This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 274

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 274

Tom’s helpless voice rang out. “President Fuller, I have received many calls from different news outlets wanting to have an interview with you. I’m guessing that all of them want to know your thoughts about Tina’s current situation.”

Toby frowned. “Which media outlets?”

“All of them besides the biggest few.”

He pursed his lips. “Warn them that they should be prepared for their company to face bankruptcy if they want to interview me!”

“Yes!” Tom nodded without any hesitance.

To be honest, he thought that those media outlets deserved what was coming to them. How dare they try to secure an interview with President Fuller at this time just to stay valid! Are they serious?

“By the way, President Fuller…” He thought of something and asked, “Remember when you wanted me to ask Miles whether he knew that your heart belongs to Quentin? I’ve already asked him and it seems like he has always known about it. That’s why he has been secretly observing you for the past six years and immediately appeared after the effect of the hypnosis on you weakened.”

Toby nodded a little. “I see!”

“Besides that, he will come to the company tomorrow to help to remove the hypnosis and the ideomotor effects as well as releasing your blocked memories,” Tom continued with his words.

After Toby hummed as a response, he asked, “Have you completed your investigation on Quentin’s death?”

“No.” Tom shook his head regretfully. “It happened six years ago after all, so it’ll be hard to investigate it again. I’ve already contacted the transport department and asked them to look for the footage of Quentin’s accident back then. If they can locate it, we will be able to start our investigation based on the surveillance. However, it will be arduous if they can’t find it.”

Toby’s gaze darkened. “You can try by investigating Tina.”

“That probably won’t work.” Tom sighed. “If Quentin’s death is really related to her, she would never admit it. Even if she did, she could still argue in court that we forced her to admit that she was guilty since we can’t produce any decisive evidence. By then, she would still be released without any charges!”

Upon hearing that, Toby’s frown deepened.

Indeed, it was hard to sentence Tina without any concrete evidence against her. If it weren’t the case, he would have thrown her behind bars when his hypnosis weakened.

Still, Toby had no evidence of her trying to harm Sonia. Although Charles and Zane had witnessed what Tina did, they were Sonia’s acquaintances. It would make it easier for Tina to argue in court that those two were taking Sonia’s side.

Of course, Toby could always do things his way if the law couldn’t make Tina pay for what she did.

At the thought of that, his eyes glistened a little before he coldly instructed, “Alright. Continue investigating Quentin’s death. Also, generate a report based on all the past projects between us and Triforce Entreprise. I want it ready before the press release tomorrow.”

As he understood that Toby was preparing to completely sever ties with Triforce Enterprise, Tom nodded. “I’ll get to it!”

After that, Toby placed his phone down and stopped saying anything else.

The next morning, Sonia prepared to head to her office after freshening up and wearing her shoes.

Nonetheless, she noticed the man leaning against the wall right after she opened the door.

“It’s you?” Sonia was stunned as she frowned instinctively before she asked in a displeased tone, “Why are you here?”

After he straightened his back, Toby handed the paper bag that he was holding toward her. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

She eyed the paper bag and asked, “Are you here to bring me breakfast?”

He nodded a little. “I also want to see you as well.”

“That’s funny.” Sonia chuckled coldly. “I don’t want to see you, though!”

At this moment, Toby’s gaze dimmed a little before he quickly recomposed himself and gently explained, “I bought you mango porridge and mango sago, which are your favorites. Why don’t you try them?”

Nevertheless, she wasn’t surprised when he knew what her favorite foods were since she mentioned them in the letters after all.

“Did you used to prepare these for Tina as well?” She raised her eyebrows and asked after she refused to accept the paper bag.

Although Toby had realized that Sonia’s question would be the death of him, he still opened his mouth and truthfully answered, “Yes!”

There was no point to lie since he really did it before.

Still, he didn’t know Tina was impersonating Sonia at that time!

On the other hand, Sonia was surprised by Toby’s honest answer.

However, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted by the fact that he had prepared the same breakfast for Tina and her even though he was being honest.

“President Fuller, I think you should bring these for Miss Gray since I don’t want them anyway. I don’t like to eat these anymore.” Then, Sonia walked past Toby and wanted to leave.

Nevertheless, he suddenly grabbed her hand with an apologetic look. “I’m so sorry that I wasn’t considerate enough. Next time, I’ll—”

“There’s no next time!” Sonia interrupted him before she exclaimed coldly, “Don’t you understand me, President Fuller? I just don’t want to receive things from you, that’s all!”

Toby pursed his lips.

It was obvious what she meant, but he refused to acknowledge it.

“President Fuller, can you let me go now?” Sonia’s voice rang out.

As he blinked slightly, he came back to his senses and released his grip on her.

Then, Sonia started to smoothen her sleeve as if something had dirtied it.

When Toby saw that, his hand that was holding the paper bag clenched up a little. Does she really hate me that much?

“Alright, President Fuller.” Sonia glanced at Toby nonchalantly after she patted her sleeve. “I hope you won’t come over to my place anymore because your action bothers me. Why can’t you accompany your fiancée now? I’m sure she really needs your company after what happened yesterday night. Won’t you feel sorry for her since you keep running back to your ex-wife?”

“I didn’t do anything wrong toward her.” His face darkened as he hated whenever she kept trying to push him toward another woman. “Besides, she won’t be my fiancée after today.”

“What do you mean?” Sonia’s eyes widened in shock.

Then, she recalled Tyler contacting her a few days ago to inform her that Toby was planning to call off the engagement to Tina. So, Tyler was actually being serious? This isn’t a joke?

As expected, what Toby said in the next second proved that her thought was correct.

“I’m calling off my engagement to Tina during my press release at 10:00AM. You must watch it!” he said.

However, Sonia frowned. “Why should I watch it? I’m not interested in your issues.”

Still, Toby wasn’t angered by her rejection. Instead, he smiled lightly and continued, “It’s fine if you don’t want to. I’ll call you and tell you everything that happened during the press release after it ends.”

Then, he stared at Sonia for a little longer before he turned to the elevator.

As she watched him leaving, she responded, “I don’t want to listen to your explanation on what happens afterward. I’m telling you, I won’t accept your calls!”

At this instance, Toby paused before he acted like he didn’t hear her words and quickly entered the elevator.

When Tom saw Toby returning downstairs with the paper bag still in hand, Tom wasn’t surprised. He remarked in an attempt to console Toby, “As expected, Sonia would accept anyone’s gifts besides yours.”

Although Toby knew that Tom was correct, his expression still darkened. “Even if you don’t speak, no one will say that you are a mute!”

“Haha!” Tom scratched his head and chuckled.

Toby suddenly threw the paper bag at him. “Finish all of them!”

“A-All of them?!” Tom reached out to catch the paper bag clumsily as he raised his voice in disbelief.

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