This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 277

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 277

Since Titus raised Triforce Enterprise’s stock price at his expense, Toby would return the favor!

“Understood, but the liquidated damages—”

“Just pay the penalty!” Toby said with pursed lips.

Titus must have made those remarks in the video because he figured that Toby wouldn’t cancel their cooperation due to the liquidated damages.

It was a pity that Triforce Enterprise wasn’t as rich as the Fuller Group, and Titus wasn’t as rich as he was; he didn’t care about this penalty at all.

“Okay.” Tom nodded and went to carry out the task.

About half an hour later, Titus received a notice about the cancellation of their cooperation, and their finance department received payment from the Fuller Group for the liquidated damages as well.

At this moment, Titus was completely dumbfounded.

He knew that what he said in the video would offend Toby.

But he didn’t expect that Toby would rather pay for the liquidated damages than continue his cooperation with Triforce Enterprise!

Suddenly, Titus started panicking.

It was worth noting that Triforce Enterprise’s situation had long started going downhill, and the reason why it was still among the top ten enterprises in Seafield was because of their cooperation with the Fuller Group.

Now that their cooperation was gone, Titus dared not even imagine what Triforce Enterprise’s downfall would be like, and the company’s directors wouldn’t let him off the hook either.

Speak of the devil—there was a knock on the office door, and Titus’ assistant came in anxiously. “President Gray, I have some bad news. Director Walker and the others have called for a meeting and are requesting your presence.”

Titus’ pupils shrank, and his heart fell.

Then, he got up from the chair with a wry smile; he seemed to have aged a decade.

“I see. Let’s go, then!”

At the Fuller Group, Tom reported Triforce Enterprise’s current situation to Toby.

While going through some documents, Toby grunted an answer without raising his head to indicate that he had gotten the message.

At this moment, Tom’s phone rang.

“President Fuller, I need to answer this call,” Tom said while looking at Toby, who gave a slight nod.

“Go on.”

After getting permission, Tom took out his phone and raised his eyebrows when he saw the caller ID before answering.

Two minutes later, he hung up the phone and looked at Toby. “President Fuller, Mr. Snyder is here!”

Upon hearing this, Toby stopped moving the pen in his hand, then raised his head and narrowed his eyes while urging unabashedly, “Bring him in!”

“All right. I’ll go get him,” Tom informed before going out to fetch Miles.

In no time, Miles Snyder appeared in Toby’s office, expressionless as usual in a white shirt and trousers.

Toby looked at him in an equally indifferent manner.

The two of them stared at each other for a long time, and Toby was the one to break the strange silence.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that the heart I have now belonged to your brother,” Toby stood up and said.

Miles’ silver-gray eyes landed on his chest. “Quentin gave it to you willingly, so you don’t have to say sorry to me.”


A gleam flashed across Toby’s eyes.

Perhaps Quentin had indeed given it to him willingly, just as Quentin had willingly fulfilled Tina’s wishes and got Miles to hypnotize him.

However, he still reckoned there was something fishy about Quentin’s car accident.

And Miles didn’t seem to realize that there was a problem.

Oblivious to what Toby was thinking, Miles looked at Toby and asked, “Can we start now?”

Toby returned to his senses and nodded slightly. “Yes.”

Forget it. I won’t tell him for now.

It wouldn’t be too late even if he waited until the results of his investigation came out.

Miles motioned for Toby to sit down.

After sitting down, Toby suddenly thought of something and pursed his thin lips. “Tim said that I have a memory that has been sealed. What kind of memory is it?”

Previously, when he had a headache, the image that flashed through his mind was definitely his sealed memory.

But, the image flashed past so fast that he couldn’t capture it at all, so he still didn’t know what memory it was.

There was no change in Miles’ expression and eyes as he replied coldly, “It’s your memory of discovering that Tina isn’t Maple.”

“What?” Toby’s pupils shrank, then he looked gloomily at Miles. “You mean I’ve long discovered that Tina isn’t Maple?”

“Yes!” Miles replied while putting on his gloves.

Toby clenched his fists, and his whole body exuded a strong pressure.

Miles glanced at him. “Sorry.”

Hearing his apology, Toby narrowed his eyes, then quickly suppressed his anger and calmed down.

If he was being honest, when he heard that Miles had sealed his memory, he was furious and wanted to kill the latter.

However, when he thought of the fact that the heart he currently had belonged to Miles’ younger brother, he could only let the matter go.

“Let’s get started. Undo the hypnosis and the spiritual block, and unbind the memories,” Toby said a little tiredly as he waved his hand.

Miles gave a slight nod. “Close your eyes.”

Toby did as he was told.

All of a sudden, he heard the sharp sound of fingers snapping, and his head grew dizzy.

In the next second, he completely lost consciousness and plunged into darkness.

He wasn’t aware of how long it lasted, but he saw a white light in the darkness, so he subconsciously followed it. Then, he woke up.

Looking at Miles, who was sitting across the desk while drinking tea, Toby rubbed his temples. “It’s done?”

“It’s done!” Miles put down his teacup. “I’ve already gotten rid of the hypnosis and the spiritual block. You won’t be affected in any way in the future. As for your memory, I’ve also unlocked it. If you think about it, you’ll be able to recall that memory.”

When Toby heard this, he rubbed his thumb, then lowered his gaze and tried to recall it.

After a while, he saw the image in his mind that used to flash past rapidly now slowly appear.

Toby conformed the images and obtained a complete memory.

Six years ago, shortly after he met with Tina to confirm their relationship, he had already discovered that she wasn’t Maple.

The flaws in Tina’s character were so obvious that it was hard not to notice.

However, just when he was about to ask Tom to find out where the real Maple was, he met Miles. Then, Miles hypnotized him, causing him to forget the memory of when he discovered that Tina wasn’t Maple.

Toby’s eyes turned red; his fists were tightly clenched, and the blue veins on the back of his hands were bulging.

It turned out that he had already known that Tina wasn’t Maple, but he forgot it because of Miles.

If Miles hadn’t taken action at the time, he and Sonia would never have gotten to this point!

Thinking of this, Toby turned his darkened gaze to Miles, and his voice was cold and apprehensive as he spoke. “If it weren’t for Quentin’s heart, I would never let you off the hook!”

Miles remained calm, seemingly not fearful of Toby’s threat.

This was one of the symptoms of Schizoid Personality Disorder. They tended to not have much response to any emotions, and they might not even flinch.

Couldn’t help being a little frustrated, Toby massaged his temples. “As for the hypnosis of my family and Tom, when did you do it?”

“Six years ago, shortly after hypnotizing you, I purposely located them and hypnotized them, then made them forget they saw me,” Miles replied.

Toby pressed his thin lips together in a cold manner. “Undo it all.”

“It’s not necessary. Their hypnosis is very light, so it just prevents them from discovering the flaws in Tina. If you tell them that Tina’s isn’t Maple, their hypnosis will naturally be relieved.”

I see.

Toby lifted his chin and gave a dismissive wave. “Alright. You can go now.”

Tom then sent Miles off.

When Tom returned, Toby ordered, “Contact Miles’ teacher and say that Miles doesn’t need to be confined anymore. Treat it as my repayment for Quentin’s heart!”

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