This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 271

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 271

Titus smashed his phone on the ground in a fit of rage.

The screen on his phone smashed into pieces with a loud crash, which caused Julia to quickly come over to pat his chest. “What did Toby say to you that made you so angry?”

“He’s calling off the engagement!” he roared as he sat down angrily. “It seems like he’s really determined to call the engagement off this time and he’s even decided on the time to hold the press release.”

“What?! Does that mean we don’t have a chance to talk things through?” Julia’s mouth was agape while Titus sighed. “That’s right.”

“What’s going to happen to Tina now?” She couldn’t help but be anxious.

However, Titus didn’t answer her as he wasn’t in a good mood. What are they going to do? How would I know? If I have any idea, I wouldn’t be sitting here with all the pent-up anger!

The only reason why Triforce Enterprise could be one of the top ten enterprises in Seafield was solely due to the Fuller Group. Once Tina’s engagement to Toby was called off, Triforce Enterprise would immediately fall from its position and might even be pressured by other enterprises without the Fuller Group’s help.

After all, during these few months after she was engaged to Toby, Triforce Enterprise had been taking advantage of their relationship with Fuller Group to steal the resources of other enterprises, so Titus really didn’t want the engagement to be called off.

As he massaged his temples, Titus suddenly thought of an idea and turned toward Julia. “What if we secure a done deal for Tina and Toby?”

“Huh?” She looked confused as he explained with a dark expression, “As long as Toby has had a physical relationship with Tina, he would have no choice but to continue with the marriage unless he wants to be criticized for the rest of his life!”

She bit her lips. “Still… Wouldn’t that be illegal?”

“Of course. That’s the only way to maintain Tina and Toby’s engagement.” Titus stared at her intently. “Think about it. If the engagement is called off, other enterprises would start attacking us and their wives would laugh at us behind our backs as well. Do you want to be laughed at by others when you hang out with them? Don’t you want to spend money on clothes and beauty products as much as you like in the future?”

As soon as he said that, a fearful look flashed past Julia’s eyes before she quickly shook her head. “Of course I do!”

As she was someone born with a silver spoon, she never had to worry about money or inquire about the price of the things that she wanted to buy. So, she couldn’t imagine herself worrying about money whenever she wanted to buy anything in the future.

Moreover, all the other wives in their circle buttered up to her because of Toby. If he called off the engagement, her peers would stop treating her well and could even crack horrible jokes about her. She couldn’t help but shiver when she thought about that.

Upon hearing Julia’s reply, Titus smiled in satisfaction. “That’s why we have no choice but to do this!”

“Honey, how are you planning to do it, though?” she asked worriedly.

He narrowed his eyes. “It’s easy. I’ll get Tina to ask Toby to meet up at a hotel and ask her to drug him. When it’s about time, I’ll arrange for some reporters to head over there. If he still insists on calling the engagement off, he will definitely enrage the netizens and they will never let him or Fuller Group off the hook.”

“I get it now. You’re planning to use the public opinion to force Toby to marry Tina.” Julia nodded.

“That’s right. Now, I want you to contact Tina and get her to return home. We need to carry out our plans by tonight and we can’t delay it any longer,” Titus declared seriously.

She claimed with a conflicted tone, “Tina hasn’t been accepting any of my calls, though!”

Still, Titus couldn’t care less as he rose to his full height. “Continue calling her until she accepts it. After all, we don’t have much time.”

Immediately, Julia stopped talking and followed his instructions by contacting Tina.

On the other hand, a man was holding the ringing phone in an abandoned garage as he approached the other two men at the entrance.

“Mr. Lee, Tina’s phone is ringing again.” The man held her phone out while Carl glanced at it. “Ignore it. Just let it be.”

“Yes!” Upon hearing Carl’s words, the man kept the phone away again.

Meanwhile, Tim glanced at his phone. “It’s almost time now. You should head in and get them to start the operation. We’ll dump her somewhere with a crowd at night.”

“Understood!” The subordinate’s expression became serious before he turned around to enter the garage.

At this moment, Tim took his pack of cigarettes out from his pocket. Then, he took two cigarettes out and passed one to Carl, who didn’t reject the proffered cancer stick.

A terrified woman’s voice suddenly rang out from the garage behind them. “Who are you guys?!”

Tina was finally awake.

She was forced to regain consciousness after a bucket of water was poured on her. When she woke up and realized that she was in an unfamiliar place with all of her limbs tied up, her face immediately paled.

She came to the realization that she was kidnapped again!

“Who are we?” The men standing in front of her snickered before all of them rubbed their hands in unison and replied, “We are ordered to give you a special treatment!”

At once, Tina’s pupils constricted. What is happening? Aren’t they supposed to look for Sonia? Why did I end up here?

“That’s enough. Why are you guys still talking to her? Get started. I still need to send the footage over to my client.” A man was holding a camera and he urged from a distance away.

Tina turned toward him. Her eyes widened the moment she did so and she recognized him almost immediately. “It’s you!”

That was the man who took her to the alley!

At this moment, the man’s gaze wavered a little before he quickly recomposed himself and faced the camera toward her. “Okay, I’m ready. Get started!”

“Alright. Let’s get this started.” The men rubbed their hands together again before they chuckled as they headed toward Tina.

At the same time, her heart sank as she instinctively knew what they were up to. As her face paled even more, she shrieked in panic, “Stop it! Don’t come any closer!”

Yet, they ignored her and continued to move toward her.

In no time, those men reached her and pushed her to the ground before securing her limbs in place.

Then, one of them took a syringe containing a pale pink substance in it.

As he flicked the syringe, he smirked at Tina before he teased, “Do you know what’s in this? This is enough to make a good girl become a bad lady.”

With that, he injected the substance into her arm under her fearful gaze.

Tina’s facial expression immediately changed as she started to struggle with all her might while she screamed, “Let me go! I’m warning you guys to let me go at this instant, or I’ll make you guys regret ever being alive!”

“You’ll make us regret ever being alive?” The men couldn’t help but snort while the one holding the syringe gave her a slap.

“Ouch!” Tina’s face was pushed to the other side from the force of the slap. She could feel her cheek burning as her brain buzzed and the corner of her lips started to bleed. She looked like she was in a mess.

Then, the man threw the syringe aside before he grabbed her by her hair and cured, “How dare you try to threaten us instead of begging us for mercy when you’re just our toy? Do you think that we are afraid to touch you? If that’s so, we can’t disappoint you now, can we? I can’t believe she used to be the Fuller Group president’s ex-wife. I’m getting tingly just at the thought of screwing rich women!”

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