This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 276

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 276

On site, the press conference was still going on. The reporter continued to ask, “President Fuller, why did you say that Miss Gray is heartless? Did she do something? Can you explain in more detail?”

Reporters from the other media companies and the audience watching the live broadcast were all looking expectantly at Toby. For them, apart from the gossip of the entertainment industry, gossip about the wealthy was the next thing that interested them most. They were especially curious because such experiences were out of their reach.

Toby pursed his thin lips. “No. All you need to know is that this is the real reason I broke off the engagement. There’s no need to know anything more. Alright. This is the end of today’s press conference!” With that, he set down the microphone, placed his hands in his trouser pockets, and strode out of the conference room.

The main reason why he didn’t want to reveal Tina’s revolting deeds to the public was because he didn’t want to push Sonia into the limelight. Even if Sonia was the victim of Tina’s actions, some people with ulterior motives would wonder whether Sonia had done something that made Tina treat her like that.

Toby’s departure made things difficult for the audience watching the live broadcast and the media personnel at the press conference. He had aroused their curiosity by dropping a heavy bomb, but without showing them what was inside, he walked off instead. It simply wasn’t a reasonable thing to do. However, they dared not stop Toby, so they could only turn their hopeful gaze to his assistant, hoping that he could give them an answer.

When Tom saw the look in their eyes, the corners of his lips kept twitching. He could tell from a glance what these people were thinking. If he was being honest, he felt that his boss was being a little unreasonable too. He left during the climax of the situation and left Tom to handle the mess. Nevertheless, Toby was the boss!

After silently sighing, Tom picked up the microphone and started to deal with the media. Of course, the media wasn’t going to get any information out of him. In the end, they were left with no choice but to leave the Fuller Group and head to Triforce Enterprise in hopes of interviewing Titus to see if they could dig something up.

However, Titus didn’t agree to being interviewed; he simply posted a video on his official page. In the video, Titus’ eyes were red, and his expression was haggard, painting a proper image of the grief caused by the incident involving his daughter.

Looking at the camera, he said, “Hello everyone, I’m Titus Gray. In the past two days, the matter of my daughter being bullied has been widely discussed on the Internet. I’m sorry for occupying Internet resources. At the same time, I also hope that all the netizens would stop paying attention to this matter. My daughter is the victim. She’s still in the ICU ward and has not woken up yet. If she wakes up and sees so many people on the Internet talking about her tragedy, she would be devastated!”

At this point, he raised his hand, wiped the corner of his eye, then said, “As for what President Fuller said just now at the press conference about my daughter being heartless, that was completely slander. I admit that my daughter has some personality flaws, but she’s definitely not heartless. Did she harm someone? Isn’t everyone doing just fine? So, I urge everyone not to believe President Fuller’s statements and to stop posting those cold-hearted comments on the Internet. You should know that your comments may turn into a knife that could kill my daughter!”

Taking a deep breath, Titus stared into the camera, as if he was looking at someone through the lens. “President Fuller, I don’t know why you would say such things about Tina, but you’ve loved each other before. In some way, it’s unfair for you to say that about her. Of course, I know that Tina being bullied has brought you humiliation, so you were eager to break off the engagement. I understand and I accept it. From now on, the Fullers and the Grays are no longer acquainted. Okay, that’s all I want to say. Thank you everyone!”

With that, he gave a deep bow at the camera, and the video ended.

Regardless of whether they were originally disgusted with Tina’s behavior or were merely passers-by, netizens who watched the video changed their attitude toward the situation.

‘That’s right. Tina is the victim, and it’s not like she wanted to be bullied. Yet, those netizens are still scolding her for being shameless and saying disgusting remarks such as ‘it takes two to tango’. I really doubt whether they have any ethics. Aren’t they worried that the victim would commit suicide after seeing these comments as soon as she wakes up?’

‘These keyboard warriors aren’t scared. They just care about themselves. They don’t care about how the victim feels.’

‘I think that President Gray made sense. President Fuller called Tina heartless, but we didn’t see her do anything evil. So, whether this is true or not remains to be proven. Not to mention, he and Tina were in love before, so whatever the case, him saying such things about her is considered quite lacking in class too.’

Suddenly, there was a lot of discussion on the Internet. Some believed in Toby, while some scolded him. Nevertheless, all of them now sympathized with Tina.

In the president’s office at the Fuller Group, Toby read these comments without the slightest expression on his face, but his body exuded an air of coldness.

Standing behind him, Tom pushed his glasses up and said, “I have to say: Titus is quite skillful. He placed all the blame on you and the people who bullied Tina. They’ve become purely victims, not at all at fault.”

Originally, after Toby revealed Tina’s true colors, people on the Internet seemed to believe that she was indeed such a person, so even though Tina was bullied, they weren’t sympathetic and applauded Toby for breaking off the engagement.

However, now that Titus’ video had been published, the situation was reversed. Netizens began to wonder whether Toby’s statements were true, but most of them reckoned he wasn’t telling the truth. It was mainly because they didn’t see what Tina had done, so she was once again the victim of this incident. And people often subconsciously sympathized with the weak and the victims, so currently, all the bad comments about Tina on the Internet had ceased, and Triforce Enterprise’s stock market had also risen. In short, Titus killed two birds with one stone! In fact, it was more like killing three birds with one stone!

Titus had also retaliated against Toby for breaking off the engagement, because what Titus said just now clearly meant that Toby had deliberately slandered Tina. As a man who defamed his ex-fiancee after breaking off his engagement, he would naturally trigger the netizens’ malice. Now, many netizens were starting to scold him. As most people would say—the older, the wiser.

Thinking that, Tom ruefully shook his head.

Similarly, another person who understood all of this was Sonia. She was even more aware than anyone that the old fox, Titus, wasn’t easy to deal with. Therefore, she couldn’t lower her guard just because she had defeated Titus several times before, or else she would be taken out in a flash. At this thought, Sonia slightly narrowed her beautiful almond-shaped eyes, her expression solemn.

Meanwhile, Carl had turned off the computer and was on the phone with Tim. “When do you plan to release Tina’s video? Titus has completely cleared her name.”

“There’s no hurry,” Tim replied, light reflecting in his eyes. “I’ll make a decision after Tina wakes up. She’ll definitely do something, so when the video is released then, she’ll be pushed into the abyss again.”

Carl nodded thoughtfully. “All right.”

Then, Tim asked, “Have you taken care of the surveillance footage?”

“Yes. I’ll send it to you in a while,” Carl replied.

Tim answered, “Okay.”

At the Fuller Group, after reading the summary of all their cooperations with Triforce Enterprise, Toby handed them to Tom. “Release a notice stating that, starting today, all cooperations with Triforce Enterprise are canceled!”

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