This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 272

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 272

The men became excited and they started to shred Tina’s clothes into pieces.

As she regained her senses, she shrieked with a twisted look on her face. “I’m not the ex-wife of the president of Fuller Group! You guys have mistaken me for someone else! I’m not Sonia!”

Tina finally understood why she was kidnapped and why these people claimed that they were going to give her a special treatment.

It was because these bunch of fools had mistaken her for Sonia.

As expected, the men stopped after hearing her.

The man who previously injected her asked as well, “You’re not Sonia?!”

Tina, whose eyes were reddened, quickly nodded. “No, I’m Tina. Your client’s friend!”

“Well…” All of the men turned around to look at the one with the camera.

However, the man who was filming replied nonchalantly, “Don’t listen to her; she’s lying. Our client had mentioned that Sonia has a red mole on her wrist and this girl clearly has it as well, so she’s definitely Sonia. Moreover, the client also said that she’s an intelligent girl, and she might try to fool us by claiming that she’s not just so that she can escape. You guys can’t be fooled by her!”

Upon hearing that, the men checked Tina’s wrist to see a red mole there.

Even Tina was dumbfounded.

She had always known that she had a red mole on her wrist, but she never knew that Sonia had one as well! Could this be a coincidence? It is extremely rare to have a red mole, not to mention them being in the same place. It’s just impossible! Something’s wrong.

Still, before Tina could figure out what was wrong, the man who injected her earlier slapped her on the other cheek and roared in anger, “How dare you lie to us?! Guys, let’s do the deed!”

Then, the other men nodded at each other before they all pounced on Tina as if they had been deprived.

Tim and Carl looked devoid of any emotions as they stood at the entrance of the garage while her pitiful shrieks continued ringing out from inside.

They both felt that Tina finally paid for her actions.

It was a shame that she tried to get Sonia killed in the first place!


Under the street lights’ illumination at night, a few suspicious-looking men carried a sack to the city. Then, they threw the bag onto the ground while no one was noticing before they quickly left.

Not long after their departure, someone stumbled upon the sack and went to investigate out of curiosity to find a naked girl inside before he quickly filed a police report.

The news of the daughter of Triforce Enterprise’s president being found naked and seemingly assaulted went viral on every social media platform.

In no time, everyone on the Internet was discussing it.

At the same time, Sonia, who was about to head to bed, received an unexpected call from Tim. “Check the Internet!”

“Why?” She was confused.

Then, he adjusted his glasses. “Remember that I told you that I was going to subdue Tina today? You can check the Internet for the results.”

Upon hearing him, the exhaustion in Sonia’s eyes immediately disappeared as she got off her bed and walked toward her study room.

As soon as she opened her laptop, all of the related articles about Tina popped up before she could even search for them.

Sonia saw a video footage after she tapped into the news article.

Although the footage lasted less than a minute, it contained a huge load of information.

She could see a naked woman being released from the sack by a female police officer. Then, the female police officer covered the naked woman with a rug and escorted her to a nearby waiting ambulance.

The footage ended shortly after the ambulance left.

Although the woman’s appearance was masked with mosaics, Sonia could still recognize that the woman in question was Tina.

“Did you get your men to discard her there?” Sonia took her phone again to ask Tim.

He nodded slightly in response. “Yes.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being found out?” Sonia raised her eyebrows.

Nonetheless, he chuckled. “Are you worried about me?”

“I’m not,” Sonia answered lightly.

Still, Tim merely shrugged and he wasn’t angry at all.

After all, how could he be exasperated with his guardian angel?

“Don’t worry, no one will discover me,” he replied while he stared at Carl, who was seated in front of the computer and tapping away on the keyboard.

As Sonia was unaware of his situation, her eyes narrowed. “Are you sure?”

“Of course!” Tim nodded once again.

His response had caused Sonia to purse her lips. “If that’s the case, good luck to you.”

“Thank you.” He chuckled with a deep voice before he asked again, “Do you like the result?”

Since she knew that he was asking whether she liked seeing Tina in this state, she smirked a little before replying, “If I’m being honest, I actually do. Still, I’m not one to promote using violence to settle issues. Instead, I would prefer for her to be imprisoned.”

After seeing the footage, Sonia finally came to believe that Tim wasn’t on Tina’s side, which was why she was willing to speak more with him now.

“I know what you mean. However, we don’t have any criminal record of Tina or any evidence of her committing her crimes even when we all knew what she did to you. We can only do this to subdue her since there’s no way to send her to prison,” Tim explained as he massaged his temples.

Since he used to mistake Tina for his angel, even when he knew that Tina had done something against the law, he would never leave any evidence of her doing so and even helped to clear her mess.

At this moment, Tim really regretted having done so in the past.

Sonia sighed. “Yeah, we don’t have any evidence. The only evidence I previously had on Tina was also snatched by you too!”

If she had the evidence, she would have sent Tina to prison a long time ago.

Even if Toby had wanted to protect Tina at that time, he wouldn’t have been able to!

After all, Tina’s voice in the recording was clear and she sounded logical. It was obvious that she wasn’t schizophrenic based on the recording.

A glimpse of guilt and awkwardness then appeared in Tim’s usual cold eyes as he rubbed the tip of his nose. Then, he apologized, “I’m sorry!”

“It’s fine. It’s too late anyway. What’s Tina’s situation right now?” Sonia waved her hands before changing the topic to what it was.

Tim’s glasses reflected the light in the room as he answered, “Her condition is rather bad. She was completely battered as her ovaries were badly injured and had to be removed. She won’t be able to get pregnant for the rest of her life.”

This was the result that Tim had received after checking on Tina before he asked his men to throw her in the city.

Sonia inhaled a cold breath. “Seriously?!”

The removal of ovaries was an extremely cruel thing to do to a woman.

Still, she figured that it wasn’t as bad as Tina wanting to take her life away.

After recomposing her emotions, Sonia yawned before saying, “Alright. I should sleep now since it’s already late. I’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

“Sure.” Tim nodded. “Go to rest.”

After hanging up, she turned off her laptop and went back to her room.

At the same time, Tina was being wheeled out of the operation room and pushed to her ward.

At the side of the hospital bed sat Julia; she was a sobbing mess as she looked at a completely pale Tina, who looked like she was dead. “Tina! My dear Tina… Sob, sob…”

Meanwhile, Titus, who was also in the ward, was smoking by the windowsill when he heard Julia’s cries, which further annoyed him.

After throwing his cigarette butt on the ground and flattening it, he scolded, “That’s enough. Stop crying, it’s annoying!”

Julia then stopped crying before giving Titus a furious look. “Titus Gray, how dare you become annoyed when I’m crying because of what happened to our daughter? Are you insane?!”

“You—” Titus was too stunned to speak before his head started to ache. As a result, he merely sighed. “Alright, alright. Do whatever you want!”

Immediately, she started to cry again. “Titus, look at what happened! Why did this befall Tina? This is not how it’s supposed to be!”

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