This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 275

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 275

Toby nodded emotionlessly. “That’s right. All of them!”

Tom’s lips twitched. “President Fuller, wouldn’t that be too much? I just ate breakfast not long ago—”

“Eat!” Toby interrupted.

At this moment, Tom looked like he was about to cry as he held the breakfast with a portion enough for two. Revenge. This is definitely a revenge for what he said earlier! If only I knew how petty he was, I shouldn’t have said so much! I really miscalculated this time! While he stared at the paper bag that he held, he couldn’t help but shake his head bitterly.

As the time slowly passed by, it was soon 10:00AM. When Sonia finished dealing with her documents, she gave them to Daphne before turning to the computer and contemplated whether she should watch Toby’s press release.

After hesitating for a moment, she finally decided to take a look. I mean, why not? It would be a waste if I miss out on watching the cancellation of Tina’s engagement.

With that, Sonia navigated her mouse toward Fuller Group’s official website. In the livestream, Toby was standing on the podium of the meeting room with a microphone in his hand while he stoically stared at the reporters below him.

Meanwhile, his gaze had intimidated all of the reporters present, which rendered the initially noisy meeting room quiet almost immediately. On the other hand, the entire barrage screen was filled with comments that complimented him for his looks as well as those who were curious about the context of the press release.

Still, many of the viewers had already figured that the press release would be related to Tina. After all, it was obvious as to why Toby held a press release almost immediately after what had happened to her yesterday night.

“Have you guys finally decided to shut up?” Toby finally asked as the reporters below him bobbed their heads up and down like elementary kids, causing all of the online viewers to laugh.

It was a well known fact that reporters could be really annoying and courageous and they would risk everything including their own life for juicy information. Yet, they looked like they were mice that had seen a cat when they saw Toby. As expected, nothing was invincible in this world.

“Since everyone is silent now, I shall now explain why I have decided to hold a press release today, which is related to my engagement with the Gray Family. I hereby announce that my engagement with Miss Gray has officially ended from today onward!” Toby declared in a calm manner as he stared at the camera.

As expected, none of the reporters or the livestream viewers were shocked as it was something predicted. It was normal for Toby to call off the engagement because of what happened to Tina. It was already hard for a man to accept the fact that his significant order was assaulted; it would even be exceptionally arduous for elite families due to their reputation. Hence, none of the audience members thought that it was wrong for him to revoke the engagement.

Still, there were a few who thought that he went overboard as he shouldn’t have called off the engagement when she was in such a situation. It would’ve been devastating for her to additionally deal with the pain of her engagement being called off. Nevertheless, these people were quickly shut down by the other netizens who were more level-headed.

At the same time, Sonia, who was watching from her laptop, understood at that moment that Toby was no longer associated with Tina from now on. However, she couldn’t help but feel like laughing as Tony and Tina were engaged in a highly prolific manner only three months ago. Although she had ruined their engagement ceremony in the end, the entire world was still aware that Toby and Tina were officially engaged. Now, the same couple that used to flaunt their relationship everywhere became everyone’s laughing stock.

The news of Tina being assaulted became everyone’s gossip material and she probably wouldn’t want to leave her house anymore. As for him, no one dared to make fun of him because of his status. However, they would definitely laugh at him behind closed doors for being cheated on.

At this moment, Sonia had a gloating look in her eyes as she played with her pen.

On the other hand, Carl, Charles and Zane were all watching the livestream at their respective houses as well. Upon hearing Toby’s announcement that he was calling off his engagement with Tina, all of them were not elated with the news—even though the three of them had different expressions. They all really wanted Toby to be trapped with her forever. However, they also knew that it was impossible, so they could only watch as he called off his engagement with Tina.

At the press release, one of the reporters asked, “President Fuller, are you calling off the engagement on your own accord? Or, have you discussed it with the Gray Family?”

Toby glanced at the reporter. “What’s the difference between those two? Stop asking questions that are wasting everyone’s time. Next!”

Immediately, the reporter’s face flushed before he sat down.

Another reporter then stood up as well. “President Fuller, I’ve heard from my sources that you’ve been wanting to call off the engagement with Miss Gray for a while now. Is that true?”

As soon as that question came forth, everyone’s eyes brightened. President Fuller already had the intention to call off the engagement with Miss Gray previously? Looks like there’s more to this than meets the eye.

Toby narrowed his eyes. “Where did you hear that from?”

Instead of hiding the truth, the reporter answered, “I have a friend who works in Triforce Enterprise. He overheard it when President Gray was on the phone with someone else.”

At that, Toby raised his head a little. “You’re right; I was already preparing to call off the engagement with Miss Gray before yesterday night’s events.”

What he said immediately shocked all of the reporters as well as the livestream viewers. At the same time, they all couldn’t help but wonder why Toby wanted to do so. Even Sonia was curious about it.

Although Tyler had mentioned that Toby was preparing to call off his engagement to Tina, he didn’t mention the reason behind it, so Sonia was quite curious to know about it as well. Apart from her, Charles, Zane and Carl were just as inquisitive as they intently stared at Toby on the screen.

“Could you tell us the reason why, President Fuller?” the reporter asked without bothering to mask his excitement

Toby pursed his lips before he answered, “I can’t continue being together with a calculative and vicious woman who takes advantage of me.”

This immediately caused an uproar. Calculative and vicious. These two words were enough for everyone to imagine all sorts of things.

At the same time, Titus, who was still in the hospital ward, was so pissed off that he almost threw the remote control toward the television when he heard that.

Julia started to tear up. “How could Toby say that? Isn’t calling off the engagement already enough? Why would he still say those words to destroy Tina’s image? Is he trying to ruin her life?”

Since Toby had publicly made his claim, most would definitely assume that his words were true—Tina was a vicious woman. After all, no one would believe that a president of a huge enterprise would lie in front of the public.

Tina, who had been labeled as a vicious woman, would be placed under the spotlight right after. Even if the news of her assault would soon be forgotten, people would still remember her as a vicious woman and no one would dare to approach her. Moreover, her familial education and her parents’ attitude would be brought into question as well. People would start to keep their distance from the Gray Family and might even discriminate against them.

While Julia, the family housewife, was worried about all these, Titus had already pondered the possibilities of it happening as he gritted his teeth and glared at Toby from the television screen. However, Titus didn’t say anything and no one could tell what he was thinking about.

At the same time, Sonia, who was still at Paradigm Co., never expected Toby to reveal that Tina was vicious in front of the public. Although he didn’t reveal what Tina did, his accusation alone was enough to trigger everyone’s imagination to wildly roam.

What Toby just did had pushed Tina off the cliff, making it hard for her to rise in society again. Sonia thought, Why would he do that, though? Is it just because Tina has impersonated me?

Even Zane was shocked. Still, a knowing smile appeared on his face after he overcame his initial shock. “You desire for the ones whom you love to live and the ones you hate to die. Toby Fuller, you’re indeed a terrifying man!”

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