This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 270

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 270

“Yes.” May nodded guilty. “I initially didn’t accept her offer as I was conflicted. However, I couldn’t manage to fight my greed in the end.”

“Oh, greed…” Sonia lowered her gaze. Then, she tightened her grip on her phone and roared emotionally, “Did you know that your greed has ruined my relationship and my marriage?!”

“I-I didn’t know…” May was stunned. How could I have ruined Sonia’s relationship and marriage when all I did was make her miss her meeting with her penpal?

On the other hand, Sonia closed her eyes. When she reopened her eyes, she had already gathered her emotions as she pursed her lips. “May, you better watch out!”

After saying that, she hung up the phone and threw her device on her desk. No one could gauge her current expression as her head was lowered.

However, the depressing aura around her revealed how upset she was.

Sonia couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened if May never helped Tina back then. Would I have met John if nothing went wrong?

If that was the case, Sonia would have found out that John was her crush, Toby, and he would have known that she was the person whom he had been in love with—Maple.

Would it have meant that they would be together happily?

Still, all of these were just imaginary scenarios. A lot had happened since then and there was no way for Sonia and Toby to return to the past to change history.

At the thought of that, she massaged her cheeks before she composed herself. Then, she reached out for the landline and summoned Daphne to her office.

“Do you need anything, President Reed?” When Daphne noticed that Sonia’s eyes were red, she asked worriedly, “Have you been crying, President Reed?”

“No!” Sonia’s eyes faltered a little as she lied before she quickly changed the topic. “I want you to head to the investigation firm and investigate someone for me.”

“Go on, President Reed.”

“I need you to investigate a person named May Snyder, who used to be my university coursemate. I want to know where she’s working and who’s her current boss!” Sonia narrowed her eyes slightly before a dark glint flashed past her eyes.

She couldn’t care why May had betrayed her since a betrayal was as such after all and May should be punished for her deeds.

Sonia wanted May to understand the consequences of betraying her!

“Alright.” Daphne nodded and immediately went to work.

At the same time, Tom was driving the Maybach before he glanced at Toby seated behind from the rearview mirror. Although Tom was conflicted, he couldn’t help but ask curiously, “President Fuller, have you explained everything to Miss Reed?”

Toby’s eyes glistened slightly before he hummed and looked out from the car window.

Immediately, Tom’s eyes brightened. “Then, did she forgive you?”

“No,” Toby answered as he pursed his lips while Tom almost slammed his foot on the brakes. “No?! How is that even possible? Why won’t she forgive you when you have already explained that you were her penpal? Didn’t you tell her that you mistook her for Tina?”

“I did, but she was really offended that I couldn’t even recognize her during those six years of marriage,” Toby lowered his gaze and explained.

“I see.” Tom’s lips twitched a little before he added quickly, “I guess I would be offended if I was Miss Reed as well. I wouldn’t mind if you mistook someone else for me in the first place, but I would be pissed that you couldn’t even recognize me after six years. Still, the only reason why you couldn’t recognize Miss Reed was due to the fact that you were hypnotized. If you weren’t, I’m sure you would have realized that Tina was a fake.”

Nevertheless, Toby remained silent and didn’t say anything.

Tom suddenly recalled something before his eyes widened and he asked, “President Fuller, if Miss Reed knew that you couldn’t recognize her because you were hypnotized, why didn’t she—”

“I didn’t tell her that I was hypnotized,” Toby answered lightly.

At this moment, Tom was taken aback. “Why?” Is he dumb?!

Toby propped his arm against the car door before he replied, “There’s no point of me telling her that. It would only sound like I’m making excuses for myself and taking advantage of her kindness to forgive me.”

He had initially wanted to tell Sonia that he was hypnotized. However, he soon came to a realization that it was pointless after she interrupted him.

“Hmm…” Tom was stunned before he nodded a few seconds later. “It does sound like you’re taking advantage of her.”

Toby massaged his temples. “Even if I told her that I was hypnotized and she might forgive me, she would never be married to me again.”

“Why?” Tom was confused.

Then, Toby’s gaze darkened before he explained, “She doesn’t love me anymore. Even if she forgives me, she would never marry me again.”

“I see.” Tom nodded in realization before he asked again, “If Miss Reed doesn’t want to be married to you again, what would you—”

“I’ll never give up!” Toby’s eyes were narrowed and filled with determination. How could I give up on a woman whom I had loved for more than ten years? I must win her heart!

Suddenly, the sound of Toby’s phone ringing shattered his thoughts.

He took his phone out with a frown to see that it was another call from Titus.

Toby was unable to accept Titus’ call when he was in Sonia’s office earlier, which resulted in Titus calling him again.

When he hung up on Titus, he didn’t bother to return the call, so he never expected Titus to call again.

At this moment, Toby’s gaze darkened slightly before he pressed on the green button and accepted the call.

Titus’ anxious voice immediately rang out. “Toby, is Tina with you?”

“No,” Toby replied nonchalantly.

Titus sounded even more agitated as he raised his voice. “If she’s not with you, then where did she go?”

“I don’t know.” Toby’s voice remained cold.

Upon noticing that Toby wasn’t bothered by Tina’s disappearance, Titus was taken aback before his face darkened. “Toby, what’s up with this attitude of yours? Tina is your fiancée! How could you be so calm when your fiancée is missing?! You’re—”

“President Gray!” Toby coldly interrupted.

A stunned Titus queried, “W-What did you just call me?” Why did Toby address me as President Gray when he used to address me as Titus?!

“President Gray, I remember that I have clearly mentioned that I’m calling off my engagement to Tina when I was last at your place. I’m sure Mrs. Gray would have told you about it since she was there as well,” Toby reminded the man coldly.

Titus felt like his throat was as dry as the Sahara desert before he clarified a few seconds later, “Julia did tell me about it, but wasn’t it a joke?”

A joke? Toby came to a realization that Titus was chuckling and claiming that it was a joke to fool Toby from calling off the engagement.

However, was Toby someone who could be easily fooled?

As he lightly tapped his fingers against the car door, Toby gave Titus a reality check without any ounce of sympathy. “I’m someone who doesn’t joke around. I’ve decided to call off the engagement and I’ll hold a press statement at noon tomorrow to release my statement.”

Titus was once again stunned; he couldn’t believe that Toby would proceed to release the statement that he was calling off the engagement without even first discussing it with them. Toby had even gone as far as setting the date for it, which completely disregarded the Gray Family!

Right at this instance, Titus’ face flushed red as he was filled with anger.

However, he had no choice but to butter up Toby so that the engagement could be maintained. “Toby, I know that Tina shouldn’t have impersonated another person, but she only did so because she was too infatuated with you. Can’t you forgive her? Are you seriously saying that you never had any feelings toward Tina throughout all these years?”

“Yes, I’ve never loved her. Nothing that I’ve done in the past for her belongs to her as she stole everything, so there’s no way that I won’t call off this engagement,” Toby answered before hanging up, not allowing Titus to have any chance to speak.

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