two to three games daily, so Tyler probably made this call during the break.

Tyler threw his towel aside and hurriedly called out, “Toby, wait! Don’t hang up!”

Toby frowned. “Is there anything else?”

“It’s not a big deal. I just wanted to ask you about what they’re saying on the Internet… About what happened to Tina, is it true?” Tyler asked curiously.

He had just seen the news on the Internet, but he didn’t read it in detail, so he still didn’t know whether or not it was true.

Toby answered, “Yes, it’s true!”

“Damn…” Tyler took a deep breath, feeling utterly shocked.

But, he quickly calmed down, then curled his lips and said, “Sure enough, if you do bad things, you’ll get retribution. She’s done so many bad things to Sonia, so this is her retribution.”

Something flickered across Toby’s eyes.

Tyler’s statements reminded him that Tina’s greatest enemy was Sonia, so perhaps this incident had something to do with her.

Of course, he didn’t mean that Sonia did it. With her character, even if she retaliated against a person, she would only use legal means instead of using such methods. However, this wouldn’t necessarily be the case for the people around her.

So, is it Charles or Carl? Or is it… Zane?

As Toby thought of the way the three people looked at Sonia, his face darkened, and he felt irritated.

These three men had thoughts about Sonia that Toby found annoying, and it was indeed possible for them to do such a thing to Tina for her!

“Toby? Toby?” Tyler raised his voice and shouted after not hearing Toby’s voice for a long time.

Toby’s eyes flashed, and he came back to his senses. “What’s the matter?”

“I just asked you something, but you didn’t respond even after I called your name several times. What are you doing?” Tyler pouted and said unhappily.

Toby rubbed his temples. “I was thinking about something. What did you just ask?”

“I said, why did you break off your engagement with Tina after you were discharged from the hospital?” Tyler repeated his question.

He didn’t believe that it was because Tina was heartless, as his elder brother had said at the press conference.

Didn’t Toby already know that Tina is evil? Why didn’t he break off the engagement earlier, but waited until after he got discharged? There must be another reason!

He didn’t ask Toby last time, so this time, he must get a clear answer.

“You should know that I got together with Tina in the first place because I thought she was my pen pal, right?” Toby said bleakly while staring at the computer screen.

Tyler nodded vigorously. “I do!”

Although he was still young at that time—he was only ten years old—he knew that his elder brother had a pen pal and had fallen in love with her.

It was just that he didn’t know Toby’s pen pal’s name. He was a kid after all, so he wasn’t interested in such matters.

“I know now that Tina is a fake. She wasn’t my pen pal. My real pen pal was Sonia.” When Toby spoke of Sonia, his voice obviously softened.

“Damn!” Tyler jumped up from the bench in surprise, which startled his coach and teammates, who were next to him.

“Fuller, what are you doing?” His coach warned with a stern expression. “Be quiet. Everyone’s resting.”

Only then did Tyler realize that his reaction was too big, and he smiled sheepishly. “Sorry, coach. My bad.”

After that, he walked out of the court with his phone and went to a quiet area before continuing, “Toby, did you say that Sonia was your pen pal?”

Toby gave a noncommittal grunt.

Tyler scratched his head. “So, Tina pretended to be Sonia?”

Toby grunted in response again.

Tyler angrily pounded the wall. “Damn, Tina is really shameless. I’ve never seen anyone more disgusting than her. She’s truly like a dog in the manger. But, how did she know you and Sonia corresponded?”

“She and Sonia were roommates in university. She read the letter I wrote to Sonia and guessed my identity based on the information in the letter, then pretended to be Sonia.” Toby’s expression was dark as he explained, and his voice was filled with resentment for Tina.

“I see. So, she peeked at Sonia’s letter… Wait—letter?”

At this point, Tyler raised his voice, and his eyes widened as he suddenly remembered something.

Three months ago, he saw a lot of letters at Sonia’s place, and the envelopes were all yellowed, showing that they were obviously timeworn.

Were those the letters…

Gulping, Tyler squeezed the phone with both hands and asked tentatively, “Toby, what were both of your pen names?”

“Why are you asking this?” Toby frowned.

Tyler stomped his feet. “Hey, Toby, answer me first. It’s important!”

Hearing the urgency in his tone, Toby pursed his lips, then slowly uttered two names, “John and Maple!”

Tyler’s head shot up, and he sucked in another breath. “It’s really John!”

“What do you mean?” Toby narrowed his eyes. “Do you know something?”

Tyler lowered his head and replied in a low voice, “Yes. Three months ago, Sonia bailed me out after I got into a fight, so I followed her to her apartment. I saw a lot of letters there, and I just took one to take a look. The name of the sender was John. I even brought the letter home. You’ve seen it too, Toby.”

When he said this, Toby remembered that one night three months ago, he saw a letter in Tyler’s room.

The envelope was the same as the one he used to send to Maple in the past. At that time, he vaguely felt something and had picked up the letter, but before he could read it carefully, the letter was snatched back by Tyler.

It turned out that that letter was really one he had written to Maple!

At this moment, Tyler knew that he had messed up. His brother and Sonia could have recognized each other earlier, but it was delayed until now because of him, causing him to feel guilty.

“Toby, I—”

Toby’s grip around the phone tightened as he hissed coldly, “Why didn’t you let me read that letter back then!”

Tyler’s neck shrank back with guilt. “I… I took the letter back from Sonia’s place because I really wanted to show it to you. I wanted to tell you that Sonia actually had a love correspondence with someone, but afterward, I realized that she wasn’t as annoying as I initially thought, so I was afraid that after I told you, you’d be angry at her, so…”

He trailed off, but Toby understood what he meant.

He squeezed the phone, as if trying to suppress something. A few seconds later, he hung up the phone and placed his hands on his eyes, his demeanor overbearing.

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