This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 273

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 273

Titus’ face darkened as he stared at an unconscious Tina. “Exactly! How could something like this happen to Tina? Our plans are ruined now!”

Julia glared at him. “Is this still the time to worry about your plan? Aren’t you worried about your daughter?”

“I won’t be here if I’m not worried, alright? I’m just stressed out. Now that Tina’s news is all over the Internet, Toby would find out about this and the engagement would surely be called off.” He pinched his forehead.

When she finally realized the degree of the situation that they were in, she stopped crying and urged, “What… What can we do now?”

Nevertheless, Titus looked depressed. “What else can we do?”

Even if Toby really loved Tina, he would surely call the engagement off after what had happened to her since no one would want to be cheated on.

Moreover, everyone else would make fun of him.

“Is the engagement really over?” Julia was in disbelief. How would the others perceive me now that the engagement is over?

“Obviously. We have no choice but to agree to call off the engagement to Toby. In fact, we should be the ones who call it off. Now that everyone in the circle knows about what happened to Tina, they would make fun of us even more and look down upon us if we don’t do it. They might even say that we are leeching off the Fuller Family,” Titus explained with a tired look.

Meanwhile, Julia started to cry again. “Why did this happen to us?”

Nevertheless, he didn’t say anything as he stared at Tina in displeasure. Why did this happen to us? Who else can we blame besides Tina? Why must she leave the house when she could have just stayed at home? Great, everyone is going to make fun of us now.

At this moment, someone outside the hospital ward knocked on the door before the door opened to reveal his assistant walking in.

“What’s wrong?” Titus turned toward his assistant and asked.

Then, the assistant answered, “President Gray, this is bad. Many reporters have gathered outside the hospital to get the latest news on Miss Gray.”

Upon hearing that, Titus’ face immediately darkened while Julia’s face flushed red from anger. “What?! Make them leave!” How dare those media reporters try to use my daughter to be on the trending news?! These people are heartless!

“Get the security to make them leave! Lodge a police report if they refuse to leave. I’ll sue these people for harassment!” Titus snapped.

Then, his assistant nodded. “Alright, President Gray. I’ll immediately handle it.”

With that, he turned around and left.

The doctor entered the ward moments after the assistant’s departure.

“Mr. Gray, after using Miss Gray’s bodily fluid to conduct a test, the results showed that there were six men involved,” the doctor reported before he shot Tina an odd look.

In the past, he didn’t believe that the circle of elite people was wild, but he now believed it.

“Six men?!” Julia stood up in shock when she heard the doctor’s words before her body started to tremble.

Even Titus was horrified that his daughter was assaulted by that many men.

“Tina… My poor Tina…” Julia fell on Tina’s body and she started to bawl her eyes out.

Titus, on the other hand, gritted his teeth and slammed his fist on the wall. “F*ck!”

“Titus, you must avenge our daughter!” She looked up at him.

At this moment, Titus took a deep breath to suppress his raging anger and he nodded with a grim look. “Of course, I’ll immediately lodge a police report and send those six a*sholes to prison!”

Then, he took his phone out and called the police as Julia pondered for a moment before she followed suit.

Since Tina’s engagement with Toby wasn’t called off yet, Julia figured that she should still inform him about what happened to Tina since the two youngsters were still legally engaged. What if Toby suddenly feels pity toward Tina after what has happened and doesn’t want to call the engagement off anymore?

Julia contacted Toby with that in mind.

When Toby accepted Julia’s call, he asked with a cold voice, “What happened?”

“Toby, something has happened to Tina. You—”

“I know,” he calmly answered as he sat in the living room and stared at the television in front of him.

At the same time, the television was reporting the news of what happened to Tina. Still, Toby looked extremely calm as if she was merely a stranger and not his fiancée.

Unable to accept his attitude, Julia snapped, “Toby, since you knew what has happened to Tina, how could you still be so calm?!”

“Why not? What am I supposed to do then?” he retorted coldly.

His response caused Julia to tighten her grip on her phone. “Can’t you visit her at the hospital?”

Yet, his phone was snatched right when he wanted to say something.

Jean had Toby’s phone in one hand while she rested her other hand on her waist. Her chubby figure and the way she stood made her look comedic. “Why should he visit her? What’s in it for us to visit a discarded trash?” she yelled into the phone with a disdainful tone.

While she used to love Tina a lot, her impression toward Tina had completely changed after the assault.

There was no way a tainted woman would be able to marry Toby and enter the Fuller Family!

The moment she heard Jean’s voice, Julia was so pissed off that she felt like she was about to faint. “H-How dare you insult my daughter like that!”

“Am I wrong? She was played with and thrown to the streets completely naked! Even the prostitutes here don’t do something as outrageous as she did!” Jean continued to yell.

Julia trembled as she protested, “H-How dare you…”

As she was born in a wealthy family, she never stood a chance against Jean, who came from a poor family, in a screaming match.

After copping a few insults from Jean, Julia had completely lost her ability to fight back.

Jean sneered at this moment. “What makes you think that you can force my son to visit that trash you call your daughter? Stop dreaming!”

Then, she hung up and returned Toby his phone; her anger had completely dissipated before a smile appeared on her face. “Toby, don’t visit Tina, do you hear me?”

A ghost of a smile flashed past his gaze before he nodded a little. “Don’t worry, I wasn’t planning to visit her either.”

“That’s good to know!” The smile on Jean’s face deepened while he lowered his gaze. “I’m planning to call off our engagement.”

A stunned Jean quickly nodded. “Of course. The engagement must be called off now that Tina has been assaulted. I’ll introduce you to more girls once the engagement is over.”

However, Toby frowned. “Let’s not discuss that now, Mom. You should head to rest now.”

“Sure, I’m tired anyway. I’ll head back to my room now.” Jean yawned before she started to head upstairs.

Yet, he remained seated on the couch as he continued to stare at the television, which was still reporting details about Tina’s assault.

It was mentioned that she was found naked in a sack in the city, which made something obviously wrong with this.

Usually, an assailant would bring the woman whom they wanted to assault to somewhere without any surveillance so that they wouldn’t be found out.

However, it was different for Tina. Those men who assaulted her had stuffed her into a sack and threw her into the city as if they wanted people to learn that she was assaulted as soon as possible so that news about it would spread.

Toby narrowed his eyes.

Although it was already obvious that the person behind this aimed to destroy Tina’s life, the identity of the person still remained unknown.

As he pondered about this issue, Toby’s phone rang again.

Toby saw it was a call from Tom after glancing at his phone.

“What’s wrong?” Toby asked after he answered the phone.

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