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This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 27

This Time, I Will Get My Divorce, Mr Chapter 27

“Tina, what’s wrong?” Jean asked, as if sensing that there was something off about Tina’s expression.

Tina immediately locked her phone and said softly, “It’s nothing. My mother sent me a message asking when I’m going back. I’ll reply to her later.”

Jean didn’t suspect anything and turned to talk to Toby.

After making sure that Jean wasn’t looking at her, Tina picked up her phone again and read the message her friend had sent her.

This friend of hers was also playing cards at Sakura Heights today. She said that she saw Toby and wanted to say hello, but she saw him chasing after Sonia. Then, the two of them stood by the car and chatted for a long time.

Tina turned off the volume before clicking on the video.

She saw Toby saying something to Sonia, then he picked her up and placed her in the driver’s seat of her car before driving away.

It was just a short ten-second video, but Tina felt chills all over her hands and feet as she held her phone in a firm squeeze.

Aren’t they divorced? Then why did Toby get into Sonia’s car? And why did he lie to me?

Tina remembered that at the banquet that night, Toby seemed to be on her side, but as soon as Sonia made the request, he gave her the Ocean’s Heart because he didn’t want to humiliate Sonia. And today’s video…

Tina felt a sense of panic in her heart. She was afraid that even though Toby and Sonia were divorced, Toby still wasn’t fully hers.

Could it be that she was destined to be unable to keep something she stole?

When Sonia woke up in the hotel, it was already the next morning.

She remembered being caught in the rain last night and catching a cold, but when she woke up, she felt refreshed.

Sonia soon remembered that Toby had driven her back to Bayside Residence yesterday afternoon. While she was still in a muddled state, she felt someone feeding her something…

Was it Toby?

Sonia banished the images from her mind, then quickly washed up before leaving the hotel.

After arriving at the office, Sonia called Daphne. “Dwells’ boss will come to the office to sign the contract later, so get the contract ready.”

Daphne was surprised. “President Reed, you managed to seal the deal with Dwells?”

“Yeah.” Although Sonia didn’t want to admit it, if it hadn’t been for Toby coming to the private room yesterday afternoon, Dwells’ boss wouldn’t have relented and taken on Paradigm Co.’s order.

She owed Toby a favor.

“Okay.” Daphne nodded, then quickly went to prepare the contract.

After taking off her coat, Sonia hung it on the hanger. Just as she was about to sit down and settle the documents Daphne had sent, the phone on her desk rang.

She answered, “Hello?”

“President Reed, a gentleman named Zane wants to see you,” the receptionist reported. “Do you know him?”

Sonia responded, “Send him up.”

Soon, there was a knock on the office door, and the receptionist led a man in.

The man was dressed in comfortable and loose casual clothing; his jet-black hair was thick with the ends slightly curling upward, and his facial features were so perfect that no flaws could be found. He was handsome and carried himself with ease and natural poise.

His narrow eyes swept nonchalantly across the office before finally landing on Sonia.

“President Reed, you adapt really well.” Zane walked toward the desk, then pulled out the chair and sat down. He began making conversation with Sonia as if they were close friends. “You’ve only been in Paradigm Co. for a few days, but you already possess the spirit of a proper leader. I couldn’t tell that you’d been a housewife for six years.”

“I didn’t expect that the romantic and suave playboy who couldn’t refuse any women would turn out to be the youngest son of the mayor.” When it came to being sharp-tongued, Sonia was never weak.

Zane raised his eyebrows. “President Reed, I was complimenting you for finally being yourself, yet you’re insulting me?”

“I was praising you for being popular with the ladies.”

Zane knew that this woman looked gentle and dignified, but she was extremely good at talking. After adjusting his posture, he said, “I know that Paradigm Co. has an overseas order and wants Dwells’ factory to produce it, but I know a factor that’s even better at producing foreign goods. “

“Are you saying that you want to introduce resources to me?” Sonia looked at him in surprise. “Why?”

Zane shrugged, then spoke in a lazy and casual manner. “We have a business relationship, don’t we? If I have good resources, of course I’ll introduce it to you. Treat it as a personal favor!”

Sonia didn’t believe his nonsense. “Mr. Coleman, we’ve only met once before, so we’re not even close with each other, and we each benefit from the cooperation. With Paradigm Co.’s current condition, people are eager to avoid us, let alone share their resources.”

If Zane had known that Sonia would be so suspicious, he wouldn’t have answered the phone call last night.

“I lied to you. Actually, I don’t want you to cooperate with Dwells,” Zane admitted solemnly. He took out his phone and searched for a photo for Sonia. “This is my girlfriend, but Mr. King’s son snatched her away, and they went abroad together.”

As he spoke, a deeply affectionate expression appeared on his face. “I love her very much. I gave her a car, a house, and a lot of jewelry, but she ran away with another man. If I don’t get my revenge, I’d be a sorry excuse of a man..

Sonia looked at the woman in the photo. “Your girlfriend is very beautiful. I didn’t expect that there would come a day where you would get cheated on. “

Zane ignored the sympathetic look she was giving him. “Yeah. I can’t tolerate being cheated on! So, I want to take revenge on Dwells. No friend around me is allowed to cooperate with Dwells. You and I are partners, so of course, you can’t cooperate with them either. This standard of the foreign goods this factory produces is higher than Dwells’. Believe me.” Zane fiddled with his phone. “I’ll send you the number of the person in charge at Rentoor.”

“Rentoor?” Sonia was slightly shocked.

She knew about Rentoor Inc. They were a well-known factory in Norfolk. Because of its high quality, many foreign companies approached them to produce their goods. She even heard that their production orders were scheduled until next year.

Initially, Sonia wanted to approach Rentoor too, but because she didn’t have any way to do it, she went for the second best option and chose Dwells.

“I’m very familiar with their business in Norfolk,” Zane explained. When he saw the box of mangoes by the table, he picked one up and peeled it before eating it. “Call him and talk to him first.”

Sonia immediately copied the number given by Zane before dialing it. The other party picked up fairly quickly.

Sonia knew the overseas order like the back of her hand, so her conversation with Rentoor’s commerce department went smoothly. It didn’t seem like she was a newbie who had just entered the industry at all; she spoke in such a clear and organized manner that even Zane was looking at her with admiration.

Finally, Rentoor’s staff told Sonia that after signing the contract, they could produce her goods within the time limit, but she needed to go to the factory on Thursday to have a look. The two parties would discuss again before going through with the contract.

After hanging up the phone, the burden in Sonia’s heart was lifted completely. “Zane, you’ve done me a huge favor.”

“As long as you don’t cooperate with Dwells, we’re friends.” Zane had finished eating a mango and was wiping his hands with a tissue. “Four Seasons Orchard has good mangoes this year. Did Toby send them?”

As Sonia thought of what happened yesterday afternoon, she frowned. “No. I divorced him a long time ago, so I won’t accept the things he sends. A childhood friend of mine bought these. You can bring them back if you like.”

“Really?” Zane raised an eyebrow and gave her a knowing look.

Sonia found the look he was giving her to be strange. After taking a look at the time, she got up and put on her coat. “Mr. Coleman, if you don’t have any plans for lunch, let me treat you to a meal.”

“Sure. Then I’ll have to pick the restaurant well.” Zane followed her out of the office.

“Sonia, you b*tch. Come here right now! I must teach you a proper lesson!”

As soon as Sonia came out, she heard the noises outside, and the voice was rather familiar. Looking up, she saw Jean standing not far away from her. With her hands on her hips, she was screaming at Sonia at the top of her lungs.

There were employees around her who tried to throw her out, but they retreated after being scolded by Jean.

Sonia walked over in her high heels, then asked calmly, “Madam White, is something wrong?”

“You b*tch. You’re finally showing yourself!” When she saw Sonia, Jean became even angrier. She stalked toward Sonia in a rage, then raised her hand to slap Sonia.

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